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POWII: Attention DKGC

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Due to the actions of the Clan Reps and members of Divine Knights, we will be removing them from POW II. All wars scheduled after 4.30.12 will be void and all territories will become neutral. As for the events that lead up to this, let us make them clear.


Two weeks ago after clan reps voiced their concerns about the rules not being clear enough, we put POW II on hold to adjust the rules including clarifying rules that the reps had issues with and adding rules to combat threats by reps that they would not be sending friend invites to clans.


We then posted the updated rules on April 12th:


Rule Update 4.12


Rule Set 1: Rule Amending During Tournament Play


F: If for any reason the Directors and Admins feel it necessary to place the tournament on hold, any timed suspension, execution, etc will pause as well. The clock will resume when the tournament resumes.




D: Once chosen to participate in UF: POW II, each clan is responsible for appointing a PRIMARY CLAN REP and a SECONDARY CLAN REP for their clan. Your PRIMARY Clan Rep will be the first one to discuss any match issues in the Clan Rep Section. The only job of the SECONDARY Clan Rep is to represent your clan ONLY when your Primary CR is not available that day or week. The Clan Rep (or "CR") is responsible for all maneuvers for their designated clan, as well as being in charge of informing all their clansmen of any updates and/or changes to the happenings in the tourney. This includes any information discussed in the Weekly Meetings. In the best interest of your clan, PLEASE make sure your Clan Reps are the most responsible and most available members of your clan. They are in charge of getting to this forum on an almost daily basis to make sure your clan is informed of all happenings in this tourney. Immature Clan Reps or clan reps that fail to keep their clans informed of information from the forums and meetings will be removed by the UF Staff.



F: 12 hours prior to a match, the attacking clan must post the designated rep for the match in the PSN Swap Section if the attacking team does not post the Rep for the match within the allotted time, the match will be listed as a loss. If the Defending clan has a POW Camp they will be able to choose Two unprotected players unless a clan's roster has been depleted as per Rule 5 - D


G: Within one hour prior to the war, the Defending team must have sent the Designated war rep a friend invite to ensure this player is able to join the war. If this person has not accepted your friend request please have your clan rep notify staff via the Clan rep section.*


H: In the case of a Special war where a Staff member is acting as the Neutral Host, The teams clan rep must join the room no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled match time to bring in their players for the match. If no rep is available, you must post in the PSN Swap section that your rep is not available and a designated player's PSN ID shall be added for the match. Players are expected to be in the match no later than 10 min after the war time as specified in previous Rules. Invites may or may not be sent out as a courtesy depending on what is going on at the time. If the host is unavailable for any reason, the special match will be rescheduled for the following week. This will only apply in extreme situations.




7. When a clan attacks a POW city from their Heliport and succeeds in taking it, the successful attackers must release the POWs of one clan (Active clans must be chosen if available) and must keep the rest of the POWs from the remaining clans. The released POWs may return to active duty to their home clan and may enter into their clan's wars that very week immediately. In the case of a POW city only containing a player(s) from one clan, then that player(s) remains captive in the POW city under the management of the attacking clan. The clan that gains control of the POW City may begin claiming POWs in the following weeks wars.


Rule Set 10: Explanation of "The Great Escape"


B: All POW camps which hold AT LEAST FOUR or more POWs in them can see their captive POWs choose to band together during a Great Escape week and attack their captors. In this case, POWs are considered attackers and the owners of the POW camp are considered the defenders. All Great Escape wars must happen at 9pm CST on the day that the POWs collectively call for. No other time is allowed other than 9pm CST. The defenders, or owners of the POW camp, have NO say in the day that a Great Escape war is to happen. Attacks may also be called for on a clan's bad night. This attack is considered bonus in that the attack AND the defense does NOT count towards the 2/2 quota of attacks and defenses given to all clans every week. All Great Escape wars are scheduled announced at the Sunday war meetings. All Great Escape wars shall be hosted by a neutral host or Staff member since multiple clans may be involved. Great Escape weeks are determined by the tournament admins and can be scheduled any week they see fit.


