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  1. Shadow of the Colossus has long been admired for its breathtaking landscapes and amazing vistas, not to mention the colossi themselves. As we rebuilt the visuals for the game from the ground up (literally), one of the things we decided we had to include was a Photo Mode. We found ourselves spending more and more time with Photo Mode as the system took shape, grabbing photos we thought captured moments that were unique and awe-inspiring. Take a look below at some of the photos the Bluepoint team captured during development. The thing that makes Photo Mode stand out is its power and flexibility. It’s an entire photo adjustment suite built into the game for you! Everything that I had access to as the Art Director, you have access to as the player. You can start with a filter and adjust all the way down to color balancing the shadows, midtones and highlights. Then on top of that, control the depth of field ranges and amounts, in addition to the vignette. That’s an amazing amount of control. Adjusting the camera to get that perfect shot is super easy. Being able to switch the camera from the player to the horse offers up a ton of possibilities. Letting the team loose with it was incredible. The amount of different looks you can achieve is limitless. To top it off, being able to rotate the camera 90 degrees either way to generate portrait images means that lots of photos will be used as cell phone wallpapers! That’s not all: you’re able to leave some of the filters running as you play, giving you exciting degrees of control over how the game looks in motion. I look forward to getting this in the hands of the community and seeing the awe-inspiring things you come up with! Just a little bit longer until the release of Shadow of the Colossus on February 6! View the full article
  2. Hello from the PolyKnight team! Our first game, InnerSpace, is out today at PlayStation Store, and we have to say, this is a very different kind of flying game. InnerSpace takes place in the Inverse, a universe of inside-out-planets where gravity pulls outward instead of in. This dying realm is home to ancient structures of a lost civilization, and flying inside these tight spaces is going to be a challenge. To compensate, we built flying mechanics that encourage agility and experimentation. Here are a few of our favorite moves. Enjoy! Drifting lets you survey your surroundings and look for entrances to structures as you glide around them. It also lets you change direction quickly. Tight spaces ahead. Drifting allows you to avoid walls and make quick decisions. Eventually, you’ll have the skills to make some epic trench runs. If you want to survey the area from a new angle, fly towards the center of the chamber. Then, drift to get your bearings and plan your next flight path. Depending on how much space you have, you can yaw for a wide turn or roll into it for a tighter maneuver. Your wings are pretty rugged, so don’t be afraid to scrape them against walls and see what might come tumbling down. After surfacing, you can spread your wings to take… or just enjoy falling back to the ocean in a majestic Dolphin Dive. These are some of our moves, but we’re most excited to see what you come up with. We hope you enjoy InnerSpace, available now at PlayStation Store for $19.99, with 10% off for PS Plus members. Your greatest journey is within! View the full article
  3. Monster Hunter: World is the biggest game yet in the beloved series, and we’re ready to celebrate with an amazing new Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle available for $449.99 USD (MSRP) exclusively at GameStop on January 26. The Limited Edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro bundle will allow you to seek and slay ferocious beasts across a vast, ever-changing environment. Featuring a Limited Edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro console, DualShock 4 wireless controller, Blu-ray disc and digital content, there’s no better place to hone your skills and take part in the ultimate hunting experience. Use the terrain to your advantage, or be hindered by the hazards they present. The choice is yours in an all new open world adventure teeming with surprises and excitement. This bundle will be available in very limited quantities, so if you want to pick one up, check with your local GameStop for availability. Looking for the perfect PlayStation product to match these snowy winter months? Well look no further! The Glacier White PS4 Pro will be available for the first time as a standalone console, so look for it exclusively in GameStop stores at the end of this month for $399.99 USD (MSRP). In Canada, the Glacier White PS4 Pro will be available exclusively at EB Games for $499.99. CAD (MSRP) in the coming weeks. Excited to take on the challenge of Monster Hunter: World? Think the Glacier White PS4 Pro is cool as ice? We’d love to know what you think in the comments! View the full article
  4. Iconoclasts is less than two weeks away, arriving January 23, 2018! It will be available at PlayStation Store for both PS4 and PS Vita, with crossbuy! You play as an optimistic young mechanic named Robin, following her through a life of wanting to help those that remain in her life, using mechanical services she is not allowed to perform, according to the law of the world. There’s plenty of platforming, solving things and meeting people, but what will frequently be the focus of the game are boss battles! I’ve been known to love a good boss in the games I’ve made. They are the exam at the end of training for an action game, at best combining the things you last learned and testing your merit, or just being an entertaining culmination of the parts that have come before. So, Iconoclasts is no stranger to them! There are more in there than I even planned when development started. As advertised, there are over 20 running about (don’t want to spoil the exact number, of course), and their styles range from figuring out where to shoot them, where to twist them, just shooting them a whole lot, running from them, running at them or several of these at once. As you play, you’ll learn to master Robin’s wrench. It can do what you expect, like twist your classic bolt, but also can be used to protect yourself from projectiles, and deflect attacks back at your opponents. Alongside the wrench, you have your modified stun-gun that you procure a few upgrades for. The goal being that all equipment you get along the way have several uses in all their forms, without ever adding complexity to how you play. That way, once you first master your controls, the learning is only in what your boss or enemy does against you, not how you yourself should press your buttons, which is a design I have always tried to strive for. In the end, I feel the game has managed to create a parade of opponents that all have their own quirks and twists on the abilities you’ve learned without all resorting to being about shooting a ton, and remain fun, fast and satisfying. For the fans of my prior games out there, I hope it will be what you’ve waited for! It’s been a long road, but Iconoclasts is finally almost here. The game isn’t solely about boss battles. There are lots of people to hang out with, some pleasant platforming and other challenges. I just have a big heart for bosses, and wanted to highlight them for you today. I hope you will enjoy Iconoclasts! View the full article
  5. We’re getting ready for the next major system update for PS4, and can use some help from PS4 owners to test it out ahead of launch. Starting today, you can sign up for a chance to be a beta tester and get an advance look at some of the improvements and new features coming to PS4. And good news for Canadian folks – beginning this beta, PS4 owners in Canada are also able to register for the beta testing. You can register to be a beta tester anytime between today and the start of the beta expected in February. Users must be 18 years or older. Once the beta starts, we’ll close registration. Beta testers for our previous major system software update, version 5.00, got a preview of features like Family on PSN, friend list management, message improvements and much more before launch. If you’re part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the beta version of the next system software. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 system with an internet connection and SEN account. And remember — you can roll back to the previous system software at any time. And starting this beta, you can choose to be added to future betas automatically without having to register again. If you choose to do so, you’ll receive an exclusive PSN avatar. We’ll be back soon with an update on the features you can expect in the beta. Many thanks to everyone signing up — especially our returning beta testers! Your feedback helps us make the system software update even better. View the full article
