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By Youtube User
My Mindless Behavior Love Story (Princeton) Starring You! *Rated R-Graphic* Ep. 19

Recap: You think you might be pregnant with Princeton's child! But you wanna take a pregnancy test first before you tell him.

*3:30 in the afternoon*

Princeton: *walks in the room & sits on the bed next to you* Hey baby. Feeling better? *kisses your forehead*
YN: Yea, a little.
Princeton: We're all going to the mall for a little while. Wanna come?
YN: I guess. I'll be down in 10 minutes.
*Princeton walks out the room & waits for you downstairs.*

*12 minutes later*

Roc: Aye hurry the hell up yo! I getting IMPATIENT!
Princeton: Chill Roc! YN's not really feeling good.
Imani: You can be patient for at least another minute bae.
*Just then, you walk down the stairs to the lobby.*
Roc: Fina-DAMN-lly!
YN: Let's go y'all.
*You all walk in the mall for a while. While you're there, you get a pregnancy test.*

*About 7:30 that evening*

Prodigy: That was the best trip to the mall EVER!
Aaliyah: WORD! I got so many outfits today!
Ray Ray: That I helped picked out!
Roc: Yea, we know what they bought!
Imani & Trinity: LMAO!!
Princeton: *glances over at the bag in your hand* What you get YN?
YN: *quickly* Nothing. Just something for me you know...
Princeton: Ok...
*Then, a girl comes out of nowhere with a baby in a stroller. She stops in front of you all.*
Roc: Can we help you with something?
Girl: Omg! You're Mindless Behavior! Can I get a picture with y'all?
MB: Sure. *takes a picture with her*
Girl: Thanks! Um, y'all don't remember me?
MB: Uh, no. What's your name anyway?
Girl: Winter.
MB: Winter, Winter... Oh snap WINTER! From the Closer To My Dreams tour in Chicago!
Winter: Yea!
Trinity: Awww, such a cute baby! This your sister?
Winter: No.
Imani: Niece?
Winter: No.
Aaliyah: Cousin?
Winter: No.
YN: Babysitting?
Winter: Hell no!
Imani: Well who's is it?
Winter: It's mine.
Girls: Damn! Who the baby daddy?
Winter: That's why I'm glad I ran into y'all. *walks over to Princeton* Princeton, you might be my baby's father.
YN: *turns to her* What the hell you said?
Winter: I'ma make a long story short: We used to talk, messed around one night-- (gco)
Princeton: We never had sex & you know it!
Winter: Anyway, he was the only person I was with when I became preggo. When I was gonna tell him, they were already gone.
YN: *tearing up* Is this true Prince? You fucked this ho?
Princeton: I swear baby, I didn't!
YN: *starting to cry & getting pissed* Don't lie to me! So I'ma ask again: DID YOU FUCK THIS HO?
Princeton: NO! I love you & only YOU! Can't you see that?
YN: I don't know! I find out about all this & I might be pregnant with your child?!
Princeton: But I really do-- what did you say YN?
YN: I think I might be pregnant.

Wow just dropped the bomb on him like that! Comments! :)))))

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