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Dead Man Rises From The Ashes

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For many this will be like standing in line at the supermarket reading the Soap Opera Digest cover or the National Enquirer.



The cover title would read: Dead Man Rises From The Ashes

The question would be: Was on line gamer resurrected?




So many of you know of a clan once called WeTWORKs. Many of you know that WeTWORKs lost a valued member named Strikerxxx. A retired decorated member of the US Army. Many of you were nice enough to stop by our site to offer your kind words and condolences.


As callased as many of you will find this, there were a couple of people within WeT who felt some untruth amongst the entire situation. I was one of them. But then in my line of work I doubt a lot of things. Although the fact that I was unable to find any obituary or public record of the death. I found no proof otherwise as well. So with that we said it is what it is. He's no longer with is and our best wishes to his family.


Now it turns out, we were right in our suspicions. It appears, and from I've been told confirmed, that Strikerxxx is actually alive and well. And that he and his son have been deceiving us this entire time. As a matter of fact, Striker has apparently been playing with those members who left WeT for quite some time now under several different names. I'll put up a list of names at the end of this post so you can check your forums.


What each of you do with this information is completely up to you. As for Black Ops Unit, Strikerxxx, his son, and all know aliases will be banned forever from all of our sites.


I've said over and over again and I live my life like this as well. HONOR, INTEGRITY, and LOYALTY are the characteristics of good people. Those who don't have these characteristics, IMO, are a waste of my time and energy. You will only get one chance to betray my friendship. After that you're dead to me. In this case, dead or not, Striker will remain dead to myself and Black Ops Unit.



Names and Aliases:






Switchblade (same IP address as Magnu4ce)



If any of clans within this community would like the IP addresses, please have your clan leader contact me personally.




For those who weren't aware, this is the memorial we put up in Strikers honor as well as the information regarding his death given to us by his son:


To My Brothers and Sisters:


We have lost a great friend,brother,and teammate.

I have just received word that Strikerxxx has past away.

He died this evening Sep 11th 2007 at 7:24pm from complications due to his cancer.

That he was unable to tell everyone about,because he didn't want all of us to worrie about him.

He let a few of us know what was going on and we were asked to keep it secret,so I appoligize that this is coming as a big suprise to most of you.


Striker loved all of you very much he told me a few days ago that this family/clan was the one thing that took his mind off the pain he was going through with his chemotheropy treatment.

I told him whatever makes you feel better man.


Striker would have made a great officer and leader in this clan.

Some of you could learn allot from him about dedication,commitment,and loyalty to your duties.

I never had anything but possitives about Striker.

Sometimes he was a little hot headed,but who isn't.

Strikers son has been keeping us up to date on his condition,and I thank him for that.

He left a letter that I am now able to share with all of you.


Although I'm truly trying to get better, I keep taking two steps backwards...If this does not work out as planned, please do not cry, I had a great life and I have no regrets..God had this planned for me, so I could enjoy my last days..I played a game in which I had a fantastic time with a great group of individuals...Nothing can take that away from me...Thank you all!


Any contributions, please make them to the American Cancer Society or to any of your favorite charities..t/y


I would like to express my gratitude for each and everyone of you for sharing your few hours of happiness...Make sure you continue to play games and make the best of it, for not having fun in life is a waste of life..


Sir Highway; Fleet Admiral and Founder, you have much to be proud of, and your kindness goes above and beyond any one could imagine..I'm honored to be associated with a true friend..

Sir BigD; Admiral I appreciate your hard knock combat readiness for our team..This command isn't for just anyone..This takes a disciplined tactical commander to take control of operations..Which you definitely have the skills to continue to strive for..

Sir Cravenweed; Vice Admiral, wow what can I say, your definitely an inspiration to future web designers and one hell of a gunner..I appreciate everything that you have done..

Sir Noxious1; Commander I appreciated playing side by side with you when I was in Skull Platoon..I learned many tactics from you and I appreciated the learning experience...

Sir Dekoy; 1st Lt Grade you are one hell of a tactics and training Officer...I could have used you when I was in the Military..Keep up the excellent work and thank you..

Sir Disturbed; Ensign although we never played much together, we had a good time on the forums..When you join the Military, make sure you have a special skill that you can use after you get out...

Sir SuperErock; Ensign we had a great time playing on the field and on the after dark roster although i wasn't on it too long, I wish we had more time..You will make it into the Upper Echelon because you have patience...

Sir Zanzibar; Ensign you made it into the officer corp, which doesn't get any easier..Make the best of it..try to go above and beyond all expectations which will only make you a Officer that will be respected by your men and women and your Officers alike...

