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Urgent Fury Unleashed » The November PlayStation®Home Top Items are out

The November PlayStation®Home Top Items are out

They are listed in order by Units Sold…

1. The Green Ticket by Mass Media, Inc.
2. 100 Items Super Bundle by SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America)
3. Lockwood Token Pack – 80 by Lockwood Publishing
4. Spider Web Tank Top (Female) by SCEA
5. Long-Wavy Hairstyle (Female) by SCEA
6. Phantom 5000 Beat Machine by SCEA
7. Cutteridge Mansion by Juggernaut Games, LLC
8. Official Scre4m Movie Costume (Male) by Codeglue
9. Hollywood Hills House (with Home Theater) by Sony Pictures Entertainment
10. Lockwood Token Pack – 480 by Lockwood Publishing

The Green Ticket takes the #1 spot again, will anything ever take down this item? Come on guys, there has to be something!!! If you have not taken the time to check out PlayStation®Home Lately, you have got to check it out. The new look is more than amazing and with the release of 1.60 this week there is a slew of improvements and so much more…

From the Blog Announcement

This Thursday, December 8th, we will release the latest update to the PlayStation Home client. PlayStation Home version 1.60 delivers a wealth of improvements and updates to the core client, not the least of which is a doubling of the item placement limit in personal spaces!


Furniture Placement Limit

  • We have doubled the furniture placement limit in personal spaces and clubhouses from 50 to 100 items.
  • Standard and active furniture limits have been merged into the same system. Currently all actives take up 22 furniture slots in the new system. Thus you can now place a variety of different combinations:
    • 100 standard furniture items or…
    • 78 standard furniture items and 1 active or…
    • 56 standard furniture items and 2 actives or…
    • 34 standard furniture items and 3 actives or…
    • 12 standard furniture items and 4 actives.


Targeting in Personal Spaces

  • Targeting in personal spaces has been improved.
  • This means you shouldn’t accidentally target furniture items through floors or ceilings any more.
    • Although we have made exceptions for wall hangings and lights as these tend to be placed quite high up.
    • If you find any items of furniture in places you can’t reach then you can always remove them through the furniture browser and place them somewhere else.

Portable Items and Companions

  • We have changed the way that companion portables work so they will now automatically re-activate after you enter and leave a game or relocate between spaces. No more having to put your companion away and take them out again when you do this!

Help System

  • There is a new help system to aid new users as they explore PlayStation Home for the first time.

Arcade Games

  • Arcade games are no longer subject to the 3 minute inactivity timeout when placed as furniture in Personal Spaces or Clubhouses.


Menu Pad

  • We have removed the “Community” section of the Menu Pad. The information that used to be contained in here is now communicated via the Message of the Day pop-up at login and the new loading screens.

There are so many different new areas to explore, quests to attempt and overall fun added in Home’s new version it is like starting all over for those Home Veterans out there. We are extremely happy with how the new look came out. The theater looks awesome, the poker tables are busy and the sports bar is serving up the drinks.


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