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It is so small, i can barely read it. lol


Host it somewhere else.. Myspace, or even see if Sniper can host it for you.

The size is killing me. lol


I think putfile resizes it, but maybe you dont see it in the small version because it is your account, or something.

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Teh Joker X ]

It makes me sad that we're trying to promote the 360 portion of Urgent Fury and people like Rooster make brackets that look like a bag of skittles :'(

;D ..lol


Yea Scofield, you should've seen it before it was like 4 inches wide x 3 inches tall on my 21" monitor. lol

It wasn't pretty, but in Rooster's defense i think it didn't appear like that on his PC.

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Yeah it was fine on my end. But probably like yuu said, because it was my account.


Joker is just a bit jelous of my artistic abilities. When in reality, it is the clans here that make it GREAT, Website stuff is Frosting on the cake!



Yes, I just found out what the tiebreaker will be.


DISTRICT will be the tie breaker map!



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Just thought some of you guys might want to see Rooster's fabulous artistic skills:


Hey guys, I was messing around on some highly expensive and advanced programs I bought recently because I buy programs instead of 360 games to play with my clan. Anyway! I made a new sig because I don't like my current one. Tell me, what do you think!



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Yeah thats one of my better sigs too!


You better step your game up joker. Cause when My switch arrives(allowing me to play 360 without such trouble) and if conection allows me ;) I will be tearing shit up like always. Switch should be here tommorow...Hopefully connection is no longer an issue...if it is...I have to drop $139 on my new router of choice.

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It is a VGA switch....So I can have two VGA inputs into my monitor. I have to restart my pc rite now and cant have both on. I usually have to multi task while playing games to get some work done. SO this will make things nicer for me.



It will have no effect on my conection however, So I may still get booted like before. we will see ::)

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Teh Joker X ]

That's exactly what it is Chili! He'll say his connection is fine then:

FunkyRooster killed Chili

FunkyRooster killed Teh Joker X

FunkyRooster killed TrayneWreck

FunkyRooster killed BigMoneyNacku


and the list goes on!


All while Rooster hasn't moved an inch from our screen


That sounds eerily familiar. ;D

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Chili-Palmer ]

I was sort of hinting that maybe you should add this to your sig, so people KNOW who it is. ;)




or just go to http://www.MyGamerCard.net to get your own custom one.


Can someone translate this for me? I have no idea what this muffin is talking aboot. ;D

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It shows people what Nacku's Xbox Gamertag is..

Along with:

- What the last 5 or more games he has played. (different ones show more/less)

- What his achievement score is. (Achievements are like Challenges on CoD4, only xbox has them on every game)

- How much he is liked (5 stars, i think he bribed them)



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