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  1. Are you ready, kids? SpongeBob returns to the screen in a new fantastic adventure! SpongeBob and Patrick are traveling to a multitude of different Wishworlds, each with its very own setting and rules, like the Wild West Jellyfish Fields or the Halloween Rock Bottom. On the THQ Nordic Showcase we just revealed gameplay for the first time. Play Video What was the elevator pitch for the game? Let’s create a brand new spiritual sequel to our fan-favorite remake Battle For Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated. A 3D platformer focused on themed worlds, funky costumes and the buddy banter between SpongeBob and Patrick. Focusing on SpongeBob, as he travels the Wild West, medieval or prehistoric times and more, was always at the core of the game vision. And the idea of having Patrick be your constant companion, in the form of a cute Balloon, was also there right from the very beginning. Was it always certain a sequel was on the cards? Greenlighting a new project in the world of SpongeBob is a collaborative process with our very supportive friends at Nickelodeon, who know the franchise in and out and make the final call. Ultimately the success of Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated, and the passionate support of its fans is what allowed us to send SpongeBob and Patrick on another great adventure! How does the game evolve or change the gameplay from the previous title? Battle For Bikini Bottom had three playable characters: SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy. Each with one or more special abilities. For The Cosmic Shake we decided to focus on SpongeBob and giving him a lot of new abilities, like a flying karate kick or being able to roll around on big rocks. Unlocking dozens of cult classic costumes for SpongeBob is also for the first time a core focus in a SpongeBob game. Whether you want to run around as a knight in shiny armor or just in your underpants: it’s up to you! And last but not least, the themed worlds. SpongeBob inadvertently messes with the very fabric of the universe, when playing with a vial of wish-fulfilling Mermaid’s Tears. As a result Patrick is turned into a balloon, and our heroes have to travel to weird Wishworlds to bring back their friends and restore Bikini Bottom. Whether it’s bringing back Sandy from a karate-movie themed Downtown Bikini Bottom or rescuing Pearl from the medieval Sulfur Fields… every world is unique and has its own distinct story. Can you describe the gameplay levels that you can see in the showcase trailer? In the trailer you get a first look at multiple worlds that SpongeBob and Patrick travel to in the game. It starts with the boss fight against a giant Gary in Halloween Rock Bottom. Then we join our heroes searching for Squidward in the Prehistoric Kelp Forest. That leads us straight into some funky kah-rah-tay action in Downtown Bikini Bottom. And finally we get a first glimpse at the Wild West Jellyfish Fields. We hope you enjoyed these Embark on this brand-new 3D platformer, coming to PlayStation 4 and playable on PlayStation 5. View the full article
  2. Experience the franchise that defined the survival-horror genre and pathed the way for classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill – yes, we’re delighted to let you know that the reimagining of Alone in the Dark is coming to PlayStation 5! A technical marvel when it first launched in 1992, Alone in the Dark set the standards for immersive horror adventures to come. Developer Pieces Interactive is returning to the franchise’s roots in terms of setting while updating and reimagining the game for a new generation of players. You can get a feel for what’s in store in our haunting new trailer. Hold your nerve as viewer discretion is very, very advised… Play Video To do justice to such a seminal title in video game history, we’re proud to say there is a stellar lineup of talent involved. Developers Pieces Interactive is a mix of hot new talent and seasoned veteran developers. An engaging story has been created by Mikael Hedberg, cult horror writer of SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, some of the most acclaimed narrative horror experiences of the last decade. Legendary Guillermo del Toro collaborator, Guy Davis, has contributed monster designs. And Doom Jazz legend Jason Köhnen provides eerie and haunting melodies to create a tense, twisted and haunting audio atmosphere. In Alone in the Dark, you’ll experience a completely original story, but it does incorporate characters, places, and themes from the original ’90s trilogy. No prior knowledge of the original titles is required to enjoy the game, but fans of the series will find plenty that is familiar. Our Alone in the Dark is set in the gothic American south during the 1920s – a noir setting with classic Lovecraftian horror elements. It’s a world where the familiar meets the surreal. You’ll revisit an expanded and transformed Derceto Mansion, the location that featured in the 1992 game, and various other sites connected to Derceto too. Both Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby, the original game’s protagonists, are playable, but all enemies are new, original creations. Although there are some nods to monsters from the past… The game features classic survival horror gameplay, as you’d expect. You’ll explore environments, solve puzzles, and experience a deep psychological original horror story. You’ll also experience hyper-tense action and combat as you battle supernatural monsters. We aim to create a game that takes advantage of modern gaming technology to reimagine so much of what makes the original great while pushing things forward for a new Alone in the Dark experience on PlayStation 5. We can’t wait to reveal more. View the full article
  3. Email us at PSPodcast@sony.com! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RSS, or download here This week, the team is obsessed with newly released indie Cult of the Lamb. Plus, find out what makes them reach for that Platinum Trophy. Listen in! Stuff We Talked About Cult of the LambHorizon Forbidden WestStreet Fighter 6StrayTMNT: Shredder’s RevengeDark Souls 3 The Cast Sid Shuman – Senior Director of Content Communications, SIE Kristen Zitani – Senior Content Communications Specialist, SIE Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music. [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.] View the full article
  4. Last week, we asked you to don a disguise in the game of your choice and share mysterious costumes using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: JRPyznar shares Lost in Random characters in a dicey disguise. coalabr14 shares a disguise from Watch Dogs: Legion. Nu_Lupo shares Eivor hiding blending in with a group of people in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. VP_adventurer shares Agent 47 clowning around in Hitman 3. RWGamethology shares Bruce Wayne’s ultimate disguise in Batman Arkham Knight. legendary_thumbs shares a Rot hiding in a pumpkin costume in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? THEME: Animals SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on August 17, 2022 Next week, we’re highlighting the animal kingdom of gaming. Share the creatures and critters you encounter from the game of your choice using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. View the full article
