Gears of War 3 Strategy Guide Leaderboard

Winners must be living in the US with a valid US shipping address. FPO/APO are acceptable!

Six winners will be randomly selected to win one of 3 Limited Edition Guides (2500 entries to qualify) or 3 Signature Edition Guides (1500 entries to qualify) courtesy of BradyGames.

This contest ended on Oct 7th @ 6:59pm GMT-5.
Here are the Winners as drawn randomly by ContestBurner.
1st Prize: Limited Edition Gears of War 3 Strategy Guide from BradyGames  =>  jokerzwild  
2nd Prize: Gears of War 3 Signature Edition Strategy Guide from BradyGames  =>  halorach  
1.jokerzwild  3900 Points
2.halorach  1500 Points
3.Dragon4201976  1400 Points
4.RogerDodger15  700 Points
5.kathryn20000  525 Points
6.hurricanewilky  525 Points
7.ufshane  400 Points

Resistance 3 Strategy Guide Leaderboard

Winners must be living in the US with a valid US shipping address. FPO/AP are acceptable!

The top two point earners will win a Resistance 3 Strat guide from Urgent Fury courtesy of BradyGames.

This contest ended on Sep 5th @ 11:59pm GMT-5.
Here are the Winners as selected in order of point standing by ContestBurner.
1st Prize: Resistance 3 Strategy Guide from www.bradygames.com  =>  overdose665  
1.overdose665  4250 Points
2.BooGeY  2510 Points
3.Lex_407  1610 Points
4.gianbubu  1570 Points
5.greywd  1510 Points
6.RNBaran  1505 Points
7.Treezy  1505 Points
8.Volariano  1505 Points
9.kidhero99  1015 Points
10.CritiKiL  1005 Points
11.Trackboss  1005 Points
12.ufshane  755 Points

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  • Overdose665 (overdose665)

    This is sweet

  • Overdose665 (overdose665)

    getting to 1500 is going to be hard to do

  • Overdose665 (overdose665)

    Yes 2and place but i need 1500 dont know how im going to do it not getting the points for posting

  • Overdose665 (overdose665)

    well more people have joined now we got it going!!!!!!!!

  • Overdose665 (overdose665)

    im not getting 23:59 pm CST for the end of the contest is it tomarrow at 12 in the afternoon or at night???

    • http://www.twitter.com/UrgentFury Shane B (ufshae)

      It is 11:59pm tomorrow night as in Monday night 1 min before midnight Tuesday.

  • Overdose665 (overdose665)

    ok thanks it was messed up on the page it said 23:59 pm and i didnt know what time method you were using Shane you have helped me out alot and i wish that there was something i could do for this site if there is anything i can help on let me know

    • http://www.twitter.com/UrgentFury Shane B (ufshae)

      Get signed up on Urgent Fury and get your team registered for Revolution… that is what it is all about, gaming in a cheat free environment. By the way I fixed your youtube account issue looks like

  • boogey (BooGeY)

    23:59 is 11:59pm……lol

  • http://www.twitter.com/UrgentFury Shane B (ufshane)

    Ok we found the daily limits were low so we have fixed that issue and given everyone that has already joined a 1000 point bonus.

  • Overdose665 (overdose665)

    Thanks alot now i really got to try and get more points lol

  • boogey (BooGeY)

    Good job OD

    • Overdose665 (overdose665)

      thanks boogey im trying and you are in 2nd i hope we both get that guide it dosnt matter whos first or secand lets just get that prize!!!!

      i posted a message just like this but i ment to reply sorry

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