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less hw?

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Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.
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lol, dude it is true. for example


today this was my HW.


chapter 10 outline (67) pages for AP psychology

6 essay questions for AP biology

one thematic and one DBQ for AP US history

Critical lens essay (english) due thursday

2 sided worksheet on trigonometry for math

tons of vocab for health ( dumbest class ever, he gives us way too much hw for a half a year class)


the only class were i dont get hw is Lab tech, and that is because it is basically body anatomy and dissections.


So we do get a lot of HW. i do and i know some people that take at least one more AP class than me and these guys are up till 2 or 3 am doing hw; then they say teens have no lifes because of games.


Btw i do most at school ;D; but the outline, working on it now, 20 pages to go.


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College is bad too, but there's also new studies and research that President Obama has taken quite an interest in. Along with video games, doctors are now associating obesity with too much homework because students get so bogged down with homework that all they do is sit and eat to get the mass quantities of homework done. Education is supposed to take place in the classroom not at home. There's a reason why it's called "school" because that's where you go to learn, homework according to the U.S. Department of Education is supposed to be a supplement to school, not school itself. In the real world how often do you bring work home with you unless you're a lawyer or a doctor?


There's also been a high association between increased homework and increased drug and alcohol use in adolescents to deal with the stress. Researchers have also found that the levels of homework students have in today's education system makes them dislike school and learning altogether and often times translates into a desire to void all work. And the most shocking result from all the research is that students are now gaining brain function disorders from the overload. The human brain can absorb and learn a lot of information and retain that information, but overload such as todays education system, creates dysfunction and further problems that last a lifetime and are being passed on to children genetically. One recent brain function disorder that is being associated with the consistent overload over the past 60 years is autism.


I learned all this stuff from a speaker at Kent State, who spoke on the American Education system and how to fix it to please both students, parents, and the education system.


"No Child left behind" also created a HUGE gap in learning capability and is now being considered one of the worst things to happen to the American Education System amongst educators.


College is hard, but I'll be damned if I spend more than 2-3 hours a day over my school work and I have a pretty damn good GPA. Which is now being faulted as a piss poor system because it doesn't take into effect an individuals ability to absorb and retain information. Which means if you can't learn or comprehend 2+2=4 as fast as Sally, your GPA suffers and creates a disadvantage to you in the education system. Today's education system also doesn't take into effect that everyone learns at a different pace or in different manners. The problem is there isn't enough money to appeal to all the different teaching methods that are needed, so there is just 1 course of action and if you don't learn as quick as everyone else, well your dicked for the rest of your life because you can't control how your brain functions.

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true on that child left behind; it started here in NYC, worked for a bit then well gaps started, lol.


For example my school has to constantly mix the "quality" of students taking a test. This shows for the state administered exams AKA regents; The english regents for january (the one i am taking in a few days) is taken by ESL students and english honor students, reason for this is that they mix our scores knowing that ESL does poorly and honors literally aces the exam; this makes the school get more funding from no child left behind; they do the same with the US history exam as well, this june they make the AP US history students take it with the students from the prior year that failed it to level the grades and again make the school look great.


Basically all the high honor and AP classes take their state exams with either the ones that failed the year before, special education and ESL.

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As a current college student going to school majoring in primary education I say SUCK IT UP!!!! ;) Quit crying about homework we all did it before you and still managed to go out and play with friends. I still went out on the weekends and still played sports during the week. Yes too much homework can be a bad thing but you are in AP classes, they entail more work because the credit is MORE valuable.


Don't even start on no child left behind. My high school had extremely low test score averages on the ACT(SAT for midwest). Because of that teachers are forced to teach whats on that test but not what should be in the curriculum so schools don't lose funding. How ironic a program created to "help" schools does nothing but destroy the American Education system.

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LOL. Its such huge differences. Around my neck of the woods, Making $30,000 is considered a great job.

But You can expect to pay only $300-$400/month rent. My mortage is only just over $600/month almost 2000sq/feet 3bedroom 2 bath on 2 acres of land. Just me and the wife.


I bring my work home with me but its a family business so Its to be expected.

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