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  1. Advanced Warfare Tournament Discussion

    Is the crossbow considered a launcher? How about rippable rocket launchers from the sentry gun? Sorry if these are nit picky questions I'm new to this discussion
  2. COD AW DXP Mosh pit

    Heads up COD AW players the mosh pit double xp expires saturday morning and you only get it for playing the mosh game mode. Get on and crush the pubs to dust! Don't forget to slip on some Centurion gear from the clan wars so everybody can see you are among the best! CHIRP CHIRP BOOM!
  3. DERP hacktivist group shuts down several games

    LoL this is some of the most hilarious cyber bullying I've ever seen!
  4. What do/don't like about BF4

    Still no party system
  5. What do/don't like about BF4

    LoL somebody commented on how the knife is a one hit kill but it takes more than 3 bullets to drop somebody!
  6. All UF Snipers!

    So how is the range finder holding up?
  7. What do/don't like about BF4

    Bullet Sponges. It takes forever to kill ppl. Maybe my preference for Hardcore is the culprit...
  8. What do/don't like about BF4

    No partying up yet.
  9. Be careful it's the wild west out there.
  10. All UF Snipers!

    The RF acts like a primitive form of auto aim. It helps to make sniping easier for the unexperianced. Learning how to use the scope's elavation notches to fine tune long range shots is too difficult for some players to understand or enjoy. In older games (and COD) the crosshair always points to where the bullet will land and lag is the only factor that can effect your hits. In BF3 elevation and distance must be taken in to consideration.
  11. H-Hour (SOCOM)

    I don't dig kickstarters. If it ever gets off the ground maybe I'll buy it. $400 for the secret dude kinda irritated me. It seems like they're asking too much imo. I gave a little though.
  12. XBOX and UF

    Overseas deployments don't often have internet set up for console gaming. Most Internet is hooked up in computer rooms for contacting family etc. Pc games we played were browser/flash based.
  13. H-Hour (SOCOM)

    I will donate
  14. H-Hour (SOCOM)

    Thanks for clarifying
  15. H-Hour (SOCOM)

    I know some ppl are turned off by it being a PC title. Am I reading that wrong?