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    Urgent Fury invites you to take your gaming to legendary status with our biggest giveaway yet. We are proud to announce the Legendary Destiny giveaway for residents of the US. As usual we will utilize PunchTab to manage the giveaway. Our last PS4 giveaway brought in over 9600 entries, do you think we can pass that?

    To enter, simply enter your email or sign up through Facebook. You will be able to earn additional entries via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. The more you share the more chances you have to win.

    If you do not see a PunchTab Above you are probably using an ad blocker and will not be able to access the app to enter the giveaway.

    One winner will be chosen at random on August 15th, 2014 after 10pm CST and must be a resident of The United States of America or Active Duty Military with an APO/FPO Address. Contents of the winning package with include (items may be shipped separately):
    • PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle ($449.99 Value)
      • PlayStation®4 System (Glacier White)
      • DualShock®4 Wireless Controller (Glacier White)
      • Destiny PlayStation®4 Bundle Edition
      • 30-Day PlayStation®Plus Trial
      • 30 Day Music Unlimited
      • $10 PlayStation Store Voucher
      • HDMI Cable
      • Power Cable
      • Wired Mono Headset
      • USB Charging Cable

    • Destiny Expansion Pass (includes Expansion I & II) ($34.99 Value)
    • Official Destiny Strategy Guide by BradyGames (Value TBD)
    • One Year of PlayStation Plus ($49.99 Value)

    Once the winner is chosen, they will be contacted via email and must provide a valid shipping address. Items will be shipped on or before September 9th, 2014 and tracking information will be provided.

    *Sony Computer Entertainment America/SCEA LLC is not responsible for this promotion.

    Urgent Fury is Proud to give you a chance to win a copy of The Last of Us Remastered coming July 29th to PlayStation 4. To enter register in the app below.

    You can earn more entries by Interacting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and visiting designated links in the app. Winner will be sent a Digital Code to download the game and the winner must be a resident of the US.

    Urgent Fury has launched a Teespring campaign to continue the task of raising funds for the winners of the UF on Tour tournament held in Chicago. We have suffered some pretty big blows working on getting the funds together with the latest being a full on attack by one of the teams hacking our PayPal accounts and website.

    We are not going to let this deter us from raising the funds needed to pay the teams. So today we launched a $10 Teespring campaign, all of the proceeds will go to getting the teams their winnings. Each shirt brings in $2.99 towards that fund. Teespring works similar to Kickstarter, we have a minimum goal of 1000 shirts, if we do not hit that goal, they do not get printed and no one gets charged. But if we hit the 1000 shirts that puts us one step closer to taking care of the gamers that earned their winnings.

    So if you have $10 and want a pretty nice shirt, head over to Teespring now and get on the list. Remember if we do not hit our goal of 1000 shirts no one is charged. Unlike Kickstarter and other crowsfunding platforms, Teespring does not charge a fee of the funds raised.

    Once we do hit the 1000 count we will start the next campaign with a Lt. Louie Leadhead design also for $10. If you would like to donate but do not want a shirt you can contribute here.

    We are proud to announce that we are co-hosting the Prime League Tournament, the first open tournament in DUST 514 with Urgent Fury an accomplished online organizer in the console FPS scene.

    Registration for both NA and EU regions begins on July 26 at 6pm GMT/12pm CST and will end on August 2, 6pm GMT/12pm CST. The tournament matches will begin on August 8 with specific start times to be announced later.

    DUST 514 players who are either CEOs or directors of their corporation are eligible to register for the tournament on behalf of their corporation. A team roster with names of team members will be required when registering for the tournament.

    Click the link for North American League or European League to Sign up. To join the league your team must have at least 8 registered members on your roster. Click here to set up your team and begin to add members to your roster. Your Corp members can register by clicking here, they can request to join your team in the system or the team creator can add them to the roster. Rules can be found here in the Official Forum.

    There is a limit of 24 Corps per region with a max roster of 20 players including the CEO. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to be announced before the tournament begins, and each player on the winning rosters will receive the announced prize.

    UPDATE 2013/07/31: After discussion with Urgent Fury and the CPM, we have made the following changes to the rules for the Prime League Tournament:

    • Team sizes will be back to 16v16
    • Maps will be from the skirmish game mode and will be randomly seeded
    • Team rosters will be increased to 32
    • Tournament matches will be setup by CCP before each match

    DUST 514 Prime League Tournament

    In July, we will begin entry registration for the first open DUST 514 Tournament. This time around we will be hosting the Uprising tournament with Urgent Fury, an accomplished online organizer in the console FPS scene.

    Registration begins on July 25 and ends on July 30 and the tournament is open to all EVE/DUST player corporations. The tournament will begin on August 1 with finals taking place from August 26-31 and the championship matches to take place on the weekend of September 7-8.

    The tournament will be organized into two separate regions, one for North American and one for EU time zones and the winning teams from both regions will meet on the battlefield to win the right to rename a planet within the New Eden universe in a cross continental match up on September 14-15.

    This is just the beginning. Don’t miss this great opportunity to have fun and compete for great rewards. And stay tuned for news about future events. See you on the battlefield...

    Teams can get a head start by having their Corporation Members register at Urgent Fury and then the Corporation Leaders can take the time to set up their team in our Tournament system. Choose Dust 514 Prime League for the Category.

    For the past year we have been heavily involved as a community partner with SOF Studios on their project H Hour. As you can imagine we were gitty like school girls we learned that the man that brought us the games that Urgent Fury was built on was working on a new tactical shooter.

    Now with the plan in place, David Sears has officially launched the crowd funding project through KickStarter to get the game off the ground. You have several funding levels but our recommendation is to contribute at least $75.00, this not only gets you some great swag, it gets you the game as well as expansions for a full two years. So for the cost of one COD plus one map pack, you are going to receive the game and 2 years worth of Expansions. In COD terms that would be roughly $240.00 for only $75.00

    There are several pledge reward levels so look around and see which one best fits your budget. No matter what you choose, there is no pledge too small!!

    By bringing H Hour to life, you will see the return of tactical gaming which many of our community has been chomping the bit for. Head over and put your support where your wallet is. Lets get this game underway.

    Strap up your boots and get your friends together to prove if your team has what it takes in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Urgent Fury is giving you a chance to win your share of the $15,000 cash prize pool.

    Urgent Fury is proud to announce our first Live event to be held in the Chicago, IL area. This Double Elimination Tournament on PlayStation give 64 teams the chance to take their share of $15,000. The Top 8 Teams share in the winnings.

    Team Prize per place:

    1. $7,500
    2. $3,200
    3. $1,500
    4. $1,000
    5. $700
    6. $500
    7. $350
    8. $250

    Featured Modes:
    • Capture the Flag
    • Hardpoint
    • Search and Destroy

    We are not done there either, all attendees will have a chance to win prizes as well. More info to come.

    The event will be held a Game Pazzo a full service game center that includes a Full Bar and Cafe. Doors will open at 10am for with registration check in closing at 9am on August 3rd, 2013.

    We have partnered with the Holiday Inn Express in Downers Grove to provide a discounted room rate. We will provide a direct link to book your rooms in the Official Forum Section.

    Each team may have up to 6 players and can rotate between rounds. The match will consist of the Best of 3 maps with the Finals being a Best of 7. Modes include Hardpoint, Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag. We will be utilizing similar settings as Activision's eSports $1m Event with some Urgent Fury Variations.

    Registration is open. Rules and Settings are posted in the Official Forum Section.

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