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Happy Holidays and 2012 in Review

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Happy Holidays everyone, we wanted to sit down and provide a review of 2012. This year has been one hell of a roller coaster. We fully implemented UFGL for all tournaments and we found that more and more clans are splintered by the games out there today.


We had a successful run with Starhawk and turns out we might actually have a Call of Duty that works for a change.


We want to thank everyone that has stuck with us through the ups and downs here at Urgent Fury. Through thick and thin many of you have stuck by our side while so many others continue to say we will never last.


We want to especially thank our partners GAEMS, Twitch, BradyGames, SCEA and the many Studios such as Sony Santa Monica, Lightbox Interactive and SOF Studios for all of the support and opportunities that we have been given this year. Our community directly benefits from these relationships time and time again.


We want to welcome our new partner Gunnar Optics, you will soon see some pretty cools stuff coming your way from Gunnar.


With 2012 coming to a close our community has surpassed 10,000 registered users and we expect to grow even more in 2013. We have a lot of exciting events planned for next year including more Black Ops 2 events, God of War Ascension and a few other games.


We have lost one of our most important staff members Viper. This has left a very large hole that will be tough to fill and wish him luck with his new venture. Viper was one of the few staff we had that understood the vision we have had for Urgent Fury and was instrumental in getting us to where we are today.


I personally can never thank Patrick enough for what he has done here at Urgent Fury as well as becoming a close friend over the last few years. I know times have been tough as of late, but you will always be successful with anything you put your heart in. Your son is the perfect example, you are a fantastic father, and I wish more kids had a father like you.


We want to thank our Staff Members Snipercity and BigMoneyNacku who have been providing a lot of support behind the scenes in their spare time. Though you guys do not see the staff as much as you have in the past, they are still here and helping. As you can imagine, being a volunteer at Urgent Fury includes setting priorities and we know that UF will always come behind Family and Life. So those staff that sacrifice their time to help out here can never be given enough thanks.


We really need to fill a few spots in the staff, especially helping with Black Ops and to help put together a new Ranger program for community outreach and promotions. This used to be the heart of our members and quite frankly a lack of support and issues up top caused this program to falter. It is time to redeploy the Rangers and get UF back where we belong.


One of our most successful additions to Urgent Fury this year has been our live broadcasting on We have been given the honor of becoming a featured partner and accumulating over 215,000 views since we launched in late May. We have been afforded a PS3 Dev unit from SCEA for broadcasting using special builds of games. Starhawk was the first example of these special builds and we even were given the pleasure of broadcasting the MLG $20k Championship Finals for PlayStation. We already have other games in the works to utilize this system and though we do not need it for Black Ops 2, we are able to utilize the new CODCasting functions to bring our community live coverage of tournaments.


During the MGL event we gave away a PlayStation 3 to one lucky winner, HipposCousin, he provided this quote:


After seeing that I had won the 160GB PS3, I later checked my twitch messages and had received 1 free month on PS+. To make things even more sweet. Once the PS3 had arrived, in it was not the promised 160GB but actually a 320GB. – Dom


He is correct we originally were told that it would be a 160gb Unit but we were informed at time of shipping he was actually getting a 320gb, and felt that we would not give him a heads up, so surprise :D


We have given away over $1000 in prizes, $3000 in PlayStation Plus codes and 3000 Beta codes for games such as Starhawk, Dust514 and recently God of War Ascension. We hope the recipients all enjoy these gifts provided by our partners.


We hope to continue in 2013 rewarding our members with even more gifts and prizes.


So once again thank you to everyone, and we hope to see you guys around next year as we all spend time with Family and Friends this holiday season. Be safe, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Urgent Fury Command

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Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

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