About Urgent Fury

Urgent Fury is an invitation only, scenario-based tournament. Each tournament is different and unique and has its own storyline and AO (Area of Operation).

Clans invited to participate are given a team number and color code and are assigned territories on certain continents and countries around the world. Clans then battle it out for control of the designated country or continent and when one clan eliminates all others and gains control of all designated territories, that clan is declared the winner.

Urgent Fury is set at a predetermined length of 13 weeks. The two clans with the most amount of territories at the end of 12 weeks will enter into sudden death and battle it out for the championship. Check out the latest tournement UF Chosin for full details and gameplay.

However, if your clan should accept the challenge and is selected to participate you will be in for quite an experience. And in the end......there can only be one.

Does your clan have what it takes?

Tips on Gaining Entry Into Urgent Fury

To be accepted into UF we evaluate clans based on several factors but most importantly on maturity and respect for one another whether on the battlefield or off. We strictly forbid all forms of cheating and glitching (lag emulaters, outside comm sources, quicksniping, softspotting, etc.). Our goal here is to create a community of clans that can play in a cheat/glitch free environment with upstanding clans that maintain a high level of respect and maturity.

To get your clan noticed, it is advised to hop into a room with one of the many clans that have been accpted in to Urgent Fury. Your actions, etiquette and the way you and your clan conducts itself will be evaluated while in these rooms.

Gaining entry into Urgent Fury is a priveledge, not a right. If your clan is accepted then we gladly welcome you into our "home" as our guest but we expect you to respect the rules of the tournament and your fellow opponents at all times during your stay.

Clan leaders, be sure that all of your shooters are aware of the rules and know exactly what is expected of them. Just one member of your clan caught glitching or cheating can ruin the chances of your entire clan from gaining entry into UF. There are eyes and ears everywhere and every move and every conversation is heard and taken note of. Play it straight.

Urgent Fury: BLACK

If your clan doesn't make the cut for the tournament because the limit was reached don't fret. We will also be running a no-bombs league called Urgent Fury: BLACK throughout the course of the main tournament. This will be an open league to anyone who wishes to join. So if you didn't make the cut the first time, stick around and join UFB.

This league will also be used as an evaluation for entry into future UF tournaments.

If you have any questions be sure to check our forums or contact an admin through the contact page using the link above or just click here.

- Urgent Fury Command



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