  5. Hi everyone, I’m Julian Huijbregts, Community Manager at Nixxes. Today we celebrate the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC! Play Video In the past year, our team has been working closely together with our friends at Insomniac Games to bring this original Marvel story and PlayStation hit to PC. To give you more insight into the support for ultra-wide monitors and multiple screen setups*, I’d like to introduce you to some of the members of our Nixxes team. Graphics Programmer Hilze Vonck, a passionate ultra-wide screen gamer himself, worked on the technical implementation of ultra-wide aspect ratios in the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. “For five years I have used a 21:9 ultra-wide monitor. To me support for ultra-wide resolutions in games is really important. We want to give gamers who invest a lot in their setups the opportunity to play the game in the best way possible. It really makes a big difference when you see the game on ultra-wide or triple monitor setups. It is super cool to experience the game in this way!” Lead Software Engineer Coen Frauenfelder explains that one of the reasons to go all-out with ultra-wide monitor support was the positive feedback from the gaming community on 21:9 support in other PC games. “We initially planned support for 21:9, and after some internal tests we decided to go even wider and add support for 32:9 screens and 48:9 for triple monitor setups. The game lends itself very well for that. Swinging through the streets of Marvel’s New York on an ultra-wide screen gives a whole different and more immersive feeling.” The PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is fully optimized for ultra-wide gaming. Not only the gameplay, but also the many cut scenes are adapted for panoramic aspect ratios up to 32:9. Coen talks about the challenges that Nixxes had to overcome, to make this possible: “Implementing ultra-wide support in general gameplay is relatively easy. The big challenge is supporting it in cinematics that are specifically designed by artists to be viewed on 16:9 screens. Outside of that view area, lots of things are happening that need to be fixed. Characters can for example freeze or suddenly disappear. The easy way would be to place black borders in cut scenes to block these areas from view on ultra-wide screens, but we wanted to give PC gamers the possibility to fully use their screens. Our QA team meticulously went through all the cut scenes in ultra-wide view and listed all the details that had to be changed by our engineers and artists.” Coen emphasizes how hard it was to get all of that right: “We knew it would take a lot of effort to pull off, but our team was passionate and committed to get the most out of it. Hilze’s enthusiasm towards it meant he got to work a lot on the technical aspects of implementing ultra-wide support.” As a result, cinematics in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC are fully viewable in aspect ratios up to 32:9. When using even wider aspect ratios, for example with triple monitor setups, the outer edges are blurred during cut scenes. This is necessary to block areas from view that otherwise may have visual errors. Apart from his work on the engine for ultra-wide support, Hilze also worked on this: “That was not an easy feature to implement. It took a while, but I think it looks really great.” Outside of gameplay and cinematics, system engineers at Nixxes made sure that the user interface and menus support wide-screen aspect ratios. When using ultra-wide monitors, you can change the position of the HUD to different positions. We know that not all of you have ultra-wide screens or multiple monitor setups. On traditional 16:9 screens the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered also offers many enhancements. The game features enhanced ray-traced reflections**, supports NVIDIA DLSS and other upscaling technologies, and offers a full suite of customizable rendering settings. Everyone at Nixxes has been incredibly excited to work on this project together with our friends at Insomniac. We would love to hear about your experiences playing the Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC. Reach out to us on Twitter and follow us to stay up to date! Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered for PC is available today on Steam and in the Epic Games Store. *Compatible PC and display device required. **Compatible PC required. View the full article
  6. The cat’s meowt of the bag — Stray was the most downloaded PS4 and PS5 game on July’s US/Canada PlayStation Store charts. F1 22 raced to the top of the EU charts, while GTA V, Minecraft, and NBA 2K22 took various runner-up spots. Read on for July’s full charts, then hit the comments to let us know how you think August’s list will shake out. PS5 Games US/CanadaEU1StrayF1 222Grand Theft Auto VStray3NBA 2K22Grand Theft Auto V4F1 22Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order5The QuarryNBA 2K226Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderAmong Us7MLB The Show 22The Quarry8ELDEN RINGFIFA 229Among UsFAR CRY 610Call of Duty: VanguardLEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga11Dead by DaylightELDEN RING12LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaDevil May Cry 513FAR CRY 6The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes14Resident Evil 3No Man’s Sky15No Man’s SkyIt Takes Two16Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six SiegeGran Turismo 717Mortal Kombat 11Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege18SifuDead by Daylight19Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartResident Evil Village20WWE 2K22Jurassic World Evolution 2 *Naming of products may differ between regions *Upgrades not included PS4 Games US/CanadaEU1StrayF1 222MinecraftMinecraft3Grand Theft Auto VStray4NBA 2K22Grand Theft Auto V5Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s RevengeNBA 2K226Gang BeastsFIFA 227CUPHEADThe Crew 28Red Dead Redemption 2EA Sports UFC 49The Crew 2Need for Speed Heat10Need for Speed HeatRed Dead Redemption 211EA Sports UFC 4Among Us12Batman: Arkham KnightCUPHEAD13FIFA 22Gang Beasts14MLB The Show 22The Forest15The ForestStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order16God of WarTekken 717Among UsMarvel’s Spider-Man18F1 22Assassin’s Creed Origins19Star Wars Battlefront IIGod of War20Dead by DaylightTom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint *Naming of products may differ between regions PS VR Games US/CanadaEU1Beat SaberBeat Saber2Job SimulatorJob Simulator3Swordsman VRSwordsman VR4Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-alityRick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality5SUPERHOT VRSUPERHOT VR6Creed: Rise to GlorySniper Elite VR7Arizona SunshineArizona Sunshine8GORNGORN9Astro Bot Rescue MissionCreed: Rise to Glory10The Walking Dead: Saints & SinnersGun Club VR Free-to-Play (PS5 + PS4) US/CanadaEU1MultiVersusFall Guys2Fall GuysMultiVersus3FortniteFortnite4Apex LegendsRocket League5Call of Duty: WarzoneeFootball 20226Rocket LeagueGenshin Impact7Genshin ImpactCall of Duty: Warzone8Rec RoomApex Legends9Destiny 2Rec Room10BrawlhallaBrawlhalla View the full article