Sir McNasty; Ensign you definitely need to join the Military to get all your anxiety out..jk I appreciate you giving me hell by letting me know that I sucked..It only made me become a better shooter and I always gunned for you, you were my threat..It's been a pleasure...

Ma'am Mrs K; Ensign just do not know what to say..although you will be one hell of an Officer and should definitely be the Public Relations Officer if we had one..You have definitely been a trusted friend and I pray that all your dreams become real..God Bless You!


To all enlisted personnel, WeTworks is a team unified as one...Play your best, make practices, meetings and check out the forums..Be

supportive of one another..

Before I came to WeTworks, I had never found a Family..I found teams but not what I was looking for..You have a "Family" that respects each and everyone of you..


Thank you all for being apart of my life..."I Love You All"


"United We Stand"


Brothers In Defeat

Brothers In Victory

Brothers In Blood


Awards Striker has been awarded during his service in the armed forces.



Army Commendation medal

Army Valorous Unit Citation Ribbon

Purple Heart x 3 Ribbon

Joint Meritorious unit award Ribbon

Army Achievement Medal & Ribbon

Armed Forces Service Medal

NCO Professional Development Ribbon

Army Service Ribbon

Overseas Service Ribbon

Army Good Conduct Medal

Army Air Assault qualification badge

1st Batallion, 75th Ranger Regiment

Parachutist Badge

Parachute Rigger qualification badge

Long Range Recon Patrol w/jump wings badge

Expert M-16A1, grenade &M60 Badges

Army Commendation Medal

Army Good Conduct Medal

Armed Forces Service Medal

Army Meritorious Unit Commendation

Noncommissioned Officer Ribbon

Overseas Service Ribbon

Silver Star

82nd & 75th Ranger Group Badges

101st Abn Div Wings



Striker was one in a million,in the short time we knew him he touched all of us.

I will be creating a memorial in honor of him that will be placed on our front page.

I want everyone to know that one of the greatest men I have every known was a part of this family.

We have lost a great man.

He will be missed.




This is the information given to us from his son:


My dad died at 7:24pm the Dr told me and my mom that his chemotherapy was working fine but developed a tumor then he started having problems breathing the nurse called me at work and told me dad had a heart attack and he was on his way to the hospital, by the time I got there he was on life support he woke up for a little bit to tell me he loved me very very much my dad was very special to me, he did everything that I wanted to do i will miss him so much that my heart aches already and I cant quit crying i don't know why I'm even telling you this but I cant help myself.

but my dad was close to his socom family and I have never seen him so determined to get through this it was almost like you all were his brothers and sisters

I will be with him through your website because he liked getting on even when he had nothing to say it was like he was checking to see if his kids were ok I'm going to go I have a lot of thing s to do t my dads brother is helping me take care of things



Striker's son told me that his dad loved all of us very much and he thinks that we had allot to do with him fighting so hard.



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Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Wow, I remember posting my respects on more than one forum (go figure ;))


Thats really a shame that they would lie about something like that & use the Military background to help people believe the story.

Not that i wish he really was dead or anything, but i hope Karma hits them for it, & teaches them a lesson.

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Guest M16Assassin

I dint even know the guy but I remember someone posting this on the warrior forums. I felt bad at the time and I cant believe somebody would do something like this. I cant imagine the feelings that Wet must going through.

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Guest [APC]Swifthawk

This is fucking sick.. you have no idea just HOW SICK THIS IS.


Seriously.. because I remember reading and posting on this too... and now come to find out the son of a bitch used THIS as an EXCUSE for leaving an ONLINE GAMING CLAN.


No offense but both of them need to see some type of doctor, that shit just aint right.


Joking around and playing is one thing but faking your death is just flat out wrong.

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Their stunt made a LOT of people feel pretty bad for a while, that much I know.

I didn't know him personally, but I felt for WetWorks.


If this story is indeed true, and he was faking his death......I don't know.

Life's pretty precious to go around throwing notions that you've left this world for the next.

Shame on you.


That's just ugly.

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I remember that post too and remember feeling touched by that post and very sad for his family.


Wow! This guy and his kid must really be some screwed up individuals to pull some crap like that. And personally, I would NEVER say something like he said in his "letter" about "God had this planned." Not real smart to mess with the man upstairs like that.

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Guest [RiP] Medux

not only is this guy seriosuly messed up..but hte people who he has been palying with and not said anything are messed up aswell

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Guest H.A.V.0.C

Hell.... what would of been worse is if we actually raised money for his ass, and sent it to his son.

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He was playing under other names and saying to us he was his sone we all had our doubts but we took it for what it was worth.

The man that we all thought this person might be was to our knowledge dead and gone.

To find out about this lie of massive proportion on Sunday was the most unforgiveable thing i have ever heard of.

