Urgent Fury’s Modern Warfare 2 Tournament: The Crucible Makes a Stimulating Return

Urgent Fury is once again hosting the ever popular tournament, The Crucible, designed exclusively for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and now Modern Warfare 2.  This tournament comes on the heels of the recently released Stimulus Map Pack for Modern Warfare that debuted in March of 2010.

This iteration of The Crucible: Stimulus Edition, will be a set schedule played on MWF @ 9pm CST for 4 weeks.  A single elimination bracket tournament will be held to determine the overall Champion of this event.  Coming back to The Crucible will be Theme Nights.  Theme nights add a little more challenge and fun to the normal run and gun.  Many of these “Theme Night” events will cause you to change around your normal strategies, but will provide very fun and intense gameplay.

Sign Up applications for this tournament have opened up today, June 7th, and will end on Friday June 11th @ 11:59pm CST.  More dates to come during this week.

Sign Up applications are located on the Urgent Fury forums (www.UrgentFury.com) under the Current Tournament section in the forums.  The standings, Rules, War Schedule will be listed on The Crucible website located @ www.UrgentFury.com/crucible.

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