  7. Rollerdrome is a fast-paced bloodsport which will have you balancing gnarly skate tricks with high-powered firefights against the deadly House Players. To help you achieve maximum impact when you enter the Arena on August 16, I spoke to some of the devs who helped build the game and got the lowdown on the combat system. Verify your age to view this content. Verify your age to view this content. Choose your loadout There are four types of weapons in Rollerdrome, which you’ll unlock throughout the game: Pistols: The classic double-pistols. These offer rapid fire, so they’re ideal to take out incoming missiles or mines. You can also use them to stun-lock enemies. However, pistols don’t do as much damage as other weapons, and they won’t always be effective against heavily armored enemies.Shotgun: Slower than pistols, the shotgun is still a force to be reckoned with. Waiting for the crosshairs to line up while in Reflex Time can land you a Slug Shot – a seriously hefty blow which can take out weaker enemies with a single shot.Grenade Launcher: One, it looks cool. Two, grenades do AOE damage, and can be used to eliminate multiple enemies at once – just make sure you line the shot up right.Z-11: This long-range energy laser is excellent for maintaining your combo when you find yourself far away from enemies. Combos are achieved by eliminating enemies in quick succession. Swapping back and forth between weapons allows you to capitalize on the benefits of multiple weapons while maintaining a combo. Try blowing the doors off a Mecha Brut with a well-placed grenade before closing in and finishing it off with the shotgun. You can also shoot your own grenade with the pistols, ensuring it detonates near a specific enemy. You can even use the detonation to change direction mid-air, though you will also take damage – so use this technique sparingly! Use Slug Shots to stun-lock enemies, and then finish them up with a quick barrage from the pistols before they have time to teleport away or shield up. And remember: it’s not just your own weapons at your disposal. A savvy player will be able to press enemies into using their attacks against each other (or even themselves). Reflex Time One of the key mechanics you’ll need to utilize in Rollerdrome is Reflex Time. You can access Reflex Time by pressing L2 – but use this carefully, as Reflex Time only lasts for a few moments before needing to recharge. In Reflex Time, you’ll experience a brief moment of slo-mo gameplay, which is a great opportunity to use the rapid-fire pistols and stun-lock your enemies. In Super Reflex Time (which you can access by perfect dodging just before you enter Reflex Time), you get a noticeable power boost – this is a great time to use pistols at short range, or the Z-11 for further away foes. While most of the time you’ll access Super Reflex Time by dodging enemy attacks, you can also trigger it by dodging through your own grenade launcher’s explosions – enabling you to activate it on your own terms, without waiting for the enemies to attack. Ammo Out of ammo? It’s time to do some tricks. In Rollerdrome, ammo is acquired by performing skate tricks, so you’ll need to focus on that as well as on taking out your enemies. The best bang for your buck comes from mixing up and chaining together tricks – you can do this by stringing tricks together with wallrides, grinds, and grabs. Try using Reflex Time while in the air mid-trick to get a good scope on an enemy and take them out in style. Using a variety of tricks, rather than just the same ones over and over, is key to getting maximum ammo, so brush up on a bunch of different styles and make use of them wherever you can. If balancing keeping your combo up and taking out enemies at the same time is proving tricky, you can also grab the floating yellow Combo Tokens to keep your combo going while you pull off a few quick tricks for a bit more ammo. Then it’s time to eliminate your enemies and emerge victorious. Rollerdrome is available August 16 on PS4 and PS5. Huge thanks to our amazing devs Bartosz Rakowski (consultant), Dan Gronner (lead QA tester), David Jenkins (head of QA), and Jacob Mills (senior 3D level designer), who offered their advice and insight for this article. Verify your age to view this content. Verify your age to view this content. View the full article
  8. Today we’re happy to reveal August’s Game Catalog lineup for PlayStation Plus, which will be available to play for Extra and Premium members on August 16. It’s headlined by three Yakuza games (which will soon be followed by other entries in the series later this year). But rubbing shoulders with the crime series will be multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight, open world shooter Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and whimsical adventure Bugsnax. Let’s take a closer look at the lineup. Game Catalog lineup for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members Yakuza 0 The glitz, glamour, and unbridled decadence of the 80s are back in Yakuza 0. Fight like hell through Tokyo and Osaka with protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and series regular Goro Majima. Play as the former to discover how he finds himself in a world of trouble when a simple debt collection goes wrong. Then, step into the silver-toed shoes of Goro Majima and explore his “normal” life as the proprietor of a cabaret club. Yakuza Kiwami The first Yakuza title debuted in 2005 on PS2. This PS4 remake rebuilds that experience from scratch. Follow the early days of Kazuma Kiryu as he returns to the streets of Japan after serving a decade-long prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit to save his best friend. Yakuza Kiwami 2 Yakuza’s sequel receives the remake treatment, not only updating the original but expanding it with a playable adventure starring Goro Majima set before the events of the main game. A year after the events of the first Yakuza, an assassination pulls Kazuma Kiryu out of a peaceful life to broker peace between rival clans and face off against Ryuji Goda, known as the Dragon of Kansai. Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight is a 1v4 multiplayer game that draws from all corners of the horror world from a powerful slasher to a terrifying paranormal entity. Choose between playing an unstoppable Killer and one of 4 Survivors trying to evade a gruesome death. Each character has their own deep progression system and plenty of unlockables that can be customized to fit your personal strategy. Work together to escape, or stalk and sacrifice every Survivor. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Create a team with up to 3 friends and enjoy the ultimate military shooter experience set in a massive, dangerous, and responsive open world. Create and fully customize your Ghost, weapons, and gear. Enjoy a total freedom of playstyle and discover stunning diverse landscapes both on and off road, in the air, on land, and at sea with over 60 different vehicles. Bugsnax Play an investigative journalist who has set out to explore Snaktooth Island, home to legendary half-bug half-snack creatures, Bugsnax. Discover, hunt and capture all 100 critters while also tracking down and reuniting the island’s inhabitants. Also available on August 16 are: Metro Exodus Trials of Mana UNOMonopoly MadnessMonopoly Plus View the full article
