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  1. all good questions that my guys have been asking too. and we just pick names for territories this week right? not planning attacks till following weekend?? or did i smoke myself silly?
  2. if it were only that easy...
  3. wow.. you finally made it.. welcome..
  4. is there somewhere to sign up?? i clicked the link but couldnt find anything useful on BETA info...
  5. inadub

    New tobacco pipe.

    very interesting... for those who smoke...
  6. ahh if i too were only so lucky... my girl will have us there on the day it comes out to see in theaters and when the wally's special drops... ???
  7. word those are tight.. i have not been wearing a sig cuz i was hoping for sniperwolf to win and make me one... good stuff.. congrats again to both!
  8. word thanks for the update.. i also read the blog.. but i hadnt read that yet... coo about backgrounds..
  9. hey cuz you should try this.. try downloading a movie trailer or demo from the psn store.. then plug your ps3 into an ethernet and download the same thing.. when i did this.. it was 3 times faster w/ ethernet.. even though it didnt take long w/o.. im curious if your adapter has better quality signal then mine.. i have a linksys wireless.. and i am only about 8 feet from the router to ps3...
  10. i hear that 2 ppl die.. my girl is a big fan and is about half way through the book.. i opened and read the last page!!!.. she wont talk to me cuz she thinks i know something... :-\
  11. i have one.. psn name is inadub feel free to add ... ;D
  12. excellent point there church... frees up my evening now for the lady... who got left in the dust last night.. lol.. again.. thank god for new harry potter book.. w/o that.. last night would have been harder.. ;D
  13. inadub

    Sunday Podcast

    congrats to both.. they are both top notch.. and im glad sniperwolf is now responsible for clan sigs!!
  14. yes we have heard it a bunch.. but DevGru , Zippers community manager has stated that all probs w/ map pack 2 have been fixed... and that the new patch needs to happen before the maps can be played.. no prob right?? well apparently there is a bug w/ one of the fixes the patch offers.. holding us up again.. so not sure if thats just to buy time....but that was last week..
  15. Really, no meeting tonight?? i thought there was one tonight.. but i guess i was wrong...
  16. yea.. i think they will try and contact us via windows live.. but invites should go up in the other section?
  17. word thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all!!!
  18. nice undertow.. nice.. that link was very infomative... Â
  19. yup.. just like on tv... nothing like suspense... and congrats to APC!
  20. clicks refresh... clicks refresh.. clicks refresh...<<<
  21. ooooooooooooooooooo billlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! 1 min!!!