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  1. I recently picked up photoshop and started messing around with the animation. Here is a short animation i made for a template. I plan on adding to the animation, just don't know where to take it. All honest feedback is welcome.
  2. I added the stoking to it. let me know what you think.
  3. Okay, my fingers messed up. Thanks for the info.
  4. Did you guys get my entry? I know I put UFBGBOFEG. Was it wrong cause I put it in all capitals? If I didn't get it right can you please tell me what I put?
  5. I finally finished the template I started 4 months ago. let me know what you think. I purposely didn't do much to the sig portion of it cause I mainly want to showcase the template.
  6. here is the current template im workin on. let me know what ya think, and dont hesitate to suggest something.
  7. Here are a couple sig templates i made for [D*C]
  8. i feel as though the placement of the circle and the letters on it are weird. any ideas on where else to place them?
  9. This is my very first sig. just wanting suggestion on what i could do better. i know this isnt the best sig but i think i did pretty good. i know that the background doesnt match the render i used. i used GIMP to create this.