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Urgent Fury Unleashed » Starhawk gets a patch and Commander Fury prepares to get the skinny on all the DLC

Starhawk gets a patch and Commander Fury prepares to get the skinny on all the DLC

PlayStation announced today that Starhawk would receive a boat load of goodies with the next Patch. Lightbox followed that up with a more detailed post outlining many of the changes coming with 1.04 as well. Not only that, as the fan base has asked for many times, we are seeing the release of a digital version as well.

I did check with Harvard to clarify if Coop would be included in the Multipayer version, and he explained the two apps are either All Solo or All Multiplayer. He also confirmed the Single Player only is currently available to PS Plus users in response to a question posed on the blog.

What could this possibly be?

Well we have more coming as well, Commander Fury will have Andrew Weldon who is the design lead on the unannounced DLC joining us for the next podcast.

Commander Fury will get down and dirty with Andrew about the new content, if there is more than meets the eye and how the DLC will work. I hear there is a truckload of DLC coming so I think Dylan may be holding out on us.

If you want to provide any questions for the interview, please comment below and we will select a few of the questions for the interview.

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  • flyboy21141

    One of my biggest questions is this: why did you guys do away with SIXAXIS control for Hawks? In Warhawk, I was ballin’ with SIXAXIS. I really miss it in Starhawk.

    Also, the physics of the Hawk transforming are kind of off (ex. when plummeting straight down as a mech, the hawk will stop in mid air for the transformation.) Any chance that could be changed, or did you intend for it to be that way?

    Last thing: when you released the most recent team balancing update, I think you went a bit too far: the party system no longer even attempts to hold members to a particular team. Shouldn’t it attempt to do so.. up until a point? I mean, if I’m in a two-person party and we join a game with 12 people already in it, we won’t destroy the balance that horribly…


    Question: Will players get a “warning” before they quit a game? Something like ” if you quit now, you will register a game loss, and lose skill-score points. Do you still want to quit? Yes/No

    This might help reinforce the idea that quitting in the middle of a round, isn’t good sportsmanship, and its better to go down fighting, than to just give up or “rage quit”.


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  • OAcetheCat

    Is the sidewinder’s lack of even rudimentary offensive ability a conscious design choice, or was it simply not considered worth it to allow sidewinders to be able to chase and take out other sidewinders? Will the sidewinders receive any kind of upgrades in the future with DLC (or even the ability to shoot the KR while in motion)? Thanks for takin the time to answer questions!


    There seems to be more “Air” pickups on Cypress maps, than on other maps, and it has made dogfighting there more fun and competitive. Does LBI agree, and would adding more “Air” pickups on the other maps be something to consider?