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Urgent Fury Unleashed » Starhawk gets a patch and Commander Fury prepares to get the skinny on all the DLC

Starhawk gets a patch and Commander Fury prepares to get the skinny on all the DLC

PlayStation announced today that Starhawk would receive a boat load of goodies with the next Patch. Lightbox followed that up with a more detailed post outlining many of the changes coming with 1.04 as well. Not only that, as the fan base has asked for many times, we are seeing the release of a digital version as well.

I did check with Harvard to clarify if Coop would be included in the Multipayer version, and he explained the two apps are either All Solo or All Multiplayer. He also confirmed the Single Player only is currently available to PS Plus users in response to a question posed on the blog.

What could this possibly be?

Well we have more coming as well, Commander Fury will have Andrew Weldon who is the design lead on the unannounced DLC joining us for the next podcast.

Commander Fury will get down and dirty with Andrew about the new content, if there is more than meets the eye and how the DLC will work. I hear there is a truckload of DLC coming so I think Dylan may be holding out on us.

If you want to provide any questions for the interview, please comment below and we will select a few of the questions for the interview.

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Starhawk gets a patch and Commander Fury prepares to get the skinny on all the DLC, 100% based on 4 ratings
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  • http://starhawkradio.com/blogs/ TheGremlinKlown

    Dear: Andrew Weldon aka KungFuSquirrel – Will LBI be coming out with an Art Book or maybe do a blog on one ? “featuring never-before-seen production artwork and so on”

  • http://smiths2coool.wix.com/clinton-smith-design#!home/mainPage BigCee_N_TX1

    Hey Andrew, I’m coming for your job lol….Looking forward to hearing about the DLC content you guys have been developing for us…..oh, and tell Dylan I’m still waiting to hear from him about the Internship position I asked him about when I met him at SXSW lol…..Thanks for taking time out to do this podcast for UF and the SH community….GO MWHS!!!

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  • artley9

    so can you tell us more about the new buildings?

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  • Arvada

    Hey Andrew is LBI happy with how the air combat stands now? From my own opinion (and those of almost everyone in my clan and friends list who play starhawk) agree that a couple of huge things need to be fixed. As the air stands it is stale and often boring.

    -Swarms are useless in almost both regards (damage, and accuracy or hitting the target)
    -Shield is still way too strong (have you guys played the game lately! there are pilots who can dodge everything and be unkillable as long as they have the shield on) it needs to be reduced to 20-30
    -More weapon pickups: Because everyday people get better and better at dodging missiles there need to be more weapons available to us in the air. Make the air pickups more like cypress for all maps. There is no reason for people to get in the air to dogfight when they have nothing to dogfight with.
    -MG’s auto aim needs to go. It is almost useless except for minimum damage to other hawks. Give us the option to manually aim it.
    -Might wanna look into taking away the delay in shooting homing missiles like it was in warhawk.

    Anyways i know that was long but that is all i got for now thank you!

  • Southern_DuDe_20

    Is there any talk of other planets of different themes? Like snow, lava, tropical, inside, or any others? Because i love where this game is going!

  • lDropDead

    Any chance of there being a Railgun(sniper) only loadout?

    The maps are perfect for it.

  • Southern_DuDe_20

    This is my friends question. So im gonna post it for him.

    Arron Rift asks:

    Hey Andrew, really looking forward to the new patch! Do you have any idea whether we Starhawk may be receiving even more goodies in the future, or is LBI pretty much moving on after this upcoming patch?


  • sidneycarton

    Hey there– will infantry in Starhawk ever get more weapons/more powerful weapons? It’s way too easy for hawks to dodge infantry RPGs which puts infantry at a huge disadvantage. Infantry is largely defenceless against tanks and hawks.

    Also any chance of speeding up the razorback? That vehicle is way slow over long distances. Thanks.