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Urgent Fury Dust for Starhawk Exclusively on PlayStation 3

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On May 14th, 2012, we will kick-off the first round of “Urgent Fury Dustâ€. Dust is a series of six tournament events designed to prepare your clan for our Signature TacMap Tournament that will be revealed later this summer. Urgent Fury Dust will focus on 8-vs-8 matches that introduce your clan to our level of competitive but friendly sportsmanship; in fact, our motto is “Win with Honor, Lose with Dignityâ€. Who wants to play with cyber bullies, cheaters, or trash talkers? Certainly not us! We monitor clans to make sure they’re playing with respect for all players (even the people on their own team)


Each event, known as a deployment, will consist of eight matches carried over a two week period, and since we understand that some nights are better for some we have broken the war nights into two divisions to provide all clans with flexibility.


Alpha Division will run Monday through Thursday at 9 pm central standard time and the Bravo Division will run Wednesday through Saturday at 9 pm central standard time. Below is the full schedule.


  • Alpha Deployments – Monday – Thursday 9 pm central standard time
    • May 14 – 17 and May 21 – 24
    • June 11 – 14 and June 18 – 21
    • July 9 – July 12 and July 16 – July 19

    [*]Bravo Deployments – Wednesday – Saturday 9 pm central Standard Time

    • May 30 – June 2 and June 6 – June 9
    • June 27 – June 30 and July 5 – July 8 (Matches adjusted for July 4th)
    • July 25 – July 28 and August 1 – August 4

The winner of each deployment will gain one of 24 slots into the upcoming TacMap Tournament.


Here is a few FAQ’s about the Tournament, additional questions can be posted in the Starhawk Forum:


  • Can my clan compete in more than one Deployment?
    • Yes, you can compete in as many deployments as your clan wishes

    [*]What if a clan wins more than one deployment?

    • We realize this is very realistic, if it happens, the next highest ranked team will get the slot for the TacMap Tournament. So if Clan A wins the first and second deployments, then the 2nd place winner of the second deployment will get the spot

    [*]What is the cost for entering the tournament?

    • Entry is absolutely free

    [*]Do I have to be a resident in North America to participate?

    • No we welcome members from all territories, but members should realize the match times may be a little rough. We are exploring additional regions, if you would like to have specific support for your region please see this post.

    [*]What if my clan does not win any of the deployments, do we still have a chance to get into the TacMap Tournament?

    • YES, we will hand pick clans that have shown that they can “Win with Honor and Lose with Dignity†to fill the other 18 slots.

    [*]When can our clan sign up?

    • Right now, head over to UFGL and create your clan today. Remember all members of your team must sign up for Urgent Fury to compete in the Tournaments.
    • Once you have the minimum of 8 members on your roster then you need to Join one of the Deployments by visiting the Starhawk League Section

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Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

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