  6. Subscribe via iTunes, Spotify, Google or RSS, or download here On today’s show, we speak to the two-man team behind the upcoming Wizard of Legend, a gorgeous spell-slinging adventure coming to PS4. Enjoy the show! Stuff We Talked About Wizard of Legend Interview Game of the Year 2017 Winners PS Store’s 2017 Top Download Charts Your favorite video game intros Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Recent Episodes 275: Live From Arcadia Bay 274: The Best of 2017 273: Donuts and Jedi The Cast Sid Shuman – Director of Social Media, SIEA Justin Massongill – Social Media Manager, SIEA Ryan Clements – Sr. Social Media Specialist, SIEA Kristen Titus – Social Media Specialist, SIEA Send us questions and tips! [email protected] Leave us a voicemail! (650) 288-6706 Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music. [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.] View the full article
  7. Rise up with the latest entry in the iconic fighting franchise. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition arrives next week on disc, and as a free update for the original game. Built atop the exhilarating framework of Street Fighter V, Arcade Edition includes the base content from the original version alongside arcade mode, Character Pass 1 and 2 (12 additional characters), and updated mechanics. Step into the ring and compete in one of the most ferocious arenas in gaming history. For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop! New Releases: Week of January 16, 2018 Albert and Otto PS4 — Digital In this first installment “The Adventure Begins” the player is thrown headfirst into a haunting world set in 1939 Germany in search of a mysterious girl with bunny ears. Clues as to who she is and what happened to her are scattered throughout the game in the form of drawings left in post boxes and shards that the player must piece together. Beholder Complete Edition PS4 — Digital You’re a government-installed landlord in a totalitarian state. Your job is to spy on tenants, peep into their lives, eavesdrop on their conversations, and profile everyone to ensure laws are beyond obeyed and the state is kept happy. Anyone caught plotting against the state’s ever-changing laws must be reported. But will you? Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 1/19) Get ready to dive back into the digital world in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory. Set in the near future, the line between the real and digital worlds is blurred and logging into cyberspace is a part of everyday life. InnerSpace PS4 — Digital In the final days of the Inverse, you must help the Archaeologist recover the last remaining memories before they are lost forever. Fly through ancient skies and abandoned oceans to discover the lost history of this fading realm, where entire civilizations have died, yet their gods still wander. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition PS4 — Digital In Kerbal Space Program, take charge of the space program for the alien race known as the Kerbals. You have access to an array of parts to assemble fully-functional spacecraft that flies (or doesn’t) based on realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics. Kingdom: New Lands PS4 — Digital Tales spread of far off isles with mysteries waiting to be discovered. Rulers will need all the strength of their subjects to sail away and find new kingdoms in these New Lands. Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes PS4 — Digital The gates to another world will open soon! You can stop the impending disaster, but to do so at all costs to return the stolen stamps! Rento Fortune PS4 — Digital (Out 1/19) Rento Fortune is an online dice board game. To win in Rento, you have to bankrupt the other players. StarDrone PS VR — Digital (Out 1/17) StarDrone is a high-kinetic action puzzle with a mix of arcade, pinball, breakout, physics, and collect-the-objects. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition PS4 — Digital Update, Retail Street Fighter V – Arcade Edition returns with more modes, more characters and enhanced gameplay. Vesta PS4 — Digital (Out 1/19) Vesta is a witty 6-year-old girl who lives in a desolate underground maze — the ruins of a once-bright city inhabited by humans and perfect machines. Although this world can be lonely, she is kept company by her friend BOT. It advises her and encourages her to do the tasks she is assigned, although it knows much more than it lets on. Borns – Blue Madonna The Neighbourhood – To Imagine Geostorm Last Flag Flying The information above is subject to change without notice. View the full article
  8. Bluepoint Games is a studio known for their consistently excellent results in the realm of remastering, refurbishing, and remaking classic games. So, you’d expect their headquarters to be bit flashier than the outwardly unremarkable building they share in Austin, Texas. Their unassuming workspace doubles as an analogy for the studio itself: a group more passionate about their work than fame and recognition. The entrance to Bluepoint is proudly adorned with souvenirs from all the projects the team has worked on over the years. Watch the video at the top of this post, captured during a recent trip to Bluepoint Games, for a rare peek inside the studio behind some of the industry’s most well-regarded remasters. The Story So Far Bluepoint Games got their start at the dawn of PlayStation Network with the release of their debut title, Blast Factor, but they’ve come a long way since then. Here’s everything they’ve worked on so far: Blast Factor (PS3) God of War Collection (PS3) The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection (PS3) Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS3, PS Vita) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS Vita version) Titanfall (Xbox 360 version) Flower (PS4 and PS Vita versions) Gravity Rush Remastered (PS4) Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4) Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Bluepoint has grown into a team of a few dozen employees, but it all began with two people. Marco Thrush, now president of the company, and Andy O’Neil, the studio’s current vice-president. Marco and Andy built the still-in-operation Bluepoint Engine, and worked together to create Blast Factor, which launched alongside PlayStation Network in 2006. Bluepoint is in a unique position: having led the remastering process for so many legendary titles, the studio has had lots of opportunities to poke around the inner workings of some of the most technically impressive experiences from their respective generations. I asked Peter Dalton, the technical director on PS4’s Shadow of the Colossus, how he and the team took advantage of these opportunities. “We’ve definitely learned from each of them,” Peter explains. “From the original God of War series and bringing that to PS3, and seeing how they solved certain problems, to working with Naughty Dog’s technology for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Bluepoint’s art director, Mark Skelton, has similar respect for the artists whose work he’s now responsible for recreating. “It’s amazing what they did with what they had. There are so many tricks and so many unique, groundbreaking things that they did in that game that I’ve never seen since or before that.” Clockwise from top-left: Art Director Mark Skelton, Studio President Marco Thrush, Technical Director Peter Dalton, Studio Producer Randall Lowe When remastering a classic, it must be tempting to fix each and every mistake, oversight, or inconsistency you would find. But where does one draw the line? Skelton shares a geographical example from Shadow of the Colossus: “So one of the areas is kind of wooded… I noticed — this is kind of funny — that it was a dual waterfall area. And