I: POW Protection does not apply to Executions, anyone in attendance of the match is subject to execution as per 10 - F


J: In the case of a no show by the Defenders, 4 players will be executed from the Defenders Roster. They can be POWs of another camp, Protected Players, etc. There is no protection for any player from Execution.


K: POW Escape Matches will be hosted by a Staff member or designated Neutral Player by the Staff. As per Rule 13 - H the defending clan rep must join the match to bring in their players or designate a rep in the PSN Swap Section to do the same. POWs who wish to attend the escape must add the host to their Friends list. If the Host's List is full please post in the PSN Swap Section up to 5 min before the deadline. All POW Wars will have the 10 min deadline as in other matches.


L: As a reward for POWs, even if their clan has been eliminated, they may continue to participate as a POW in Great Escape Matches. By doing so this gives them a chance to get even with the team that captured them and can cause an active clan to loose important members adversely affecting the possible outcome of the tournament. Once a POW from an eliminated clan has escaped, they are no longer a part of the tournament and can come home to their fellow comrades in arms.


Last week we noticed that clans were not posting in the PSN Swap section and one war suffered from this when the Reps were not online and the team did not communicate who would be the match contact. In response to this we posted a warning to all clan reps:


Starting next week we will enforce the punishments outlined in the rules when it comes to posting who will be the contacts for the wars. This is your one and only warning


On Monday even after the warnings, VITL and DKGC did not follow Rule Set 13 - F, keep in mind this may seem tedious but it ensures that each team is able to get their teams in the room together. It is as easy as posting your schedule up for the week and notating who the reps will be, it could be all the same or it could very well be someone different.


As highlighted above and have been in the rules for many years, it is the Clan Reps responsibility to ensure that their clan mates are informed of any updates as well as tournament related information. The only person to fault is the Clan Reps in this issue as not only were they given a warning 6 days in advance, they are given every opportunity to voice any questions and or concerns. We are not here to hold hands and babysit adults either. The clan seems to feel we did this to slight them personally, yet 2 weeks ago when the rules were updated and 7 days ago, how would we know who would schedule their attacks first.


There have also be accusations of fixing the drawing for DK to be the last clan drawn, and we did an audit and found that there were a few weeks that they were last and various order in all others... this is done by random drawing from a little Tupperware dish with a lid on it. We cannot control who is drawn in what order as we shake it up after each clan is chosen to ensure it is random. We are not going to change this process.


As is what has become the norm when a Clan is slighted by their own fault, we will take the blunt of the blame and there will be screaming from the rafters that it was not fair and that they were targeted. To that we will not react because first and foremost it is false. But we will continue to issue infractions on the forums for continued rule violations and some will receive temporary bans known as the 48 hour cool down period. Hopefully this will serve as a learning experience for other clans to ensure that your Clan Rep is responsible and willing to take responsibility for their own actions.


The Directors and Staff put a lot of work into these tournaments on their own dime. And we will not tolerate any disrespect of the community or any excessive disrespect of Staff and Directors. In the course of about 3 hours, several members of DK crossed this line. Urgent Fury since its inception has been built on Respect of the Community. Our Motto "Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity" is also our creed. As a clan you indicated that you could "Win with Honor and Lose with Dignity", but today not only did your Clan Rep and Acting Leader for UF fail to follow this, several members of your team also followed this on UF as well as several Social Media Sites and Twitch.


With that being said, we wish you luck in your future ventures where ever you end up and hope that your team learns from this.


Urgent Fury Staff

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Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

I would like to add that Three clans (Two of Which are Still in the Tournament) are creating another tournament site in response to this and we will probably shut the tournament down. We will be launching a new Hardcore Tournament soon for the Urgent Fury clans that have requested it.

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