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  1. NCIS

    Damn I didn't get to see the whole episode because of a storm. Does anyone know where I can find this weeks episode that I can play on my TV through my computer or whatever?
  2. New Montages- New montage preview :D

    So is the "quick scope" cheating?
  3. Holy CRAP!!

    LOL the second one had Angelina "Not available" lmao
  4. Check out our new vid! [AieL]

    Makes me kinda miss MW2
  5. anyone use FPS Freeks?

    These with the Tilly are virtually unstoppable.
  6. Anyone having issues

    Everytime I come to the site and it must be ad specific because I get a virus (trojan horse) warning. I can't figure out what is causing it but this is the only site it does it. Does anyone have any ideas? I have done a scan and nothing is on my computer. I use Kasperski so is there a way to isolate what is causing it in case it is something from the ads?
  7. anyone use FPS Freeks?

    I use them and I know RedOctober uses them. I like them and they do help. I think they help me more with sniping than gunning. It allows more control with the look speed all the way up.
  8. What are you doing for your wife for Mother's Day?

    Expensive as hell lol
  9. What are you doing for your wife for Mother's Day?

    Playing Socom. I kicked her ass out! It's called a divorce
  10. Fun with Claymores 4

    Wish I could find that video to show you guys.
  11. Fun with Claymores 4

    I remember seeing a video when there were mines. It was on vigilance and they had every wall lined with them. It was pretty awesome to watch.
  12. SOTG is Back!

    Maurader glad you are getting things back together but you can't have any of the SOTG members that are in 101. Won't give them up lol
  13. Sniper: Through the Crosshairs

    I have this recorded on DVR. It was awesome watching this. They had the guy that had the longest 7.62 sniper rifle shot. The bullet dropped 12 feet by the time it hit it's mark. The sniper said he was just trying to wound the target but ended up killing him. When they showed the recreation of the shot he said and it showed that he was about 12 feet up and 12 feet to the left and the target was in the bottom right of his scope.
  14. z-HeaDsHoT-z aka AccurateShot-

    LOL wow.

    I was arrested in front of my kids just before Christmas and it WAS because I broke the law however the judge and the 2 Officer's that were involved did apologize for doing it in front of my kids. They unfortunately had no choice they had the warrant and had to arrest me.