the dual waterfalls had a U-shaped section that connected them, which to me made absolutely no sense. Where’s the water coming from? “Things like that we talked through and made sure that if we did make changes to it, that it didn’t have huge ramifications, visually or playwise. So what we decided to do was connect it to another connection that was kind of a mountain waterfall, which fed that waterfall, which in turn fed those two. “To me, changes like that were important. It makes more sense, and it was maybe just an oversight at the beginning of the first one. Stuff like that I don’t have a problem changing. You know, stuff that makes people scratch their heads and go why?” One benefit of working at Bluepoint: Everyone gets two monitors. The more you talk to the people at Bluepoint, the more you realize that this obsessive attention to detail is core to the studio’s ethos. Occupying a corner of the studio’s floorplan is a custom rack of four huge TVs, each representing one of the market’s most popular sets in a given price range. They wire PS4 dev kits to this rig to see the final product the way players will see it. Studio Producer Randall Lowe surveys Shadow of the Colossus’ central field on a range of popular TV panels If there’s one factor that clearly drives Bluepoint, it’s the desire to do right by fans — to do justice to the legacy of each and every game they choose to rebuild or remaster. “To us, making the game the way you remember it is the most important mission that we have, regardless of everything else,” explains Randall Lowe, one of the testers on the original PS2 release of Shadow of the Colossus, and now a producer on the 2018 PS4 version. “We need to make sure that the game you’re playing now feels like the thing that you played in the past. If we don’t hit those notes, then we failed in what we were setting out to do.” The Bluepoint kitchen has a great view of the Pennybacker Bridge, as well as the Colorado River underneath. Studio president Marco Thrush elaborates: “The games we work on, we hand-pick them — we usually have lots of choices, and we get to pick the ones we care most about or that we truly believe the player will enjoy most once they get rereleased. So we always give the best we possibly can on every single title we work on. I hope it shows in the end result.” Shadow of the Colossus launches February 6 on PS4, but in the meantime, you can learn how it runs on PS4 Pro, watch the game’s opening sequence, read our hands-on impressions, watch an episode of PlayStation Underground recorded at Bluepoint Games, or peruse a series of other SotC videos over at our YouTube channel. Phew! View the full article
  9. We asked you to vote, and you showed up! 2017’s Game of the Year polls saw an astounding 1.6 million votes across all categories, with over 150k votes in the “Best PS4 Game” category alone. Thank you! There is definitely a clear winner this year — Guerrilla’s Horizon Zero Dawn stole the show, securing the Platinum Trophy in nine of our 18 categories. We’ll make sure Aloy hears about it! Read on to see who else took home the Platinum (and the Gold, Silver and Bronze) in more categories like Best PS VR Experience, Best Independent Game, Most Anticipated PS4 Game, and lots more. So, what do you think? Agreed on the winners? Did you vote differently? Did you not vote, but now wish you had? Discuss (nicely!) in the comments. Best PS4 Game Horizon Zero Dawn You’ll notice a distinct theme this year. Horizon Zero Dawn swept the polls, earning more votes than its closest competitor by more than 2:1. Epic’s Fortnite earned the most write-in votes, but not enough to crack the top four. Call of Duty WWII Assassin’s Creed Origins Persona 5 Honorable Mentions: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Nier: Automata, Resident Evil 7 Editors’ Choice Nier: Automata. Through all of 2017, I pretended it was going to be tough to choose my final GotY pick as megaton after megaton dropped. But it’s Nier. It was always Nier. No game can make me cry over sexy robots fighting a proxy war on an abandoned far-future Earth the way Nier Automata can. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media Persona 5. Persona 5 threads an oddly specific gaming needle and stands as one of the most invigorating and interesting releases of the year. I was equally invested in the outlandish and increasingly elaborate Persona and boss battles as I was making new friends and finding my place as a school boy in Tokyo. — Kristen Titus // SIEA Social Media Horizon Zero Dawn. A big-budget blockbuster done right. Guerrilla’s post-post apocalyptic vision is compelling enough, but the superior visuals, ferocious combat, and surprising plot twists inject fresh life into the action-RPG genre. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy pulls off an impressive feat: it manages to deliver some of the best writing, performances, and action moments from a franchise already overflowing with them, while at same time shaking up the Uncharted formula in thrilling, open-ended ways. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had this year, and might just be my favorite Uncharted game. — Zac Minor // SIEA Social Media What Remains of Edith Finch. In a year of amazing game stories, Edith Finch stands out for being a powerful narrative that is only possible in games. Each mini-story told within the game is accompanied by a unique art and gameplay style that build towards a profound emotional experience. — Andy Yen // SIEA PS Store Best PS VR Experience Resident Evil 7: biohazard Another blowout in the polls, this time for Capcom’s survival-horror revival Resident Evil 7, though Skyrim put up a muscular defense. Rec Room stood out for write-in votes. Skyrim VR Gran Turismo Sport Superhot VR Honorable Mentions: Doom VFR, Farpoint, Star Trek: Bridge Crew Editors’ Choice Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Capcom gives a master class in how to reboot a classic series. The first-person perspective adds a terrifying new layer to the survival-horror gameplay, and the PS VR support is second-to-none. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Superhot VR. The game where time moves when you move is magnitudes better in the world of VR where the PlayStation Move controllers can track your entire body’s movements. It’s the closest you’ll get in real life to bullet dodging in The Matrix without needing to do an apocalypse rave before. — Andy Yen // SIEA PS Store Gnog. Ko-op’s virtual reality toybox made me feel like a kid again. Pushing, pulling, turning and tweaking knobs, bells and whistles has never felt so rewarding. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media Best Independent Game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Voters again had a clear favorite, with Ninja Theory’s well-regarded Hellblade earning the nod. Epic’s Fortnite led the field in write-in votes. Undertale Superhot Everything Honorable Mentions: What Remains of Edith Finch, Night in the Woods, Pyre Editors’ Choice Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. One of the best psychological horror games I’ve ever played – Hellblade was an amazing journey as an 8th century human suffering from psychosis. The threat of permanent death via save deletion made every combat encounter a thrilling sweaty palms affair. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Undertale. Okay, I get it. Now that I’ve finally played Undertale (multiple times), I understand why its fanbase is so… vocal. Toby Fox’s heart-warming/wrenching underground RPG marries fresh gameplay ideas with tack-sharp writing, unforgettable characters, and one of gaming’s most toe-tapping soundtracks. This one is going to stay with me. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media What Remains of Edith Finch. Giant Sparrow’s journey through a cursed family’s history takes you from the highest whimsical highs to some delicately devastating lows, all with a flourish of magic-realism that swept me away. — Kristen Titus // SIEA Social Media Superhot. Like being caught inside the world’s best r/nosleep story. The gameplay gimmick is inspired, the pacing alternately exhilarating and exasperating, and the mood ice cold. Even the war3z-styled Easter eggs go above and beyond. One of the year’s very best. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Best PS Vita Game Undertale No surprises — Undertale dominated on PS Vita, scoring the lion’s share of votes. Steamworld Dig 2 took top write-in honors. Danganronpa V3 Xenon Valkyrie + Ys Origin Honorable Mentions: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, A Rose in the Twilight, Tokyo Xanadu Editors’ Choice Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Games about high school murder mysteries don’t come along every day, especially with the twists and turns of the Danganronpa series. Perfect for on the go play, V3 even has cross-save capability when you finally get home to your PS4. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Undertale. Undertale is a perfect “multiple playthrough” game — I got halfway through my second run in a coffee shop! Protip: If you’re playing this one on the go, make sure you have headphones. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media Best Performance Ashly Burch Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn An array of excellent performances this year, with Ashley Burch’s Aloy landing the coveted Platinum pick. On the write-in front, Nathan Fillion’s Cayde-6 from Destiny 2 saw significant attention. Claudia Black Chloe, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Melina Juergens Senua, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Janina Gavankar Iden Versio, Star Wars Battlefront II Honorable Mentions: Laura Bailey // Nadine, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy; Kira Buckland // 2B, Nier: Automata; Brian Bloom // BJ Blazcowicz, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Editors’ Choice Melina Juergens for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. A quest through the Norse underworld was never going to look easy, but Melina Jeurgens’ excruciatingly raw performance highlights Senua’s paranoia, pain and determination with perfect clarity. — Kristen Titus // SIEA Social Media Ashly Burch for Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s hard to believe Aloy was just introduced to us fully in 2017, as she already feels like an iconic character in games. Chronicling her journey from a young girl to stoic heroine, Ashley’s performance in Horizon Zero Dawn was unforgettable. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Nyasha Hatendi for Mass Effect Andromeda. Bioware’s latest introduced Angarian resistance fighter Jaal Ama Darav, and he’s a memorable addition to the Mass Effect pantheon. Nyasha Hatendi’s portrayal is warm and wistful — a perfect fit for this enigmatic character. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Best Art Direction Horizon Zero Dawn Another big win for Guerrilla Games, with Horizon Zero Dawn soaring out ahead of the competition nearly 3:1. Star Wars Battlefront II scored the most write-in votes. Persona 5 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Destiny 2 Honorable Mentions: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Gravity Rush 2 Editors’ Choice Persona 5. That dynamic battle UI. The bonkers boss battle reveals. Those stylish Palace-crawling costumes. And of course, your talking cat companion turning into a van. Persona 5 truly had a vision and executed it with flair. — Kristen Titus // SIEA Social Media Superhot. Sometimes less is more. Superhot’s ersatz environments and faceless, crystalline enemies radiate creepypasta levels of uneasiness. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Destiny 2. When it comes to epic, galaxy-building design, few come close to Bungie’s talents. From varied world settings, to unforgettable set pieces, Destiny 2 is breathtaking to look at and play in. Not to mention that sweet sweet exotic gear design. — Andy Yen //SIEA Store Best Soundtrack Horizon Zero Dawn A squeaker, with Horizon edging out Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Destiny 2 for top honors. FIFA 18 netted the most write-ins. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Destiny 2 Nier: Automata Honorable Mentions: Persona 5, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Sonic Mania Editors’ Choice Persona 5. I always let the opening sequence play all the way through… and sometimes waited to let it play through a second time. This game’s range of kinetic to ambient jazz was the perfect backdrop for being a Phantom Thief. — Kristen Titus // SIEA Social Media Nier: Automata. The unexpected, eclectic nature of Nier: Automata’s story is matched only by its score: sweeping orchestral set pieces give way to charming children’s choruses and chiptune arrangements, but somehow, no song ever feels out of place. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media Undertale. Epic sounding chiptunes that will make you both nostalgic for yesteryear and pumped up for battle. It’s rare that a game has instantly recognizable character themes, and Undertale’s are unforgettable. — Andy Yen // /SIEA Store Prey. After the breakout success of his DOOM soundtrack in 2016, composer Mick Gordon scored TWO huge games in 2017: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Prey. Both sounded exceptional, but the blend of cyberpunk-electronic beats with classic horror ambience made Prey my favorite soundtrack of the year. — Zac Minor // SIEA Social Media Best Multiplayer Call of Duty WWII Call of Duty ultimately overcame Fortnite in this hard-fought deathmatch, with Friday the 13th cleaning up in write-in votes. Fortnite Destiny 2 Star Wars Battlefront II Honorable Mentions: Injustice 2, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Tekken 7 Editors’ Choice Destiny 2. The ultimate game for both PVE and PVP in a single package. No other shooter does 6-player co-op quite like Destiny’s raids while also including pro-caliber competitive play in the same sandbox. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Call of Duty WWII. A true return to form for the classic shooter. Sledgehammer wasn’t asleep at the switch: War mode, Nazi Zombies, Divisions, and Headquarters all brought fresh new ideas to the most polished multiplayer shooter on the market. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. The arrival of the Stormblood expansion brought a beautifully crafted story, a refined combat system, and more exquisite music to the Final Fantasy XIV experience. But this is still an MMO, and running through dungeons to face towering boss battles with friends remains one of the game’s principle delights. — Ryan Clements // SIEA Social Media Best Story Horizon Zero Dawn Another commanding win for Horizon, with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy mustering a fierce defense. Among write-in votes, Destiny 2 led the pack. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Persona 5 Nier: Automata Honorable Mentions: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, The Evil Within 2, Injustice 2 Editors’ Choice The Evil Within II. Tango Gameworks surprised me. The setup is interesting enough, but the escalating stakes combined with several memorable characters and boss fights elevate this to must-play status, whether you played the first game or not. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Nier: Automata. What begins as an almost generic Japanese sci-fi tale becomes one of the most profound stories I’ve ever experienced. As you experience plot points from other perspectives, the onion layers peel back, and you’re contemplating what it truly means to be human. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Zero Dawn had me hooked from the moment Rost raised little baby Aloy to the sun, but unravelling the mysteries of both Aloy and the Earth’s past was extremely satisfying thanks to the well written characters and intricately fascinating lore. — Kristen Titus // SIEA Social Media Best Sports Game FIFA 18 FIFA 18 managed to head off an aggressive offense from a resurgent GT Sport to cement the lead. Interestingly, Pro Evolution Soccer 18 led handily among write-in votes. Gran Turismo Sport NBA 2K18 Madden NFL 18 Honorable Mentions: Everybody’s Golf, Disc Jam, MLB The Show 17 Editors’ Choice Madden 18. I’m an on again off again Madden player, so I’m not as hardcore into Ultimate Team and the competitive angle as some, but as a casual, I really enjoyed the meaty new “Longshot” single-player story mode that was added this year. Mixing “Friday Night Lights” (with some actors from the TV show even!) with Life Is Strange and Madden gameplay is a formula that works surprisingly well. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Everybody’s Golf. It may go by a new name, but the spirit of Hot Shots lives on. Few games manage to balance instant accessibility with the idea of “I could have done that better… let me try it again” the way this series does, and Everybody’s Golf brings that — and so much more — to PS4. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media Everybody’s Golf. As a Hot Shots fan from waaaay back, Everybody’s Golf is nothing short of a miracle. It’s everything I loved about classic Hot Shots gameplay, but packed to the gills with an absolutely insane amount of bonus activities — driving! fishing! Shuhei! — not to mention the unique open-course multiplayer. The art style is charming, the music is joyful, and the course design harkens to a utopia that only exists in my dreams. My Everybody’s Golf persona is the man I aspire to be. — Zac Minor // SIEA Social Media Best Post-Release Content Horizon Zero Dawn A nail biter, with Horizon squeaking past GTA Online by only one percentage point and Battlefield 1 leading among write-in votes. Grand Theft Auto Online Final Fantasy XV Overwatch Honorable Mentions: Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Resident Evil 7: biohazard Editors’ Choice Darkest Dungeon. Surprise, surprise. The Crimson Court expansion is a literal gamechanger, with new mechanics that ripple through content both old and new. Just when I thought I was out… — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Final Fantasy XIV. FFXIV’s Stormblood expansion introduced revamped gameplay elements, new jobs to master, an entire soundtrack’s worth of excellent new music, and numerous quality-of-life upgrades, but where it really impressed me is with its story — easily the ever-growing MMO’s best yet. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. A meaty addition to the world of Horizon, The Frozen Wilds organically adds a huge area for Aloy to explore whether you’ve finished the game already or not. The new characters and story missions are as in depth and lovingly crafted as they were in the original game. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Okay, technically this is a standalone experience and thus not “post-release content,” but whatever (sorry Justin). (Editor’s note: I’ll allow it. -JM) Dishonored: Death of the Outsider needs some much-deserved praise. The focused scope and mechanical tweaks resulted in a Dishonored experience that encouraged playstyles that felt exciting and fresh, even to a Dishonored vet like myself. — Zac Minor // SIEA Social Media Best PlayStation Console Exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Another big win for Guerrilla Games, though Uncharted and Crash managed strong support. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Crash Bandicoot: The N-Sane Trilogy Persona 5 Honorable Mentions: Nier Automata, Gran Turismo Sport, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Editors’ Choice Horizon Zero Dawn. A perfect example of a platform-selling blockbuster, Horizon excels across the board with astonishing visuals, superior PS4 Pro features, and unique combat you can’t find anywhere else. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Persona 5. Persona 5 is not a short game, but its length shouldn’t put you off from experiencing its unique brand of style, storytelling, and relationship building. By the end of it you’ll feel like a high schooler again, with a new group of best friends forged through shared experience. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Nier Automata. Big surprise, I know. Nier Automata is a game that’s going to be with me for a long time, for lots of reasons. Its DualShock 4 control layout was part of the fun, too — I found myself shifting into “Combat Mode” (basically just shifting my middle fingers up to R2 and L2 so I could keep R1 held down with my index finger) every time I came across a formidable enemy. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media Best PS4 Theme Uncharted 10th Anniversary Theme Uncharted dominated this category handily, with Horizon leading among write-in votes. Persona 5 Character Themes Legacy Dashboard Theme Undertale Dynamic Theme (Ruins) Honorable Mentions: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Preorder Theme, Pyre Theme, Burger Love Returns Dynamic Theme Editors’ Choice Legacy. I’m usually not one for nostalgia plays, but man, this dynamic, 3D theme recreating the old PS2 system screen is an awesome trip down memory line. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Rez Infinite Singularity Theme. Rez Infinite is pretty much a religious experience in PlayStation VR, especially Area X — the new area added for the Infinite release. This theme brings the feeling of Area X’s final section to your PS4 dashboard, and I don’t plan to change it anytime soon. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media Best Use of PS4 Pro Horizon Zero Dawn Despite tight competition, Horizon racked up another win. Star Wars Battlefront II was the leader among write-in voters. Assassin’s Creed Origins Call of Duty WWII The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Honorable Mentions: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Gran Turismo Sport, Destiny 2 Editors’ Choice Horizon Zero Dawn. Guerrilla’s technical excellence is on proud display here. The 4K output looks razor sharp, while the HDR features make color and vibrancy pop. Love that you can emphasize resolution or performance now, too. Developers: this is how you do it! — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice. Senua’s descent into madness is best experienced in 4K with a pair of the Platinum Wireless Headset. The game looks absolutely jaw-dropping in 4K resolution, but the 3D positional audio mix steals the show here, making you feel like you’re hearing the same voices in her head. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Nioh. Nioh’s exhilarating combat made for one of the best action games of 2017, but its use of PS4 Pro brought quality-of-life improvements that elevated it to another level. For coming out so early in 2017, Nioh established one of my favorite implementations of the Pro’s added horsepower: allowing the gamer to choose between modes that prioritized frame-rate or resolution. — Zac Minor // SIEA Social Media Most Anticipated PS4 Title God of War A tight competitive field here, but God of War lands the Platinum nod. Dragon Ball FighterZ saw the most write-in votes. You don’t have long to wait, folks! Red Dead Redemption 2 Marvel’s Spider-Man Far Cry 5 Honorable Mentions: Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Death Stranding Editors’ Choice Shadow of the Colossus. I’m fascinated by Bluepoint’s work here; they’ve enhanced this 2005 classic to the point where it can hang with 2018’s elite crop of AAA titles. The game is almost too gorgeous to believe. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media God of War. Kratos’s new odyssey on PS4 is poised to be my first can’t miss game of 2018 – I can’t wait to see where venturing into the world of Norse mythology takes the series. We all know the game will deliver the goods on the action front, but I’m personally looking forward to seeing where his story goes in his grizzled years as a father. — Andy Yen // SIEA Store Marvel’s Spider-Man. I’ve been a Spider-Fan for as long as I can remember, and everything we’ve seen on Peter Parker’s upcoming PS4 outing indicates that Insomniac is the perfect studio to realize the potential of the character. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Legendary heroes and villains meet on a battlefield unbound by space and time. A true embodiment of light versus darkness. You will be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated fan of the Dissidia series than me, and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT continues the RPG fighting tradition with a gorgeous visual overhaul. January 30 can’t come soon enough. — Ryan Clements // SIEA Social Media Most Anticipated PS VR Title Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality An easy win for Rick and Morty, though Ace Combat 7 saw extensive write-in excitement. Blood & Truth Star Child Firewall Zero Hour Honorable Mentions: Golem, Moss, The Inpatient Editors’ Choice Moss. Based on what I’ve played of Polyarc’s tiny, huge VR adventure, it strikes a perfect balance of old-school platforming action and an immersive virtual reality wow-factor. Plus, Quill is the cutest lil’ hero I’ve seen in years. Gimme! — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media The Inpatient. Part of what made Until Dawn so tantalizingly creepy were the sequences taking part in an old abandoned asylum. Now you’re telling me I get to play a fully-realized prequel set in that very asylum, and in VR? Sign me up. — Kristen Titus // SIEA Social Media Firewall Zero Hour. A no-brainer. This back-to-basics 4v4 FPS is an electrifying VR experience, especially when paired with the PS VR Aim Controller. It will appeal hugely to fans of Rainbow Six and the old SWAT games. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Blood & Truth. I’ll never forget The London Heist: it was the very first PS VR demo I tried, and still stands up as one of the most immersive and action-packed PS VR experiences out there. Blood & Truth takes the fundamentals they explored in that demo and fleshes them out into a full-length game, and I could not be more excited. — Zac Minor // SIEA Social Media Studio of the Year Guerrilla Games Though Guerrilla Games and Sledgehammer dominated voting, we saw a strong write-in showing in support of Naughty Dog (who won the Platinum in this category last year). Sledgehammer Games Capcom PlatinumGames Honorable Mentions: Atlus, Ninja Theory, Arkane Studios Editors’ Choice Guerrilla Games. I’ve never seen an established studio pivot so radically, or so successfully. Horizon feels like the beginning of an entirely new chapter for the veteran studio. — Sid Shuman // SIEA Social Media Supergiant Games. This small, San Francisco-based studio exudes pure heart in their work in a way no other developer does. Pyre, their newest, is the culmination of the studio’s expertise thus far, marrying music, story, and visuals with a truly unique approach to gameplay. If you’re not familiar with Supergiant yet, you should be. — Justin Massongill // SIEA Social Media Square Enix. Our colleagues at Square Enix made a tremendous impact last year. Not only did they publish the riveting and critically acclaimed Nier: Automata, but the team behind Final Fantasy XIV continues to define world-class MMO development. The launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood thrust the game in a new direction, with awe-inspiring villains and an overhaul of the combat system. Spectacular. — Ryan Clements// SIEA Social Media View the full article
  10. Hey there PlayStation pals. It’s been a long while since I’ve had the pleasure of penning a PS Blog post – the last was when we launched TowerFall Ascension on PS Vita. Well, we’re finally back with a brand new game. Celeste is a single-player, narrative-driven platformer about climbing a mountain, and it’s launching on PS4 on January 25th for $19.99! Madeline is on a mission to climb Celeste Mountain, and it won’t be easy. The mountain spans over 700 levels packed with hardcore platforming challenges and devious secrets. Along the way Madeline will meet peculiar characters and confront her inner demons as she jumps, climbs, and air-dashes her way to the summit. Dedicated mountaineers can even unlock hidden B-Side chapters that will truly test the limits of their skill. If you’re not looking for a challenge, try playing in Assist Mode, which lets you toggle some powerful accessibility features to tune the game’s difficulty to whatever suits you. You can give yourself extra air dashes, slow the game speed, and more. We certainly designed Celeste to be a challenge, but we understand that every player is different and we want allow players from a wide range of skill levels to enjoy it. Celeste is a modern take on the classic action platformer. It’s a genre very close to our hearts, and we wanted to create something that pushes the genre – and our team – in a new direction. The result is a game that’s very personal and unlike anything else we’ve played. We can’t wait to share it with you, and we hope you’ll enjoy your time on Celeste Mountain. See you at the top! View the full article
  11. Almost two years ago, Street Fighter V arrived on PS4, kicking off a new era of the legendary fighting game series. Two seasons of characters and two Capcom Cups later, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is on the horizon, bringing highly anticipated modes and fan-favorite characters to welcome in 2018! As we anxiously await the next chapter to arrive, we wanted to provide guidance for the many new features. Here are five things you need to check out for SFV: Arcade Edition. 1. Play the newest character, Sakura, for free from January 16 through the 23rd The Street Fighter series’ resident schoolgirl, Sakura, has graduated high school and now sports a more mature look that reflects her current job in an arcade. The best news is that Sakura will be free to play for all SFV: Arcade Edition and existing SFV players from January 16 through 23! Once you update your game with the Day 1 patch, Sakura can be used in all modes, including online play, so start taking notes as you go into battle with her. Please note that any Fight Money and EXP earned during this time as Sakura will disappear once the free period is over. However, if you choose to purchase her individually or as part of the Season 3 Character Pass at any time in the future, the respective Fight Money and EXP will automatically be granted to your account again. Sakura is the first character in Season 3 and will be joined by Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat throughout 2018. If you purchase the Season 3 Character Pass, available for $29.99, you’ll immediately get all six characters once they become available. You’ll also receive their Battle Costumes with colors 3-10 and default costume colors 3-10 unlocked! In addition, if you purchase the Season 3 Character Pass in North America between 1/16 and 1/30, you’ll receive the nine bonus costumes below as a bonus. 2. Arcade Mode True to its name, SFV: Arcade Edition introduces an Arcade Mode unlike any the series has had before. We’ve created an experience that invites players to relive all 30 years of Street Fighter history. You’ll choose between six different paths that each represent a main title in the series. Each path remains true to its respective title, containing the relevant characters, costumes, and music, in order to further celebrate Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary year. If you’re connected to the internet, your Arcade Score will be uploaded to monthly leaderboards where the top player will receive a unique title, so make sure to practice! There are over 200 beautiful ending illustrations from various artists, which can be collected in Arcade Mode by fulfilling certain requirements. Here’s a sneak peek at one of these illustrations! 3. Extra Battle Mode Once you’re connected to the internet, you definitely need to check out Extra Battle, a new mode that lets you obtain unique costumes, titles, Fight Money, and EXP! In fact, the opportunity to obtain the spunky costume below is available right when SFV: AE launches. Rashid is dressed up as Viewtiful Joe from the Capcom series of the same name, which made its PlayStation debut on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. The unique costumes you can earn include these Crossover Costumes that feature your favorite SFV fighters dressed as characters from Capcom’s vast library of games. Unique costumes can be obtained during certain time periods in Extra Battle Mode by completing a series of challenges. Here’s another Crossover Costume to get you excited with Nash as Captain Commando from the game of the same name, which was available on PlayStation in 1998! Every few weeks, a Golden Shadaloo Soldier will appear that will offer a decent amount of Fight Money if you can defeat it. Be on the lookout for these particular Extra Battle Challenges and mark your calendars accordingly! 