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Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda???

Guest CplKoontz

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In March 2002, coalition forces have won the North-East of Afghanistan, known lair of the Taliban and terrorist al-Qaida, in order to dislodge. Dubbed the code-named Anaconda, the operation consisted of an international offensive to coerce the enemy and to abandon the caves and other points of support in which he had cut to him and offered key positions over Shahikot Valley. Driven from their lair and trapped, the rebels had no alternative but to retreat in low-lying plains of Shahikot. There, the coalition troops were able to encircle and tighten the vise to force them to surrender their weapons (hence the name "Anaconda").


This was one of the greatest disasters of modern history.


The new MOH is based on events that have marked this operation. By way to Tokur Ghar, a Navy SEAL helicopter came under fire sporadic rocket launchers. During this incident, the owner of 1st Class Neil Roberts fell east of the Chinook landed 30 metres down in the snow. Unable to rescue the helicopter crashed 6 kilometers further. The huge contingent deployed in the Shahikot then has been more than an idea in mind: to assist Robert. But the stock has increased, other rapid Rangers, one of the best trained units of the army, has set up an attack against full of heroism. She was able to secure the mountain and allow the evacuation of all involved, dead or alive.


The new Medal of Honor you contera history of the heroes who helped save Operation Anaconda of the disaster. As it unfolds, players will play multiple responsibilities, engaging the enemy in the skin of a simple soldier in the group "mortar", in command of a drone attack, among combatants on the front or the snipers, to name a few. The intensity of this game shooting the 1st person, the realism of the image and some 60 customizable weapons waiting for you, you will relive the terrible scenario of an operation which would leave you gasping for air.



This could be interesting !!

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Hotpockets--X ]

yea thank you cdb i played frontline and the main battle was dday which looked strangely just like the opening scene to saving private ryan ven tho the beach looked nothing liek that lmao. then next thing i know im stowed away on a boat like its fucking splinter cell lmao


yep, there you go. Every game is like that from the first one on PC to the airborne.


Also bear in mind MOH has never been a great online game, it has always been a straight up shooter with no support for anything.

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