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Danny Xanax

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  1. Archer

    One of the best shows on TV, but i think you have to have a certain type of humor to get it. I know too many people who don't even like it.. weird. lol


  2. Hey Danny,


    Sounds good I'll check out your site/forums. What do you guys play mostly?



    Invite sent.

    • Destiny-But looks like some are hitting the wall and thinking about moving on
    • Panetside 2 beta-Looks to be the main upcoming Community fav
    • GTAV Online-Always a good showing on Friday nights
    • BF4/Hardline-The later once the game hits
    • TLoU-Numbers are small but fun still had

    That's just a few. If a game has coop many members are there as RISK, the upcoming Helldivers and such

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  3. I wanted to stop on by, introduce myself and say hello!

    I'm the old man who guys by the PSN ID of Danny_Xanax. I'm a mild mannered, sometimes out of controll, soon to be 50 year old gamer who first fell in love with video gaming in 1975...Holy crap, 40 years of gaming under my belt!?

    What I lack in skill at my age I make up for, give me a few hours, I'll think of something.

    Once a die hard PC gamer, I made the switch to console gaming back when the Xbox hit the market. I then owned 9, yes 9 360's...all of which kept dying and dying. I made the move to PS3 in 2013 (I can't really remember....don't forget my age) and am a day one PS4 gamer at this time.

    Did I forget anything? I may stay tuned for random updates.

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  4. New member here...My experience with this closed beta has been great on the PS4. I'm loving the feel of the game and the Heist mode alone could make for some great competition.

    From what I'm hearing the other modes will open things up for competitive play as well...I've opted to pick this one up upon release based on the fun I'm currently having.

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