4. Team Battle Mode Do you have any friends or family coming over to check out SFV: AE with you? Team Battle Mode will be perfect to spark up some friendly competition. You can set up each local match to your liking, including the number of characters per team (up to 5), how much Vitality is recovered in between fights, if you want the matchups to be randomized, and much more. Team Battle Mode is also a completely viable option if you want to set up a team on your own or are trying to learn multiple characters at once since you can play against the CPU. V-Trigger IIs If you’re a returning player, one of the first things you may notice when selecting a character is the ability to choose between two V-Triggers. That’s because every character, including Sakura, now has a V-Trigger II, which can significantly alter their playstyles and open up potential they may not have had in the past. Head into Training Mode to see the new V-Trigger IIs in action and you may discover a new main! Or jump straight into an online match to surprise yourself! Updating Street Fighter V The Street Fighter V servers will be going down for maintenance in the early morning (Pacific Time) of January 16. The SFV: Arcade Edition patch and server maintenance will then be completed in the afternoon on the same day. After we have released the update, SFV: Arcade Edition disc owners must connect to the internet to receive the latest update, which includes Extra Battle Mode, Team Battle Mode and new balance changes. They’ll also be able to redeem the code that comes with the disc to unlock Character Pass 1 and 2 content. Current owners of Street Fighter V will also need to download the patch in order to update to SFV: Arcade Edition. Once the download is complete, all the aforementioned modes and changes will be present when booting up the game. We hope this rundown helps for when you first pop in the disc or update your game! The entire Street Fighter team is incredibly proud of how far the series has come over the years. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has plenty more to explore, so get ready to fight next week! View the full article
  12. When we last spoke, N++ had just come out on PS4, and we were ecstatic. It was the debut of this long-awaited sequel to the arcade-style ninja platformer that was released in 2004 (N), finally in the hands of PlayStation fans, and there first! Since then, we’ve been busy adding to N++ and making it even bigger and more beautiful with the free Ultimate Edition update that launched just before the new year. Go grab it now! We’ll wait ;) The Ultimate Edition is what N+++ (3 plusses!) would look like, if there were ever going to be such a thing – with it added 60 beautiful new colour schemes, and a dozen or so dynamic ninja headbands, so that you can really feel the wind in your ninja hair, plus a whole bunch more delightful surprises. The big news is that we’ve doubled the size of the game, bringing it to an utterly unprecedented 4340 levels, AND there’s a brand new game mode called Hardcore. Hardcore Mode lets you see the levels you’ve beaten in a whole new light by grouping columns of episodes into Stories and tweaking the rules of the game, making every attempt matter and every death a nightmare scenario you’ll want to avoid at all costs! Hardcore is especially great for speedrunners, since it provides a nice neat challenge you can really sink your teeth into. Anyway, with this update, whenever you feel like dipping in, there will be new levels for you to play, effectively forever! One thing you may not know is that on average about 2-3 hours of work go into making each meticulously hand-crafted level, from start to finish. Since N++ is all about the levels, this is pretty important. The Ultimate Edition’s 4340 levels took about 10,000 hours of development time, just for level design and testing! That’s over 400 full days, or 1250 8-hour work days, spread out over 4 years of development. So how do we make sure each level feels great to play? Our level design secret-weapon is the wealth of knowledge we’ve amassed over the past decade of designing N games. This includes things like understanding the best ratio of enemies and objects to balance risk with reward, and how to best hide secrets (which, as you may know, is one of the biggest new things in N++). What sets N++ apart from other platformers is the way the ninja feels to control – at first floaty and slippery, but soon precise and acrobatic, as you get the hang of it. After so many years of playing and making levels, we know exactly how the ninja moves and accelerates, and what sort of momentum you can retain in every situation. This means that it’s easy for us to get an intuitive sense of what jumps are possible and what tile arrangements will feel great to move around on, which makes for some really stellar levels. But the levels look so simple, you might be thinking – why does it take so long to design them? Well, they really only look simple. We design each level in many layers, testing and retesting hundreds of times, trying to consider how different players (eg newbies, speedrunners, party-goers, highscorers, etc) with different goals and abilities will make their way through the level. Although N++ is a very challenging game, we try to accommodate a broad range of players, gently refining the level mechanics and goals until there’s a satisfying possibility for everyone. Our years of experience making levels and watching people play them helps us quickly grasp what works and what doesn’t. There are several standard goals/layers in each level, for example: just make it to the exit; get all the gold; find the secrets; etc. In most levels there are many, many ways that each goal can be attained. We want to support each player’s agency and individual personality, and let each choose their own path through the levels so that every success is really their own. Their highscore replay is preserved for all to see, which is one of our favourite parts of the game – watching replays is great, because if you’re stuck, you can get tips, and otherwise it’s just really enjoyable to see all the different play styles other players have! The heart of N++’s design is a delicate balance of challenge with reward, and tension with joy, so that players can really appreciate how their skills are developing as they play, and feel proud of themselves when they complete an exceptional task. It’s all about that thrill and satisfaction. That’s what makes N++ the game of “just one more try!” :) Why not try making an N++ level of your own, using the built-in level editor? Just choose “Create” from the main menu. When you’re done making and testing your level, publishing it will add it to the free global database of N++ levels, where you can challenge friends and players all over the world to try it. There are already over 30,000 levels and counting! So that’s the Ultimate Edition update, a smorgasbord of juicy levels. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Because we know you PS4 players have been waiting a long time for this update, we’re also releasing a free N++ Ultimate Edition PS4 theme we think you’ll enjoy. The theme should be out shortly, so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for reading, we hope you continue to enjoy N++! Happy N Year (plus plus)! View the full article
  13. Hello everyone, this is Kasumi Yogi from Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc., and we are excited to light the bonfire once again with Dark Souls: Remastered. What does Dark Souls: Remastered bring to the table for long-time fans of the critically-acclaimed action role-playing game series? You can return to Lordran to re-experience the original Dark Souls in 4K resolution and HDR lighting when playing on PS4 Pro. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Dark Souls series, or someone looking to take their first plunge into the series, you can experience an epic, dark fantasy universe stricken by the Curse in stunning, high-definition detail running at 60 FPS. Explore and build your character to create a unique gameplay experience with a wide variety of weapons, armor, and magic. Do you want to mercilessly slash away at your enemies, or devastate them with powerful spells? I say: Why not both? Not only are the graphics getting an upgrade, but fans of the multiplayer experience in Dark Souls are also getting a treat in Dark Souls: Remastered. Instead of 1-4 players, six people can gather to either support or betray each other, finding a home among nine covenants online with dedicated servers. Which allegiance will you choose? In this world, death is to be expected. From your first steps to complete mastery, refine your skills in battle. Learn to strategize freely and experience the rewarding taste of overcoming fearsome, daunting foes! We can’t wait for you to roll and fight your way through powerful demons and tricky traps in Dark Souls: Remastered on May 25, 2018. Just remember: You are never truly safe in the world of Lordran. View the full article