  9. Horizon Forbidden West sees Aloy traverse dangerous and harsh environments in search of Gaia’s sub-functions, with hopes of restoring the planet’s terraforming system, rebalancing the biosphere and saving life on Earth. Though our story is set 1,000 years into the future, players will uncover and recognize many iconic locations from our real world today. DISCLAIMER: Please note that this behind-the-scenes feature contains major spoilers for the storyline and many gameplay elements of Horizon Forbidden West. To get the most out of this in-depth article, we would strongly recommend completing the quest The Sea of Sands prior to reading. During the quest The Sea of Sands, Aloy ventures into the arid Stillsands Desert in her search for Poseidon, one of Gaia’s sub-functions. At first, the desert appears desolate, however, hidden under the sands are the flooded ruins known as Dunehollow, formerly Las Vegas. It is up to Aloy to piece together data fragments left behind a millennium earlier by a businessman called Stanley Chen and reactivate the city’s long-forgotten water systems in order to gain access to Poseidon. Creating the Vegas ruins Guerrilla Quest Designer Samantha Schoonen led the development of this quest, The Sea of Sands, from start to finish. To bring this vision to life, she did a lot of research on Vegas’ iconic Strip. “We looked into casinos and ideated on crazy ideas for far-future Vegas buildings,” says Schoonen. “I drew a lot of inspiration from our concept art as well, and we thought of things like a broken-down roller coaster area, remnants of a pirate ship, and a rooftop swimming pool – we worked a lot with our art departments to figure out what would work, though of course not everything made it into the final game.” Designing this epic questline was a long process full of iteration and collaboration, says Samantha. “For main quests, we always start out with a story summary provided by our Narrative team,” she says. “Based on that summary, we write a design document containing all information, like story beats, quest objectives, a world map of the area to provide an overview of the quest flow and locations, and a detailed description of these areas. “We then make an outline of the space. I use in-game reference images to get an idea of the level design and space itself, the outlines. But it’s hard to get a scale of the place while only working in 2D, so as soon as possible, I create a 3D layout in our Decima Engine. We then continue to iterate on flow and level design until everyone is satisfied.” A subterranean challenge “Building a quest that uses water was always going to be a challenge,” says Schoonen. “I remember how difficult it was to build the Waterlogged quest for Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds, and of course, Las Vegas would be a lot bigger! We worked closely with various teams like tech, visual effects, and lighting to ensure we had the systems in place for underwater quests to function. We wanted to control where the water would be, as well as the air pockets, and visibility had to be adjustable. “We worked closely together with core design as well, who were in charge of the swimming mechanics. This would be the first quest where the player was able to dive to depths that were unreachable before.” Core Systems Designer Lennart Hoting worked on quite a few traversal aspects, including swimming and diving, which are new in Horizon Forbidden West. “We were looking for new heights and depths to explore and new types of natural beauty to showcase,” says Hoting. “As the underwater world is inherently fascinating and mysterious, it felt like a natural extension to traverse long-lost unknown places, such as Las Vegas. We consciously turned away from any oppressive tone of underwater gameplay and focused on fast and agile traversal, with enemy encounters revolving around stealth to add tension. “Early in development, we investigated which aspects of water could make for interesting gameplay challenges while also increasing immersion. Water currents soon came to mind. Aloy will sometimes encounter strong water currents that push her away from where she wants to go. You can attempt to sprint through them, but the best way to get through is to make use of underwater boost bars. Aloy can grab onto these and push off of them to gain a short burst of speed which can launch her straight through.” Creating tension in tight quarters As Aloy acquires the Diving Mask, giving her unlimited air underwater, she plunges into the ruins of Vegas. “Our initial routes for traversal were way too long, so we decided to have a single elevator shaft to go up or down,” says Schoonen. “This shaft could not be too large due to the above-ground visuals, nor too small for the player to move around in or the elevator to be able to function once the quest was completed. “Once Aloy swims down the elevator shaft, she gets into a Casino space and eventually into the lobby. I really wanted the player to immediately be caught off guard by the Tideripper before becoming aware of the size of the space as a grand opening.” There are some rather dangerous machines in the waters of the Forbidden West, including Burrowers, Snapmaws, and the huge Tiderippers. “Aloy has no way of attacking while swimming, so she has to be smart and stealthy to circumvent enemies,” Hoting adds. “The best way to stay out of sight is to use smoke bombs or hide in kelp. These plants grow dense enough that they stop unaware machines from spotting you while giving you the opportunity to peek out while hiding inside. This creates a moment of extremely tactical cat-and-mouse gameplay.” Samantha continues on this subterranean location. “The underground dome is a dangerous place teeming with machines, so we added a few structures for the player to hide in as they move between hiding spots,” she says. “The machines are on patrol paths, which change whenever a node is activated. We then place the machines alongside the player’s route to their next location to create an ever-present threat. “A lot of the areas went through various iterations, as the building entrances, nodes, and sewers needed to be out of sight but not impossible to locate. Real-world Las Vegas sources its water from the Nevada Hoover Dam, so we wanted to convey something similar with the holographic map the player encounters early in the quest. “We were so inspired by Vegas and wanted to make the quest worthwhile. By putting in multiple elements, like tracking, combat, stealth, and small traversal puzzles, the player is given lots of variety in gameplay to make it feel fresh. It was definitely tricky to add enough elements without relying on combat and puzzles, which mostly rely on physics. That’s why we also added some air pocket spaces where the player could traverse and interact with the environment.” The Tideripper trial After Aloy successfully makes her way through the Snapmaw-infested waters and activates Stanley Chen’s ancient water management system, the water drains from the city. Suddenly, the scale of the dome, and the buildings within, becomes clear. Aloy must navigate them more traditionally by climbing, gliding, and running, with the dome becoming a large arena for an awesome battle. Remember that Tideripper mentioned earlier? With most of the water now drained from Dunehollow, Aloy will still need to deal with this challenging machine before finally getting to Poseidon. Samantha Schoonen explains how the arena for this battle was created. “We worked together with the combat team as this space required several elements to work,” she says. “the Tideripper needed a body of water to emerge from, so we built something of a beach where it could refill its Purgewater Sacs. The arena also needed to be quite deep so the player wouldn’t accidentally leave the area. Lastly, it needed a flat space for the Tideripper to move and, of course, grapple points to give Aloy a quick getaway – though some of those had to be destructible for an added challenge!” A magnificent view After defeating the Tideripper