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  1. I like the idea. When i played UF we had like a continent tourny. it was cool i remember it being alot of wars. It is kinda a middle area you got the ones who want to war everyday and then the ones only a couple times a week. Im the more everyday person(Now that there isnt 100x games out) that likes to war everyday i know tweek is the couple times a week guy. I wonder what PSU is as well Im guessing Playstation Universe? Never been there but hey if there dicks there dicks.
  2. If you dont hate me ;D how could you We would like to try and join.
  3. That doesn't make any sense at all. Welcome to this clan battle website but wait hold on you cant play in it in order to play in a sponsored UF tournament you have to have played in a sponsored UF tourney wow does that make sense? Just a question what is the reasoning behind that i think its weird that you would ask for a join fee then limit the people who have the option to play it. I just don't understand a tournament that is restricted to people. It should read UF closed clan battle website. So we have to wait even longer now to play in this site. it does send the wrong signal to others and doesnt make any sense other then a feeling of control.
  4. What up all. Im part of Tweeks clan. Chili was up I played with you the other day. Cool i cant believe this is still going on (this Website) from socom 2. Well hope to see you all in the next tournament