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      UF Wasteland FAQs

      Here is a few FAQ’s about the Tournament, additional questions can be posted in the Wasteland Forum:

      • Can my clan compete in more than one month?
        • Yes, you can compete in as many months as your clan wishes
      • What is the cost for entering the tournament?
        • Entry is absolutely free
      • Do I have to be a resident in North America to participate?
        • No we welcome members from all territories, but members should realize the match times may be a little rough. We are exploring additional regions, if you would like to have specific support for your region please see this post.
      • When can our clan sign up?
        • Right now, head over to UFGL and create your clan today. Remember all members of your team must sign up for Urgent Fury to compete in the Tournaments.
      • Do I have to use the same 6 players every night?
        • ​No, you set up your entire clans roster and any players from your roster can play in the match. However on the night of the wars, whoever you start with is who will play all of the maps that night.
      • When is the deadline to sign up?
        • Sign ups will close at midnight of the start date for example: The November event starts Oct 30th, so sign ups close at midnight on the 30th.
      • My clan has been banned from Urgent Fury but I am not on the list of permanent players, how do I participate?
        • If you wish to participate in Urgent Fury, you will have to leave your banned clan and join a clan that is welcome in UF. We understand that you do not deserve to have to make this choice, but unfortunately your clans leadership made some decisions without regard to the clan members consequences.
      • May I use an alternate account to play in a UF tourney?
        • The direct answer to this is No. It is very hard to police at this time, but we will soon be able to track it very closely and will identify everyone that is using alternate accounts. The users will then be contacted and given a process to either stay in the event or choose to leave.
        • We also are watching accounts very closely here on Urgent Fury, we have a daily report that checks for multiple users using the same IP address so that we can identify possible ringing accounts as well.
      • What are you doing about XMB and Disconnect Issues?
        • As you may have noticed in the rules we did adjust Rule Set 7 and we are working very closely with Lightbox and the community to continue to find solutions to this issue as well.
      • Are there any prizes for this Tournament?
        • ​There are not any physical prizes planned for this event, however the winning clan each month will receive 6 months of free web hosting from UF Hosting. Clans are limited to receiving this once. (Estimated value $45, not exchangeable for any other prize or cash)
      • Will there be a championship tournament?
        • Yes, depending on participation in the first few months, we will determine whether the championship brackets will be held on a quarterly or yearly basis. This is a long term league and all clans that participate will be able to join the championship tournament.
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      Shane Bell
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      "There are two kinds of people in the world, ones that make it happen and ones that are waiting for someone to make it happen for them" Shane Bell - 2011

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