and obtaining Poseidon, Las Vegas truly comes back to life. Mesmerizing holograms illuminate the sky with ghostly outlines of buildings that collapsed long ago; memories of a forgotten city. “Having Vegas visually flourish was always part of the narrative vision for this quest,” Schoonen says with a smile. “Poseidon took over the Vegas water and power supply which was connected to the holograms. After Aloy fights the AI, the system fully reboots and the original holograms take their place lighting up the night sky. The quest’s ending was a huge collaboration; teams like concept art, cinematics, environment art, visual effects, and lighting all worked together on that beautiful moment. I only placed them in the right locations and made sure they showed up at the right time. “We all put a lot of love into building this area. I’m astonished by how well this quest has been received, and I’m happy to hear the community has had a great time playing through this underwater world!” As far as her own favorite moment, Samantha Schoonen finds this hard to choose. “For a designer, a game is never finished,” she says. “I’d have to look back ten years from now to have a clear opinion because I played through it so often during development. I think it’s more the entire journey of building this quest; that’s my favorite part.” And as for Lennart, he says, “I really liked seeing that many players enjoyed the underwater sections of the game and that some even said these were their favorite parts. The response to the Sea of Sands quest, and the love for unique characters like Morlund you meet along the way, was especially great; it is one of my favorite quests. While some players remained anxious about diving, the Diving Mask seemed to really turn these sections into something players enjoy. Reading that people were able to overcome their fears and enjoy the diving experience is amazing.” There’s much more to discover in and around Vegas following the Sea of Sands quest, now featuring a settlement called Hidden Ember; we’d definitely encourage you to return for a special quest with Morlund, speak to Porguf in Camp Nowhere, or deliver Ornaments to Stemmur, and wonder about the holidays of the Old Ones as they light up the Vegas skies.If you’re interested in more of the story behind the Vegas ruins, you can watch back our recent livestream with Samantha here (we’re live every Thursday at 4PM CEST, www.twitch.tv/guerrilla). View the full article
  10. Hey PlayStation Nation! The launch of Rumbleverse — the free-to-play, 40-person brawler — is nearly here! On August 11 the Battle Barge will officially open its slipway to all Rumblers as a free download on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Get ready; this is the start of your exciting career as a Rumbler! You’re invited to Grapital City, where everyone lives for the fight and dreams of becoming a champion. Create your unique fighter and prepare to be shot out of a cannon, where you and 39 other contestants are launched into the streets of Grapital City to rumble. Dash through streets and scale buildings in search of upgrades, found on every corner and rooftop in the city. Then pick a fight, flex your moves, knock out your opponents, and be the last Rumbler standing. So, what’s new for launch? Introducing Duos Mode We really enjoyed watching you all strive to be a Solo Mode champion during our playtest sessions. The fun really begins on August 11th, when Duos Mode goes live. Fight side by side with a friend, share loot, protect each other, and win together! Duos Mode takes all the moment-to-moment gameplay you know and love from our Solo Brawler Royale experience and twists it into something brand new. Every situation takes on a new set of strategic questions for you and your partner to answer. Want to risk landing on a hotspot like the Trophy Heights Water Tower to get all that loot? If one of you gets thrown off, the other will be left without backup, raising the stakes. Want to move and loot together? If you stay too close, you’ll be collecting and sharing one player’s worth of items. If you separate too much, you may be vulnerable to sneak attacks from aggressive Duos that leave you outnumbered. In Duos Mode, you start with only eight slots for your stats, and a bit less Max Health than you do when you play alone. Additionally, you won’t have access to the Superstar Comeback system. If your teammate gets eliminated, you will get additional Max Health and Stat Slots awarded to you to help keep you in the fight. Don’t worry though, as running out of Health in Duos mode won’t KO you right away. If your teammate runs out of health, they’ll be Downed and in need of Help. To Help your teammate, simply stand near them and press the Interact button (Circle) to cheer them back to their feet. You’ll have 30 seconds to do so, but if your teammate is Downed again, you’ll get progressively less time to help them. Sounds simple? It is… until enemy teams are hovering over your friend trying to stop you. Try using the Vicious Blast (hold Triangle) or activating your Superstar Mode to push opponents away from your friend, and then help them up as quickly as you can. As a bonus, if you attempt to help a teammate while Superstar Mode is activated, you’ll help them up twice as fast. Communication and teamwork are the key to victory. Share items. Go for complimentary builds. Help each other when enemies are attacking. You can knock your teammates down, but you won’t hurt them (unless water is involved). If you want a real thrill, try tossing an enemy into the air and letting your teammate connect a follow-up attack. Create the team combos of your dreams and get your fans really amped up. Introducing Playground Mode Want to explore the city at your own pace and perfect your moves? Looking for a few lessons on how to play before you launch head-first out of a giant cannon? Check out our free roam experience, Playground Mode. The city will be fully open to explore. Seek out training modules in different neighborhoods to learn gameplay lessons. Spar with the high-tech robots to help you unlock your inner champion. Explore on your own or with a friend. Enjoy Grapital City at your own speed. You can join a Playground server alone or with a friend. If you bring a friend, you won’t be paired as a team. This will allow you to fight each other or create your own fun in a multitude of ways. If you are eliminated while you are in Playground, you can press the Option button to respawn nearby. Press Option to open the map screen and see the locations and topic names for all the lessons scattered around the city, as well as the locations of the Equip Up zones. You can also toggle Combat Mode on or off using the map screen. If you toggle Combat Mode off, you can still interact with our robot training dummies, but other players will not be able to bother you. When you arrive at a lesson location, you can use the training monitors to pop-up lessons. There are 8 topic locations with a huge variety of lessons to read. Learn at your own pace; there is no need to read everything in one visit. Seek out an Equip Up zone if you want to mess around with any of the items that the Rumble has to offer. Here, you can find every special move in the game, as well as every weapon and every consumable. And all of them will respawn! Try out everything to your heart’s content. Or just bring a friend and do foot races across the wide open city. Play it your way! Season One begins on August 18 You’ll have one week to warm up, stretch out, and practice your favorite super moves for the main event. Season One kicks off on August 18! The Season One Battle Pass is packed with 100 rewards you’ll unlock by earning Fame and progressing your Rumbler’s career. Rewards include accessories and accessory sets to customize your look, Title Cards, emotes, and more. Be sure to customize your Title Card on the Career page. Opponents you eliminate will get a glimpse of all the training you’ve put in. You’ll be able to purchase the Battle Pass from the shop for 1,000 Brawla Bills, Rumbleverse’s in-game currency. To sweeten the deal, completing the Battle Pass will earn you 1,500 Brawla Bills. It looks like someone skipped math class for leg day, folks. We’re not just launching a game — we’re beginning a journey. Stay tuned for a steady stream of updates, special events, and new ways to rumble. The wait is almost over. The Rumble calls you. Will you answer? View the full article
