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For those who have tried the PS Headset

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I usually play with a $60 wired headset.

I have used my cell phone bluetooth earpiece in the past, a Plantronics.

BOTH of these worked well for my PS3 gaming in the past.


I actually reserved the no-headset game at Gamestop, but since they dropped the ball today, I bought a headset bundle from Game Crazy for $20 more.


After playing with it all night, I'm not a fan.

Seems too bulky (though it's not heavy) and I'm having some trouble with the arm to wrap around the ear while wearing the device. The PS3 headset didn't feel "right" on my ear, though I can't comment on that any further.


If the games came out on the same day, I would have went with the one game that didn't have the headset.


But take that as you will.

Your mileage may vary.

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I LOVE it. I have never used a blue tooth headset before. Some people are complaining that it is to big for there ear and stuff. I guess i just have big ears. lol. But the headset sits in my ear perfect and it is very comfortable. I would recommend it without a doubt.

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Yea.. if you dont know how this things feels when its on.. stick your finger in your ear... there you go. You have just officially tried on the NEW PS HEADSET. Personally i think its pretty big and bulky. I put it on .. well struggled to fit the damn piece around my ear, then once it PENETRATED my ear.. oh man it came right off. I have yet to use it and see its quality.. however.. i might not ever get that far. I have 3 other BlueTooths and not one of them has what i am referring to as a "dildo" due to its protruding member. Cant really comment beyond that. I would really consider buying w/o if you already have a BT..

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I'm using it. I haven't had a lot of luck with bluetooth in the past on the PS3. The few I tried would randomly disconnect, or have poor sound quality.


This one has no problems. I could hear people very clearly, and they said they could hear me fine. It does seem a little bulky and LOL at the ear penetration remarks. My ear was a little sore after I played about 3 hours last night, but my guess is as time goes on, that will just go away.


My old PS2 socom mic that's held together with duct tape is going in the drawer for good.

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I like it too. It's better than all the other 3-4 blutooth sets I've tried. It really ins't any more uncomfortable than an ipod earbud. Plus you can kinda dangle it and not have it in and it works. Thing is pretty damn light too.

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