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A gaming Product I Strongly recommend!

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I have been wearing Gunnars for about a year now and oh my God do they perform wonders, lol. I do not get headaches anymore from looking at my pc screen or t.v. for to long. My eyes dont get red and start to burn after a few hours of game play, and the overall picture on my pc screen looks much better! I will list all of the details below, and the picture above is hyper linked for you. Oh and did I mention that they are headset friendly?




What is GUNNAR Optiks?

- GUNNAR Optiks is a technology company that seeks to enhance the abilities of the human visual

system through revolutionary innovations. GUNNAR performance eyewear is engineered to give

even the most demanding digital user an immediate and noticeable visual advantage in the

short term and provide superior optical performance over longer periods.



What does GUNNAR Optiks Make?

- GUNNAR Optiks makes digital performance eyewear that enables the human visual system to

achieve a higher level of performance while in front of any digital screen. GUNNAR eyewear

also protects the eye from the negative side effects associated with using computer or television

screens for extended periods of time.



Why do I need to wear special glasses to look at a computer or television screen?

- It is not uncommon in this digital age that users produce and consume eight hours or more of

digital content per day. The digital user is more likely to spend four times as many hours

interacting with a digital screen than interacting with direct sunlight. GUNNAR digital

performance eyewear gives users a distinct advantage in visual efficiency, visual endurance and

visual recovery.


What results can I expect from wearing GUNNAR digital performance eyewear?

- GUNNAR Optiks digital performance eyewear provides the following benefits:

• An increase in visual resolution

• An increase in contrast

• Sharper, clearer vision

• A reduction in glare and reflective light

• A decrease in eye fatigue

• Higher humidity levels surrounding the eyes

• A reduction in the negative effects related to dry eyes

• An increase in effectiveness, productivity and performance


How does GUNNAR Optiks' digital performance eyewear improve my vision?

- GUNNAR'S proprietary i‐AMP lens technology works with the human optical system to optimize

visual performance when interacting with any digital screen. Digital consumers notice an

immediate increase in contrast, detail and optical resolution as well as a decrease in glare and

visual fatigue.



What is i‐AMP® lens technology?

- GUNNAR'S patent‐pending i‐AMP lens technology is the result of intensive study and research

on the human optical system and its interaction with digital devices at specific distances, and in

specific types of light. Based on optometric principles developed over several years, and fused

with the most recent scientific advances from the GUNNAR tech labs, i‐AMP lens technology

works with and enhances the properties of the human eye. The i‐AMP lens technology

encompasses the following technologies:


• diAMIX lens material

• fRACTYL lens geometry

‐Neoscopic tuned for near distance viewing environments

• i‐FI lens coating

• iONIC lens tints

‐AMBeR lens tint

‐CRyTAL lens tint (specifically designed for tasks/duties that require an equally

balanced color spectrum ie. true color for graphic designers)

‐Gradient GoLD lens tint

‐Gradient GReY lens tint


Can GUNNAR Optiks' eyewear improve my gaming performance?

- Yes. Our proprietary frame and lens technology delivers an immediate and noticeable visual

advantage in the short term and can improve optical performance in the long‐term. We have

customer and pro gamer testimonials that credit GUNNAR's digital performance eyewear as an

excellent solution for visual efficiency, endurance and recovery. It is especially noticeable during

any long marathon sessions.



What if I already wear glasses, can GUNNAR digital performance eyewear come in prescription?

- Yes, GUNNAR offers prescriptive eyewear for individuals who need corrective lenses.




Who should wear high‐performance digital eyewear?

- Anyone who spends time using computers, electronic digital devices or console gaming systems

will benefit from wearing GUNNAR's line of digital performance eyewear. This includes creative

artists, professionals, gamers, dj's, students, programmers, and any office workers. Anyone who

spends extended periods of time in front of digital screens should be wearing GUNNARS.



Can I wear GUNNAR digital performance eyewear all day?

- GUNNAR precision frames are designed with one goal in mind ‐ long haul ergonomics. For visual

endurance, every frame and lens system is engineered for optimal weight, comfort and

durability. Most users prefer the GUNNAR Neoscopic lens for near distance viewing and for

console gaming at intermediate distances, however multi‐tasking throughout the day is not

unusual or harmful.

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Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.
I've tried them out and they do work. I personally wouldn't use them for gaming. I would use them at work if you sit in front of a screen all day. They reduce a ton of the eye strain staring at a monitor 6+ hours a day.


I may have to try these out then. Now if they can make gloves to fight off the Carpal Tunnel. :)


Blowing Shit Up on my DROIDX using Tapatalk

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If you play alot they're a must buy. I used to get headaches after and hour or so playing or staring at the computer. So they have their uses.

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