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Get a Dust 514 Beta key and enter the Testers Tournament Today

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We are just one week away from the Testers Tournament for the Dust Closed Beta, and it would not be right if we did not make sure everyone has a chance to enter. So thanks to our friends over at CCP, we are going to hook up the next 100 people from both the SCEA region and the SCEE region with beta codes first come first serve.

To get your SCEA beta code click here, this is basically the North American Region if you are not sure, and to get your SCEE code or European Region code click here. You are required to be a registered member of Urgent Fury and that is very simple, just click here to register.

Once you have a beta code you can look for a corporation to join or set up your own corp following these simple instructions

Let me tell you about the tournament you can see all of the details here:
[h=3]Tournament entry[/h]
  • Once a corporation has 25 or more members (CEO included), the CEO must email CCP Game Masters at support at dust514.com with the subject, “DUST 514 CSL ENTRY”. Please list your character name, corporation name, and the exact time and date when you reached 25 unique (non-alt) members. Be sure to include a readable screenshot of your corporation roster.
  • No corporations with inappropriate names will be considered.
  • The first 16 CEOs that submit a valid application will be seeded into four groups of four corps each, eligible to participate in the Testers.
  • Sign-ups end on the 25th of October at 12:00 UTC.
[h=3]Rules of play[/h]
  • Match style is Skirmish, with a 20-minute time limit. The first team to deplete enemy clone reserves or capture the opposing Mobile Command Center (MCC) wins.
  • Each match has 16 players per side. Corporations without enough players to fill out their roster will be allowed to play at a disadvantage.
  • Cheating of any sort, including exploitation, sabotage, etc., will result in all members of the cheating team being banned from both DUST 514 and EVE Online®.
  • All in-game items are allowed, including those purchased with AUR.
  • Matches will continue in the event of a PS3/client crash.
  • In any best-of series, once one team has gained the necessary victories, no further games will be played. For example, if one team wins two games in a row in a best-of-three round, the third game will not be played.
  • In the event of a server crash, the match will be restarted.
  • Only players who are 1) in the corporation when the sign-ups end and 2) have participated in at least one match in the tournament are eligible for the prizes.
  • CCP reserves final judgment in all cases regarding the rules.
[h=3]Prizes[/h][h=4]Winners – Champion team[/h]Corp wallet – 250,000,000 ISK
Guaranteed private match against DUST 514 developers

Physical Items for the CEO
  • DUST 514 t-shirt
  • DUST 514 poster signed by DUST 514 developers
  • DUST 514 mousepad
All members receive a permanent Black Ops LAV (reimbursed every wipe)
All members get 50 runs of Tournament Officer set gear (exclusive for the tournament, reimbursed every wipe) that includes:
  • Officer Assault Dropsuit
  • Officer Sniper Rifle
  • Officer Assault Rifle
  • Officer Submachine Gun
[h=4]1st runner up[/h]Corp Wallet – 100,000,000 ISK
All members get 25 runs of Tournament Officer set gear (exclusive for the tournament, reimbursed every wipe):
  • Officer Assault Dropsuit
  • Officer Sniper Rifle
  • Officer Assault Rifle
  • Officer Submachine Gun
[h=4]2nd and 3rd runner up[/h]Corp Wallet – 50,000,000 ISK


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