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Urgent Fury Presents UF: Wasteland for Starhawk only on PlayStation 3

Urgent Fury is pleased to announce Wasteland 2013 continues for the competitive Starhawk clans:

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We have designed this league with helping clans get their footing in the Starhawk Competitive scene. This is an open league where the clans set up their matches on their own terms. After a 3 month period we will hold a Bracket Tournament to determine the Champion.

You can find the full rules: http://www.urgentfur...ok-for-Starhawk Remember we do not tolerate any kind of cheating or violations of these rules. Violations can earn suspensions and complete removal from Urgent Fury.

There are no prizes planned for this league at this time, as stated the purpose of this league is to help build up the competitive clans in Starhawk.

Sign ups are now open, if you have already created a team at Urgent Fury, you can join the event here. If you have not competed in Urgent Fury, you need to have all of your team mates register at Urgent Fury (this is a one time registration) then the clan leader or designated rep needs to create your team by clicking here. You can create your team prior to all of your members signing up. Once you have created your team, you may add your members manually or members can request to join your team.

If you have any questions, please do not post them here, you can post them in the Official Wasteland Forum. We will monitor this thread and direct questions to the forum so that there is a centralized location for all questions.

Good luck to all the clans that participate and do not forget "Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity"


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