  11. DreamsCom ‘22 – our giant community-first games expo, made entirely in Dreams, by the way – has now wrapped up for another year. It’s been a blast checking out all of our player-made booths on the virtual show floor, and interviewing Dreams developers live on our Twitch channel. So much good stuff! Who knew? (Us. We knew. Now you do, too!) No worries if you missed out, though, because the show floor is still playable in Dreams! Go check it out*, poke around, maybe discover some secrets… We won’t spoil too much, but suffice it to say there are some pretty cool surprises for those of you that hunt down every hidden treasure. And guess what? All these amazing creations that featured at DreamsCom ‘22 are still playable in Dreams today, too. We’ve selected just a few highlights from this year’s lineup – check them out below. (If you’d like to see them in action, you can catch up with our VODs over on Twitch, and even hear the creators themselves talking about their games!) Protoland By Paulo-Lameiras Dreams’ prince of pixels returns – this time, in 3D. Yes, the creator of Impy-winning side-scrolling shmup Solar Blast has turned their hand to the third dimension, and the results are mesmerising. Against an uncanny backdrop – a skyful of stony repeating cloud textures, a nostalgia-inducing field of flat green – we cycle through the weapon wheel, firing shots at drones. Things get even more unreal when we discover we have the ability to freeze time. We slow everything to a crawl in areas where we find ourselves suddenly surrounded so we can aim shots better, calculate platforming routes quicker. It’s clear from these two taster levels that Paulo’s understanding of level design is translating across dimensions well – as diligent secret hunters looking to get the most out of this demo will discover. Strain By Orksom A concept so good it needs no set-dressing: in this puzzle-platforming demo, you’re physically linked to a corpse. Your goal is to navigate a mysterious seaside bunker, all while carrying this dead weight (apologies, old bean, but the truth hurts). Still, they’re not totally useless: the gas mask that links you to the body is perhaps your first clue that your stamina meter is linked to it, so you’re in this for the long haul together. Thanks to some weighty animation and physics, the process of learning to cleverly navigate obstacles and threats while picking up and putting down your floppy sidekick is curiously arresting. Community Garden Showcase By Nephrendil Gardens are meaningful places. In a garden, growth is everything, small victories are celebrated, and communities gather to share knowledge – even to sustain themselves. Asset artist Nephrendil has a deep understanding of this, and it’s a joy to behold; they’ve been running community asset jams to populate the Dreamiverse with a huge variety of low-thermo (read: easy on scene memory limits) flora that anyone can use in their own creations. All entries are presented in interactive showcases that display what’s possible when a community nurtures something together. As Season One comes to a close, leaving behind the fruits of everyone’s labour in full bloom, we’re looking forward to seeing what springs from this next. Battlepigz By FlashMedallion They say war never changes, but Battlepigz begs to differ. We’d say a squad of elite sow behind enemy lines, meched up to the nines, is a pretty different kind of conflict. This real-time tactical shooter delivers on its concept in this generous demo, too; there’s an expertly crafted and presented tutorial, and three full levels out of the 40 promised across the five campaigns in the full release. Anyone familiar with shmup classics such as Cannon Fodder will feel right at home in this porcine platoon – and there’s real tactical depth here, with a variety of ways to delegate your forces and hone your approach to each mission. Spiders Have 4 Legs By Pierogi-boi and Phreakerz Looking like it’s crawled straight out of the indie bestsellers category – that creepy, drippy 2D painted art style is to die for – is this QWOP-esque, movement-based challenge. You control the titular quadruped by hovering your cursor over its legs, then manually dragging each one into the next position. Simple, right? Until you see the fiercely competitive Race scoreboards, that is, and realise there are innumerate ways of optimising your gyroscope-powered skittering to beat your friends’ times. Liminal By Rammstein53452 and matizzle1 If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the course of the past year, it’s that the CoMmunity absolutely loves liminality. Endless staircases, empty corridors, odd-looking offices… (Okay, that last one’s not liminal, it’s just Mm Towers on any given Tuesday.) So here’s a concentrated dose of just that. Rammstein53452 and matizzle1 have taken a novel approach to this demo for their forthcoming psychological survival-horror shooter; this is a pleasingly rangey highlights reel. Expect everything from apocalyptic orange skies framed in gigantic walls of glass and concrete tunnels, to humanoid shapes wrapped in plastic and awful encounters with faces that loom out of the darkness. With pinpoint audio design and spot-on pacing, this is a good omen (or, perhaps a very bad one?) for the planned September release. *Internet connection required for online play. View the full article
  12. Hi, I’m Bruce from Idea Factory International and I’m here to teach you everything you need to know about helping Yumo and her friends stomp out the menacing Chaos Beasts in the world of Dusk Diver 2. Speaking of Yumo’s friends, let’s start with taking a look at how Leo, Bahet, and Le Viada all support Yumo in this sequel to the action RPG adventure, Dusk Diver. That’s right! Leo, Bahet, and Le Viada are back and better than ever. Yumo, our protagonist, is a college student who doesn’t mind making a little cash taking down Chaos Beasts for Boss, the overbearing owner of Tumaz Mart. Leo might look intimidating, but he is actually kindhearted and protective of his teammates. Bahet is a talented musician that brings his guitar into battle. Le Viada is an interdimensional entity turned successful theatre actress and model. It’s been a year since we’ve last seen the Guardians, but Yumo and the gang are ready to jump back into the fray and smack some Chaos Beasts down with a bunch of improved moves that new and old players will enjoy alike. Fans of Dusk Diver will have a particularly good time exploring all the ways the combat system has been overhauled for Dusk Diver 2. Play Video This might