NOTE: In order to be listed, your clan must have successfully completed at least ONE UF tournament. Invalid or incomplete submissions will not be added.

Listed below, you will find the websites for the clans that have been a part of this tourney community or are currently a part of it.  All clans listed in this directory are recognized by the UF administration as class-act, honorable clans worthy of your notice.

This directory is placed here so that you may see other clan's web designs, ideals and overall direction. This directory can also be used by the lone gunner who is looking for a new home. In an effort to reduce the amount of attention a newly released gunner from one UF community clan by all the other clans that seem to jump into the waters like sharks to blood, we invite the tagless gunners to simply GO to the clans' websites to see if they are currently looking for new players as well as getting to know them there.

This will potentially increase traffic at other clan websites all while keeping all things mellow here between all UF community clans.

If you are a clan in the community and wish for your website to be listed here, please fill out and submit the form above and it will be added within 24 hours.

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