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Wanna help me spend some money?

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Greedy Bastards! ;D


LOL! But seriously, I'll be having some extra money soon and there's some things I want to get for my new house and the bedroom and I could really use the help in finding the best deals as I've never been too savvy in the past. I have about 1400-1600 to really work with and the most bang for the buck really counts here.

I would like a:


-Full Sized Bed (Just mattress and box-spring) Firm, possibly padded? And a place where I can get good bedding for cheap prices!?


-A 32-35" 720p or better LCD TV


-A PS3


-Any extra money left-over then a laptop would be nice. Something with 2 GB of Ram and at least an 80-100 gig hard drive. Decent graphics and sound, with microsoft office and vista

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Yes it's pretty much what I can get the most for that price. I don't need anything too big as far as a TV. I should have been more specific and just said between 32" and 35" on the TV is enough. The laptop, tv, ps3, and bed are musts to have. If there's anyway the best prices can be posted here it'd be sweet so I can pick and chose. Or if you can find deals on combined items, Goat? :P And the laptop doesn't have to be set for gaming and business. As long as it can give me decent graphics and sound if I play a game on it and it has Microsoft Office that would be nice and I can take it from there on modifying it when I get some more money. Everything doesn't have to be top of the line, but like I said the most bang for the buck counts.


I've been looking through the items and I keep finding lower prices so I know there's an absolute lowest price out there somewhere on some of this stuff.


Junk...nice try



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Well, I will tell you, I recently purchased a queen size mattress and box and paid around $1100 for it. All I cared about was quality/comfort. It's going to be hard to find a good deal online for that one, because I, myself, looked for a good month. (Well, that is unless, you aren't looking for anything specific. I was looking for something specific.) Go around to local stores, they'll haggle with you ... and probably even more so now considering the economy.


TigerDirect has some good prices on TVs: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/category/category_slc.asp?CatId=3649&name=32-Inch-LCD-TV&


So does Wal-Mart: http://www.walmart.com/browse/TVs/_/N-2pa9Zaq90ZaqceZ1yzp72f/Ne-lfms?catNavId=3996&tab_value=210003_All&ic=18_0&ref=125875.126081+1000036.4292594439&search_sort=4&selected_items=+


That's all the help I have to offer. Sorry I can't be more specific.



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