  14. Strikers Edge was originally born from a “game development marathon” hosted at the Lisbon Global Game Jam back in 2014. It was raw, unpolished and ugly, but the main mechanic was there: shooting weapons at each other to take down your opponent. We saw its potential at the very beginning; it felt unique and easy to pick up, while offering an almost hidden complexity that versus fighting games usually offer. But above all, each match felt intense. With so much going on, every spear shot and skillful dodge felt like a clutch moment. Moving forward with the concept required us to think everything through. In this PlayStation.Blog post we’ll talk about two of the many, many aspects we improved since that game jam back in the day: the gameplay and the theme, while designing for intensity. Strikers Edge is a versus game that thrives on clutch moments and the intensity of each match. We wanted to maximize these feelings to provide “WOW” emotions and moments. We always came back to the wow moment that was Street Fighter 3rd Strike’s “Moment #37” and asked ourselves: “Can Strikers Edge provide even a small amount of the feeling this moment is about? Even for less technically experienced players?” We had an idea that was able to provide its share of wow moments: slow-motion. It works simply by momentarily slowing down time when someone is about the get a fatal hit. This ended up working great for multiple reasons: It acknowledges a clutch moment in the match, dramatizes that moment and creates emotion, putting people on the edge of their seats. So far, nothing surprising here, as that’s what slow-motion effects are designed to do. However,in Strikers Edge, we chose to activate the slow-motion effect before the weapon hits its target, making what seems to be an artifice a full-fledged gameplay mechanic. It gives the player in disadvantage an opportunity to turn things around by allocating him/her more time to react and avoid death. This, in return, allows time for the attacking player to outsmart their low-health enemy. This is where mind games come into play! There are few things more satisfying than blocking an incoming charged attack during a slow-motion moment. Conversely, there are few things more frustrating than dodging a fatal spear just to receive another well-timed attack from your opponent at the moment of your recovery. On top of the slow-motion mechanic, we added other little interactions that ended up adding to the game’s intensity potential. Here are just a few examples: Projectiles collide with each other in mid-air. Arena elements and occasional events protect, damage, push or slow you down. The high-risk, high-reward mechanic of charging an attack, slowing you down and temporarily disabling dodges and blocks in the process for an increased output damage and a special ability. Yet, for Strikers Edge to be as intense as we meant it to be, we had to find a theme for our game that would frame everything. It was clear from the beginning that ranged combat was core to the game. We wanted to make it somehow physical, making the player feel like every hit made a difference. Most of all, we wanted Strikers Edge to feel intense. Guns wouldn’t cut it, since bullets travel too fast and we needed something that was slow enough for players to dodge. The answer was obvious: the first prototype had spears, so it felt natural to keep going with ranged and melee weapons. Everything from axes, spears, javelins, shuriken, knives, even stones, among others, made it to our list of possible weapons. With this list we immediately started thinking about all kinds of warriors who could use these in combat, as well as what kinds of unique abilities they would have. This stage of development was super fun and it would have been easy to get carried away and lose focus, so we established a theme: medieval fantasy. It’s a theme that can host lots of different kinds of warriors without them feeling out of context. You can imagine a Ninja fighting a Viking and find it much more credible than, say, an Egyptian warrior against a modern-day Marine. We were quite happy with the theme and intensity the characters, their potential background and their weapons could bring to the fray. With the medieval fantasy theme sorted out, it became easier to come up with and justify characters, abilities, events, locations and everything about the world. Looking back, I’m proud of the team here at Fun Punch Games and the progress we’ve made. We hope you’ll enjoy playing Strikers Edge as much as we enjoyed making it. Here’s to clutch moments and those “WOW” feelings that have kept us gaming and creating. See you online when Strikers Edge launches on January 30. View the full article
  15. It’s an exciting time at Squad’s Mission Control facility as we are getting ready to launch Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition on PS4 on January 16. We’ve partnered with the talented and experienced team at BlitWorks to develop this new PS4 version from the ground up that includes a bunch of enhancements for performance, user interface, and all-new controller layouts to improve your experience playing the game. Additionally, the previous version of KSP was only available on PS4 in America, but we’re pleased to announce that PlayStation fans around the world can enjoy Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition! The main challenge in bringing a game like KSP from PC to PS4 is making sure the game is just as fun to play with a controller as it is with a mouse and keyboard. So in addition to putting in a lot of essential work on optimization to improve the game’s performance on PS4, we focused on finding the best way to map keyboard actions to a controller. We made sure to do this in a way that feels natural and intuitive for PS4 players. These changes include updates to the UI that make the game easier to play from the couch, the addition of a new control scheme for the maneuver node controls, and three completely reworked controller presets that players will be able to switch between at any time during play. We know that one control scheme won’t satisfy the preferences of every PS4 player, so KSP Enhanced Edition comes with three options: Cursor Returning KSP players on PS4 might have gotten used to the previous control scheme, so the Cursor preset keeps things familiar for veteran players while adding a few enhancements as well. Radial We also wanted to revamp the Cursor preset by making a lot of low-priority or low-usage commands available on radial menus, instead of requiring the player to do a lot of cursor-mode pointing and clicking. So the Radial preset uses a lot of actions of the Cursor preset while incorporating radial menus that speed up the access to different commands. Simplified We also created the Simplified preset, an entirely new control scheme designed to be easier to pick up and play with a controller. The UI was rewritten and we implemented region navigation and a “look-at” system that allows players to access all sub-menus and tweakables without the use of a cursor at all. With this control scheme, the cursor has been replaced with a reticle in the middle of the screen; players can move the screen behind the reticle, rather than moving the reticle itself. We think PS4 players who are new to KSP will especially enjoy the Simplified preset. For those of you familiar with KSP already, Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is built from the 1.2.2 Loud and Clear release. This means it comes with plenty of extra features and goodness in addition to the overall improvements on PS4, including new communication network capabilities between the Kerbal Space Center and launched spacecraft, an overhaul to the SAS system that assists your flight stability, and much more. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition will be free for anyone who already owns the previous version of KSP on PS4. We’re excited to see all of you PS4 players in orbit when Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition launches next Tuesday. Happy launchings! View the full article