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UF Boot Camp Rules

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OFFICIAL RULES FOR THE UF Boot Camp for America's Army: Proving Grounds


This is a America's Army: Proving Grounds tournament for the PlayStation 4 for North America

These are the official rules for a league style tournament  here at Urgent Fury. Please make sure that you and your entire Clan take the necessary time to read through these rules...twice. The smooth flow, the competitive gaming and the pure fun of these tournaments is dependent on each and every Clan to respect the other enough to know the rules before beginning your first week. Knowing these rules will not only ensure a better experience for you and your opponents, but it can also give you an edge in strategy on your quest to become the champion of UF Boot Camp.

Rule Set 1: Rule Amending During Tournament Play

A. During the entire tournament, if there is a discrepancy in the way a Clan or player perceives a rule, or the way a rule affects another rule in an unforeseen way, or in any instance where something was not covered within the rule sets to begin with, the following guidelines will be used to remedy the situation.

B. After the Admins find there is a complaint, the Admins will first offer an explanation/interpretation to clarify the intent of the rule and try to get tourney play resuming normally.

C. If the Clan Reps feel that the rule needs to be re evaluated, then the Tournament Admins will take the information and attempt to re-work the ruling in the best interest of the TOURNAMENT. This may or may not be applied to the immediate dispute. Clans and their Clan reps will not have a say in exactly how the rule is changed, but only to acknowledge that it needs to be addressed. The Tournament Admins will hear constructive input on the matter, and change the ruling as they see fit, taking into account the concerns brought forth by the Clan Reps, and the integrity of the tournament.

D. Once a rule is altered, there will be a forum-wide announcement stating so, but it falls on your Clan Rep's shoulders to MAKE SURE that your Clan, ALL of your Clan, is fully aware of the change.

E. For the purposes of transparency, any corrections to the rules will be with strike through text example for removed text and colored text example for added text.

F. If for any reason the Directors and Admins feel it necessary to place the tournament on hold, any timed suspension, execution, etc will pause as well. The clock will resume when the tournament resumes.

*** This is a simple disclaimer to make certain that tournaments can continue as smoothly as possible in the event that a rule was inadequate or altogether missing from the rule set. We are only human and mistakes CAN happen.


A. Urgent Fury Directors & Staff will determine the Clans chosen to participate in UF Boot Camp. The Directors reserve all rights to pass on any Clan(s) they feel will not fit in this tournament, either by online actions, temperament on these forums, or simply because the quota for the Clan limit was reached. The Director of Urgent Fury are not obligated to disclose any reason for not accepting a particular Clan into Urgent Fury.

B. This tournament follows a League format followed by a Single Elimination Playoff

C. This tournament is free to enter. Urgent Fury provides these events as a free service to the community and are supplemented by Advertisements and Sponsors.

D. Once chosen to participate in UF Boot Camp, each Clan is responsible for appointing Two (2) Clan Reps for their Clan. Your Clan Reps will be the one to discuss any match issues in the Clan Rep Section. The Clan Rep (or "CR") is responsible for all maneuvers for their designated Clan, as well as being  is in charge of informing all their Clanmates of any updates and/or changes to the happenings in the tourney. In the best interest of your Clan, PLEASE make sure your Clan Reps are the most responsible and most available members of your Clan. They are in charge of getting to this forum on an almost daily basis to make sure your Clan is informed of all happenings in this tourney. Immature Clan Reps or Clan reps that fail to keep their Clans informed of information from the forums will be removed by the UF Staff.

Rule Set 3: Clan ALTERNATES FOR UF Boot Camp

A. After the initial Clans are selected to participate in UF Boot Camp, there will  may also be up to 2 total CLans selected as alternates. These two Clans initially will not be participating in the UF Boot Camp tournament. However, they retain the chance to come into the tournament if any of the following occurs:

1. If within the first round a Clan does not show for a war, for the next round an alternate Clan will have the option to start within the losing bracket to attempt to win the losing bracket.


A. All Clans that finally receive a formal invite to join in the Urgent Fury tournament are required to submit their most current roster lineup. Only your Clan Rep will do this and it will be done only in the Clan Rep section. Any player on your Clan's roster NOT listed in the official lineup list will NOT be eligible for play in any UF-scheduled war for that month, until your roster can be updated again. All members of your roster must be a registered member of Urgent Fury.

B. Upon being selected as a participating Clan in UF Boot Camp, all Clans MUST submit a 1-roster list of NO MORE than <ROSTER SIZE> players (a full, active roster's worth of players). This is to ensure that all Clans, no matter how large or small, compete on an even playing level in regards to available soldiers. You may submit a smaller roster if you so choose. There is a 5 player minimum requirement to be eligible to play in UF Boot Camp.

C. Your eligible players are to be sporting the exact same Clan tag in all UF wars. We understand that with some Clans, multiple rosters are denoted by varying tags. In this tournament, all 32 available player slots on your eligible roster must all support the exact same Clan tag that your Clan will be wearing throughout the entire tournament.

D. Once your official lineup roster has been submitted, please make special note that this will be your final roster for the entirety of the event. Roster updates will occur perodically through the league and before playoffs begin.