We have since banned all his IP addresses as well as removed any post made by this discusting human being.


I tried to help out a young kid who we all thought had lost his father and had it turn around and bite me right in the ass.

Just goes to show you,you never know who people really are.....

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Guest [RiP] Medux

at least 1 good thing came otu of this whole guys giving money to the cancer society was a nice jester and really shows the type of people we have in this community and how such a small thing like vdieo games can bring us together

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I personally wish to appoloigze for this unfortunate situation I know find myself and my team in.

Myself nor any member of my team had any prior knowledge of these events.

As Snake stated when the whole thing went down myself,Snake,and Creed had our boubts to the credibilty of this member having died as we could find no evidence to support the claims made by who at the time we all thought was deceacds son.


We could also find no evidence to discredit it as well so we took it as fact being that it was comming from the mans son,that we have know found out was him all along.

This man with his actions have caused many people much grief,I hope that God has mercy on his soul when he does actually die......




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This is what was posted up on our site by Midnightcavi a former close friend of Strikers.

I was going to go around to all of the clans websites and post this once we had all the info on it.

It looks like Snake beat me to it. ;D




MidnightCavi here, Dark Asylum (previously "WET"). How you been? I hope you don't mind my dropping you a line, as I have something interesting you might want to hear about.


Remember me from Socom 3? Remember I played in a group called FZ? Remember Fuzionz? Remember Striker? By now you probably remember me, and remember the fact that I used to go over and play SCA at their house? I remember a while back seeing some cards and flowers being sent to Striker's home. Something about a sickness , followed by a tragic death. Well atleast it would be tragic if it were true. Yes you hear me correctly. Striker is very much alive and well. You didn't know? Your clan has been playing with him for a while now! Let me lay down a few names for you, perhaps you'll recognize them.





-MAGNUM4CE (Most Current)


Now, your probably asking yourself a few things right now. Perhaps, how could this be true. Perhaps you think I'm lying? If I'm not lying, then what are my reasons for coming forth with this information. Well I'm not lying that's for sure, and I can answer any of those. I.E; Did Magnum4ce not play CoD4 last night with VENOM? I believe i overheard something like how they (Venom and wife) only have 1 ps3. Fuzionz was also playing that game as well. I was spectating at their home, of which I'll never go back to. Which leads to why I am telling you all this. Truthfully, lately things have been a miss for a while in my friendship with Denny (Strikerxxx), and Raleigh(Fuzionz). They both have been complete assholes to me lately, and last night i went to get them shakes from steak and shake and when i get back i get accused of trying to take money from their change, lol. Even though I personally just got my taxes back and have plenty of money. Who knows. He's 50+ years old and does not have a life other then work or ps3, and his son is basically a spoiled brat that can dish out the smack talk but can't take it. Personally I'm fed up. My reason for telling you this is basically because of how they both laugh at your expenses, because you all thought he really did die. I personally think that's childish. Now I'm not trying to gain anything by telling you all this, I simply just got fed up of them trying to make an ass out of me, so figured you might want to know that they are making a mockery out you. Needless to say, my friendship with them is over, as i'm tired of their bullshit, and could care less. If their are any questions I can answer them as easy as day turns to night. I have no specific motive in mind, other then just telling you whats up.


"MidnightCavi" a.k.a "TheRequiem"




So this what we have as of right now I actually spoke to the piece of S*it on Sunday and he told me it was suppose all be a big joke.

Well NOT laughing you misserable excuse for a human being.....

He said after it was posted up by the time he got on it was like 9 pages long and he didn't know what to do.

Well heres an idea you could have let us before almost a year later like maybe one day after it was posted say hey all i'm not dead it was a big misunderstanding someone is playing a prank,something like that might have been nice.


Well as all of you can see I am pretty pissed about this situation.

I want all of you to know that I would in NO way knowingly attempted to mjislead any of you.

I just wanted to say that if anything if I had known sooning I would have told all of you before this.

Thank you Snake for making my job a little easier.

I hope this does not reflect badly on me or my team but if it does well that for all of you to decide.




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Guest M16Assassin

Its cool man. I remember feeling bad and all but it personally doesn't affect me I just feel really bad for you guys who got betrayed. I think most of us do.

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Guest [APC]Swifthawk

Don't apologize for you clan or your actions, it was this sorry SOB's fault and he brought all this upon himself. We know you had nothing to do with it. Also, lets not glorify the situation of money being sent to the cancer society all because of his stupid prank.


Anyone that declares themself a HUMAN BEING would never let anything get this far out of hand. To think about it rationally and say.. "well I just didn't say anything because I couldn't it went too far too fast.." is bullshit.


The guy is an asshole in my book, him & his son.

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