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Just got internet back...power was out for over 8 hours. Had a huge storm rip through. Took the louvers completly off my mustang, dropped a bunch of trees. Almost ripped a hard tonneu cover off my truck. Bunch of hail and crap. We had to shut our store down. Crazy crap



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We had a monsoon-like storm roll through here late last night and early this morning. Everybody in the area took in water as EVERYTHING flooded. We got over a half a foot of rain in a very short period. The streets looked like rivers and when someone drove by it actually made wakes that went up to the top of the drive. My man cave has been temporarily relocated until the carpet is dried/cleaned. I haven't slept much, being the plumber in the family isn't good for this situation. The phone hasn't stopped ringing with people asking for assitance or pumps to get the water out. Luckily we only had seepage, but other people had full out sewage back up in excess of 2-5 feet.

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We had some pretty crazy winds and lightning storms all night Friday night.

Not sure what he total aftermath was..........but there was a tree fallen across the lakefront path that I bike along the next morning.

It was a stressful thing because I was presented with the choice of going around it to the left, where I would have to navigate between a few of the tree's leaves and the fence...or I could opt for the right where it would be wide open atop the grass, but other bikes and walkers and runners were streaming together.

Going over it was not an option as the tree was too massive.

I could have turned around as well, but I had already biked two miles and was not ready to quit prior to hitting my targeted ten miles.

I was going to go to the left...the side with the fence...but then I noticed the large spiders that fashioned their webs throughout the links of the fence, and I did not want any hangers-on biting my ass mid-ride afterward.

So I went right. I narrowly missed two walkers, a runner, and four bikes and I almost had a head-on collision. Our street smarts saved us at the zero hour.


Damn storm....

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