E. Players from invited Clans to the most current UF tournament cannot, at any time, switch from one Clan to another and play in UF Boot Camp. If a player leaves or is booted from their Clan during their Clan's march through UF Boot Camp, that individual is also disqualified from the entire tournament with any other Clan. This is to help circumvent any potential ill will between Clans during the tournament.

F. Clan Reps, please take note. You MUST submit a player's name EXACTLY how it appears in the game. If your player uses any numbers, symbols, underscores or punctuation marks in their name, the official UF Boot Camp roster MUST show that. The only exception to this rule is capitalization. Get the names right the first time! We are NOT kidding!

1. When filling in the the PSN/GamerTag field please ensure that it is accurate as shown below

1: UF_Shane
2: ACE---
3: lllxDUST xlll
4: Joe____Blo

2. Please double and triple check your rosters before the submission date end. UF is not responsible for inaccurate submissions. You will not be able to replace the ineligible name for the duration of the tournament.

G. All Clans are to check out EACH OTHER'S rosters before the start of the war. If you notice someone incorrect on the roster of the opponent, you will tell them immediately in the lobby, so that the offending Clan has the opportunity to bring in a legal player WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT FOR THE START OF THE WAR, or play the man down in the war. IF both Clans agree to begin without having to call on any ineligibility issues, once the war starts, all players are considered LEGIT and, even if there is a case of ineligibility found DURING the war, it is too late, and the war goes on AS IS. This will effectively eliminate any practices of "allowing" a Clan to start knowing they already have an ineligible player on their Clan in order to get a free win.

H. Clans cannot agree to allow players that are not on the final rosters to play in advance. By doing so, it defeats the purpose having submitted rosters. If Clans are caught doing this, both Clans will receive a loss for their match.

1. If a Clan is caught doing this a second time they will be suspended for 90 days, removed from the Tournament.

2. If at anytime a Clan is caught doing this and the players involved are under suspension or a ban BOTH ClanS will be removed from the event and suspended for 90 days. This is a deterrent to help Clans understand we mean business. DO NOT TEST THIS RULE.

I. If a player has been put on the initial roster but no longer wants to play with that team may request to be removed from the roster by contacting us. With that being said you will not be able to play with another team for a period of 6 scheduled matches. If after 6 scheduled matches adn there is a new roster update scheduled, you may be added to the roster.

Rule Set 5: Clan Behavior Unfit for Urgent Fury

A. There will absolutely be NO threats, remarks, insinuations, posts, messages, images or quotes involving the use of racial, religious or disrespectful sexual slurs on ANY platform of UF. Any record or instance of this kind will be dealt with swiftly from a player disqualification from the tournament to the elimination of the entire Clan, depending on the severity of the incident and the number of Clansmen (man) involved. The Directors and Staff of UF will deliberate the penalty and the verdict will not be rescinded.

B. Only the Clan Rep (or the Clan/Clan leader for that night) should speak in the lobby for their Clan until the match starts. This will reduce the risk of any bone-headed remarks by any of your Clan mates when the lobbies should be respectful, or talking during the countdown, where foolish players may want to throw out a concealed comment that disrupts the respect of a UF war.


A. At ANY time that a MASS DROP occurs at the BEGINNING of the first round of a war, the map must be aborted and the attackers must make the new room again.

B. A "MASS DROP" will, for the duration of UF Boot Camp, be categorized as such an event when HALF of the players from at least one Clan gets dropped from the onset of the first round. When this happens, all remaining players are to abort and re-make the room.

C. The Mass Drop must be recognized immediately. Clans seeing that only one or two players got dropped from their Clan and decide to unplug half the Clan to restart the match evenly WILL be disqualified from the war. This is an honor system and the rules for restarting after a legitimate drop were created for YOUR benefit. Please do not abuse them.

D. DURING a war, all drops, no matter how small or large, are to be PLAYED THROUGH. Basically, there can be, from time to time, server problems that we have to work through. Also, just make sure that the players you walk into the war with have reliable connections so they don't get dropped (ie, quit the downloading while warring. Be courteous to your opponents as well as your Clanmates).

E. No matter HOW MANY players from a Clan show up, a scheduled match MUST be played at the designated time and cannot be rescheduled for any reason. If a sorely outnumbered Clan wishes not to go through with their war, they can opt not to show at all and forfeit their match as a full sweep victory to the winners.

F. The schedule for wars are as follows and there are to be NO exceptions:

1. The Home clan must make the room ON TIME. Make it 5 minutes early to make CERTAIN the room is up at the designated time.

2. On any match mode where sides switch in round-based wars, the defenders home team announce which side they will start off on and then side-switching commences automatically from there.

3. The start of the war MUST begin NO LATER THAN TEN MINUTES after the designated start time of the war. At TEN MINUTES, no matter the number of Clan attendance for either side, players must agree to commence play.

4. A LAG Test may be completed to ensure a good host. This must be completed with in 5 minutes of the deadline. Once a Lag Test begins, that is your Player cutoff point. No additional players can join the match.

