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I Know some of you guys are some good artist so i had a question. Can somebody create me a logo for my business i am willing to pay money for it. I just have no artistic ability what so ever so if somebody could help me out please pm me on here or email me at reynerocarcleaning@gmail.com thanks again UF

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Guest Attitude

Hey buddy,

Even if you don't have the drawing abilities, you can freehand your idea on anything and take it to a graphic designer. They will then take your idea, fix it up and bring it to life. That is if you want more then just a letter logo. Then you can just find any font and type it up.


I had made a crude freehand drawing of monster characters (similier to the monsters in the movie Monsters Inc.) and gave it to a graphic designer to "run with" and fuck me did it turn out awsome. She even gave me different designs to fit different needs. Cost $300 and worth every penny.


Graphic Designers are the way to go if you want it to "pop"!

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