come as a shock, but Yumo keeps her signature electrified melee attack style in Dusk Diver 2. Only this time, she has some new tricks up her sleeve. Extend Yumo’s combos with the SP Skill Shining Rush, which quickly closes the distance on your foes and delivers a thundering blow that sends your enemies flying. Try setting up Wall Launches and Break Strikes with a well-placed Shining Rush. Wall Launches stun your enemies and leave them wide open, while Break Strikes extend combos and add damage. Surrounded by enemies? Let Leo show his lion heart with one of his signature ground pound SP Skills, like Earthquake – Flame. Use it with Leo’s air heavy attack for a roaring combo. Although mastering Bahet’s Sonic Boom Scythe can be tricky, its capacity to slay Chaos Beasts ascends during air combos. Try using SP Skill Circular Blade after launching a group of enemies with Bahet’s air heavy attack. This simple combo covers a lot of ground and shells out some decent damage. It’s true that Le Viada’s SP Skills keep the combos going at long-range—but don’t hesitate to take advantage of her shorter ranged aerial attacks. Link multiple air light attacks with an air heavy attack, and finish the combo with Eat The Bullet. The aerial version of this SP Skill shoots towards the ground and can put enemies into Break State, which can lead to some easy damage. Take advantage of the character swapping system to help you figure out which character’s fighting style works best for you. But don’t forget about the cooldown time. You wouldn’t want to accidentally switch to a weaker character during a pivotal moment in a boss fight. Whether you are looking for extra damage, or trying to get out of a tough situation, Support Skills are an essential tool that can open up some interesting combo possibilities. Experiment with the various Support Skills of each character and unlock the true potential of your team synergy. Getting the hang of Counterattack Timing and Just Dodges might take some practice, but can prove to be a lifesaver. Restore some of your SP meter with a perfectly timed Just Dodge. Just Dodges can be canceled into attacks, opening new opportunities for combo extensions. Equally as rewarding as they are risky, Counterattacks interrupt enemy actions. To time your Counterattack correctly, watch out for the red glow that emits from Chaos Beasts when they initiate a Crimson Strike. Keep a combo going after a Counterattack by canceling it into an SP Skill. Use Orb Fusion to synthesize upgrades for your equipment. At the Tumaz Mart, you can use Materials and Wafers collected in the overworld and on the battlefield to conduct Orb Synthesis. Maximize your strength and build your character to be a Glass Cannon by strictly equipping Attack Orbs, while ignoring Stamina Orbs or Defense Orbs that would improve your defense options. Want to build your character to be a Tank instead? Focus on only equipping Stamina Orbs. Try different combinations of orbs and orb fusion to discover new ways to buff your team. We’ve only scratched the surface of the combat options that await you in Dusk Diver 2 on August 30, available for PS4 and PS5. Are you ready to dive into this action RPG adventure and help level up Yumo and her companions while they take down Chaos Beasts? Purchase the Launch Edition of Dusk Diver 2 and receive an artbook, OST, and Launch Edition box. View the full article
  13. Fresh off the streets of Evo 2022, two more characters have been announced for Street Fighter 6, the next evolution of the Street Fighter franchise, launching in 2023. Juri returns with her playfully sadistic ways along with new ninja Kimberly! We sat down with Game Director Takayuki Nakayama to ask him how Kimberly and Juri were designed along with quick bios for the duo. Play Video A new era is here Bust out some beats and shake up your spray cans to welcome the newest ninja to Street Fighter 6. Kimberly invited herself to become Guy’s student, who is the 39th Successor to Bushinryu after defeating his master Zeku, the 38th Successor. Kimberly had an ordinary upbringing, but she’s a prodigy who graduated college early and now wants to be a full-fledged ninja. She is infatuated with ’80s pop culture when the portable cassette player was at its peak popularity, hence why she always carries one with her. Takayuki Nakayama: In terms of Kimberly’s design, we aimed to create an outfit suitable for her speedy and acrobatic movements since she excels in sports like track-and-field and cheerleading. Pair her brightly colored gi with sneakers suitable for moving around quickly, and you have Bushinryu-like ninja attire, don’t you think? We tried to make her hairstyle and outfit beautifully showcase her striking silhouette since she is an expert at running and airborne attacks. The spray can and portable cassette player on her waist are also used for special moves. The music she listens to originates from a certain person, but you will have to wait for the story to find out who that is. Let’s see how Kimberly, the Ninja + Pop Star = Ninja Star, performs.   According to Nakayama, Kimberly’s arsenal of techniques make use of her high physical strength and allows her to open up opponents in various ways. Being a spunky new ninja, Kimberly incorporates an urban twist to reimagine what Bushinryu means to her. She uses Genius at Play to stock up on a spray can, which can then be thrown to the ground as a Shuriken Bomb. During Hidden Variable, Kimberly conceals herself in colorful smoke before instantly appearing in front of an opponent for a surprise attack. Finally, she has the trademark ninja Sprint, which can be followed up with kick options or Arc Step where Kimberly launches herself off from the opponent. Something wicked is coming First appearing in Super Street Fighter IV, Juri remains a sadistic thrillseeker who enjoys the suffering of others, taking immense joy in obliterating her foes. Previously, her main motivator was revenge against M. Bison, but since his fall in Street Fighter V, she now whittles away her time in a gloomy haze. What lies in store for her now? Takayuki Nakayama: For Juri, this costume retains the image from her Super Street Fighter IV one, but has been rearranged to fit the Street Fighter 6 aesthetic. There is also a change in the hairstyle, which I think gives it extra personality. Underneath her jacket, black tape that imitates the appearance of a spider covers her body. The colors of her Feng Shui Engine are purple, black, and white, and accented with emerald green. Also, please pay attention to her helmet, as you may have seen in the trailer when she appears on her motorcycle, since it matches her design. Her smart phone also reflects her personality and style, don’t you think? Fans of Juri will be wickedly pleased to know she retains many of her past moves with different properties now. Fuhajin returns where Juri performs an upwards kick and stores Fuha stocks upon completion. Saihasho, Ankensatsu, and Go Ohsatsu are newly named special moves, but may be visually familiar in the form of the low projectile or jumping axe kick. While these can now be performed without having to expend Fuha stocks, they can be chained together and powered up if a Fuha stock is available. Finally, Juri’s Shiku-sen, a flying dive kick, returns from Super Street Fighter IV, which can be followed up with a series of flashy airborne kicks. This opens up more creative options for Juri’s playstyle and can catch an opponent off guard. Here come two new commentators If you missed