5. THE NUMBER YOU GO IN WITH IS THE NUMBER YOU PLAY WITH. If you have late Clan members, they are NOT allowed to join once the match/lag test has begun. If they join the match and participate in one live round, that Clan is disqualified from that war mapThey may not join between maps either. If you play short the first map you play short the whole match.

6. Under NO circumstances should the start of a war be held up for ANY reason. People, we know there can be a courtesy here to wait, but we encourage you NOT to, and to begin the war AS SCHEDULED AS AGREED by both Clan Reps at the scheduling meeting. If you cannot get Clan mates at your war at the time designated, then take that problem up with your player(s). There is NO GUILT in requiring that a Clan begin at TEN MINUTES after the designated time of the war. Some Clans caught on this may say that forcing them to start short-handed, but on time, isn't very "honorable" of the other Clan. However, the way the situation should be looked at is that THEIR player not showing up is showing both Clans disrespect. The wars start ON TIME.

G. At NO TIME will a Clan be able to switch out a player in mid-war (referred to as "subbing"). Once your Clan heads into a war, the Clan you walk in with is the Clan you walk out withYou may switch out players ("subbing") between maps, but you CANNOT fill in spots if you played short. If your Clan is caught illegally subbing during a war, then your Clan will automatically LOSE that war. The 2nd infraction will result in your Clan's expulsion from the tourney, no questions asked. This also includes players who get dropped and can't, for some reason, get back on. If the dropped player, because of connection problems, cannot log back into the war, then the war finishes WITHOUT him and his Clan plays short a body. If you are playing and loose a player and they cannot get back in, you are able to fill the spots up to the number of players you started the match with using subs.

H. If, by fault of the game, a player is spawned UNDER the ground or high atop an otherwise unreachable location, by any normal account, spawns in a place not set by natural game standards (typically known as a glitch"), "that player is NOT to engage in any combat and is to immediately leave and come back. IF a player takes a kill from one of these "glitch" points, then that offending Clan will immediately lose that war and all rewards associated with that war. The player knowingly breaking the rules will be subject to expulsion from the tourney. Also, the Clan of the offending player cannot add any further players to their roster through the entire FOLLOWING month as a penalty.

I. If, during the course of the war, a typical drop occurs where the entire room is dropped with the exception of one man on one Clan, the room is to be re-made and the war is to pick up replaying the last round where the room was dropped. A Clan will not gain rounds simply by being the only Clan in the room. Only players involved in the initial war can enter the newly remade room. This is not an opportunity to fill up some no-shows who finally made it online. When the new room is made up, NO NEW NAMES are to participate.

J. If a Clan decides not to show for its war, or the Clan has simply forgotten there was to be a war, then the outcome is to be considered a SWEEP and the swept attackers OR defenders lose two players from their roster per the standard "Sweep Rule". However, in this instance, since no players had showed for the war, the winning Clan may pick ANY eligible player from the no-show's Clan roster with both choices given free reign over the entire roster.

J. To make it clear, if you see an issue that is considered a violation of a rule but do not call it out or allow the play to continue without dealing with the issue when it comes to rosters, amount of players, etc. You accept the match results. You cannot play through and claim a rule issue after you have continued to complete a map or match.


A. All guns and attachments are acceptable for this UF tourney except for the following:

1. There are no primary weapons restricted from this UF tournament play.

2. There are no secondary weapon restricted from UF tournament play.

3. There are no specialty weapon restricted from UF tournament play.

Rule Set 8: ROOM SET-UP FOR UF Boot Camp WARS

A. All rooms MUST be made by the time designated by both Clan Reps at the scheduling meeting. NOTE: if the room is up late, then the defenders forfeit the match. In your best interests, please have the room up at least 5 minutes before the actual start time.

B. All map mode parameters are clearly illustrated for you in this section with pics depicting the EXACT parameters of a room. Constants throughout each map mode.

C. In the lobby before the war, if an attacker refuses to begin at 10 minutes after the official start time of the war for whatever reason, including waiting for a late arrival, then the attack has failed and there will be no war. Also, if a defender refuses to start at 10 minutes after the official start time of the war for whatever reason, including waiting for a late arrival, then the defense has failed and the city is transferred to the attacker by default. A 3rd party UF Clan member can be called upon to verify that a room has not begun on time.
D. 12 hours prior to a match, the attacking Clan must post the designated rep for the match in the PSN Swap Section if the attacking Clan does not post the Rep for the match within the allotted time, the match will be listed as a loss.

E. Within 30 minutes prior to the war, the hosting Clan must have sent the Designated war rep a friend invite to ensure this player is able to join the war. If this person has not accepted your friend request please have your Clan rep notify staff via the Clan rep section.


A. At the END of the war, the winning Clan will report the war via the Toornament App or online

1. The winner has 12 hours to report the war, if a war is not reported in 12 hours from the scheduled war time, the war will be reported by admins as a failed attack.
2. The loser has 12 hours after the war is reported to confirm the war, if a war is not confirmed, the war will be confirmed my admins and the defender will loose an attack the following week.

B. A Clan is eliminated from Playoffs when they have lost a round

C. When a Clan is eliminated, they no longer war in UF Boot Camp and their Clan Rep will be removed from the Clan Rep Section.


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