it, Street Fighter 6 has a new Real Time Commentary Feature where notable names in the fighting game community lend their voices to commentate your matches. Previously, Vicious and Aru were revealed to be the first two Play-by-Play Commentators back in June. Now, we can confirm two more legendary commentators. Play Video First, we want to go into more detail on the Real Time Commentary Feature. In tournaments, there are usually two commentators working in tandem: the Play-by-Play Commentator, who specializes in describing the action with articulate and rapid delivery, and the Color Commentator, who gives further insight and analysis into the match. We mirror this concept in Street Fighter 6 where you can select both a Play-by-Play Commentator and a Color Commentator in the settings! Joining Vicious and Aru as a Play-by-Play Commentator is Tasty Steve, who brings his trademark energy, charisma, and hype to his performance. Our first Color Commentator reveal is no other than the fighting game historian, James Chen. We’re honored to have these two legends be a part of Street Fighter 6 history and can’t wait for you to hear them in-game. We’ll reveal more voices in the future! This completes our Evo 2022 announcements. We’re excited to have Kimberly and Juri bring their unique personalities to the character roster while James Chen and Tasty Steve lend their voices to Street Fighter 6. We’ll see you later in the year for our next reveals! Any guesses? View the full article
  14. Last week, we asked you to get up close and personal with the furry feline protagonist of Stray using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: ZenoCrach shares lights reflecting in the eyes of the Stray. MDSP777 shares the Stray wandering around a tree town. PhoenixRedVP shares the Stray standing in front of some TVs with a cat icon. RB_SKKN shares the Stray meowing. M_Joe_Hort shares the Stray in front of a neon noodle shop sign. viciousvyt shares the Stray reaching up to scratch its claws on something. Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? THEME: Disguise SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on August 10, 2022 Next week, we’re looking for characters shrouded in mystery. Share a character from the game of your choice dressed in a disguise or costume using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. View the full article
  15. Hot on the heels of its world premiere reveal, we’re here to take you even deeper into the brutal world of Meet Your Maker. Let’s start with a quick recap of the game itself, coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2023. Meet Your Maker is a new first-person building-and-raiding game set in a dark post-apocalyptic future. Gameplay revolves around the creation and infiltration of stand-alone levels called Outposts, as players seek to protect or steal the world’s most precious remaining resource from each other. Play Video Building is focused on strategic, block-based design, where players will draw from a highly customizable toolbox of traps and guards to mastermind deadly maze-like Outposts. Raiders, on the other hand, will suit up for methodical, lightning-fast combat as they enter and attempt to overcome other players’ creations. The experience is one truly driven by user-generated content, and every single Outpost in the game is designed by players, for players. While the unique gameplay of Meet Your Maker takes center stage at first glance, similar to Behaviour’s long-running multiplayer horror hit Dead by Daylight, there’s also a rich mythology waiting to be discovered. Welcome to the Chimera Project Communicate with the Chimera via a unique psychic bond. “Humanity has been facing extinction ever since a genetic disease swept the globe hundreds of years ago,” explains Joe Dermo, Meet Your Maker’s lead narrative designer. “Desperate nations waged war over resources, riots broke out, and societies collapsed. However, humanity didn’t roll over and die. “There was an era where several gifted world leaders proposed Sanctuaries—highly advanced research labs across the world that could work independently and cooperatively on world-saving initiatives. One such initiative was the Chimera Project, which would create hybrid-humans by distilling uncorrupted genetic material through those who have shown resistance to the disease. “After hundreds of years, the project continues towards its goal, though the evolution of the Chimera has gone down an unexpected path…”. Protect what’s yours, take all you can A harvester loads genetic material into the shipping station for transport back to the Sanctuary. Players will assume the role of the Custodian, a clone tasked with seeking out the remaining uncorrupted genetic material and either defending or stealing it. You are the last hope for completing the Chimera Project – but gathering this coveted resource won’t be easy. “Uncorrupted genetic material is exceedingly rare due to this disease that’s swept the world, yet it’s the one thing needed to complete the Chimera Project and hopefully bring about a cure, “continues Joe. “As it dwindles in supply, Sanctuaries led by Chimera have begun to fight over it.” The fight in question takes place within Outposts built by players to extract genetic material. The heart of each Outpost is its extractor cube, filling canisters with the precious resource. Builders will need to tap into their most devious impulses, creating a gauntlet of traps and monstrous guards designed to lure, outwit, and tear trespassing players limb from limb. Raiders will need sharp reflexes, anticipation, and perseverance to not only fight their way to the extractor cube and steal its canister, but also escape with it in hand. “The scarcity of genetic material really drives the two sides of the game in Meet Your Maker,” shares Ash Pannell, the game’s Creative Director. “Making the building blocks of life the driving narrative concept helps to raise the stakes. It allows us to create gameplay themes that are morally grey, asking the question, ‘What is humanity? The physical stuff we’re made out of – or something more?’” In good company Speak with any of the Sanctuary’s five Advisors, your only allies in an unforgiving world. Between building and raiding sessions, players will return to the Sanctuary, their hub and base of operations. In addition to the Chimera, the Sanctuary also houses five Advisors; clones who run the facility. Progression is achieved by supplying both them and the Chimera with genetic material which unlocks new traps, guards, suits, weapons, perks, and even lore for those eager to peel back the layers of this dying world. “Speaking to your Advisors is a great way to learn about the world’s lore,” explains Joe. “Occasionally, they’ll mention something that touches on the greater history and hints at upcoming stories for them. And for those looking to deep dive into the mythology of Meet Your Maker, our ever-growing Codex has a history of every item and character in the game.” Through new content and an ever-expanding toolbox, this is a game that will only get bigger over time, and fans can rest assured its mythology will continue to expand alongside it. “Though a lot is still in the planning phase, we’ll be looking at ways that players can actively seek out lore and uncover new – and sometimes shocking – information about the world and characters they interact with.” Meet Your Maker releases in 2023 on PS4 and PS5. View the full article

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