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  1. I was thinking about this and when it comes to our armed services.


    If a deal isn't reached by the 15th, and they say the military service men and women won't get paid, are you then allowed to leave the armed services?


    Nope, if we leave we will be considered AWOL and will face judicial punishment, so we will be forced to keep working with no pay...

  2. Many joined the military for a steady paycheck, EVERYONE in the country had an opportunity to try to join, lets not forget that. We chose to defend freedom in our respective services, all we ask for is appreciation and to be paid. Id rather be unemployed, where I can go and look for a job, than have to work and not get paid.....

  3. Where the problem lies is here......


    I get paid half a paycheck this pay period. I will not be able to pay all my bills, it will count against me, not the government and wen I am busting my ass to get a better credit score, who is to blame? We know who is to blame, but who will be held accountable? Me.....

  4. yea, lets let the govt shut down so the other countries can see how weak and greedy we are so they can make their move........then youll have military members who dont give a shit cuz they arent getting paid then this will be New China......sounds fun.....*rolls eyes*

  5. I will be buying it but the biggest things I am truely disappointed in is the L1 aiming, grenade throwing and sprinting. The reason I used to love socom is because it was all one speed, you could aim the grenades and zoom was much better with using the D pad. I would think this was the best game to ever be produced if those 3 aspects were the same. I really miss extraction as well, Im not sure if in the real game they will have it, but that is a very competative game mode that defined socom, and teamwork as well.


    With that said, I still enjoy the game, kinda iffy about some of the shooting though, I am still getting used to some things, like leading people while sniping and they are running, which is somewhat realistic, not as exaggurated as the game can be sometimes but maybe thats the lag from it just being a Beta. Thats the only input I have. I may be old school, but thats what I had expected.



  6. Well excuse me for reading a topic I wasnt involved in to see someone bashing my brother, Hollow Ground isnt around anymore(right now) but they are my brothers for LIFE. And ya, we did win it, does it matter who was the competition? UF has and always will have the best competition, no matter who is pissed at who. So.......put that in your pipe and smoke it.........


    PS and just because your a disrespectfull a-hole, doesnt mean the whole community is

  7. lol i dont remember hollow making THAT much of an impact, ya bum lol


    Hollow Grounds fall was only partially due to Confrontation. It had more to do with back stabbing bums that killed every one of our members' morale. Our leader left to join another clan to play Confrontation.


    Path, this thread isnt about bashing the clans on the list, its merely making the list, so hold your tongue when you talk about Hollow Ground. If you recall, we won UF Black merely MONTHS after forming. I find great offense in your "sly" way of bashing stuff(youve always been that way and gotten away with it so why change right?) so I will just ask you to dont speak of Hollow Ground when you know NOTHING about it.....

  8. My favorite sports moment of last year.......seeing tOSU beat scUM again.......nothing gets better in my eyes.......and dont even start throwing the Tressel stuff on here, he effed up and will pay, fact of the matter is, we beat Michigan........not like he shaved points or killed a man or paid his players. The media is freakin about dumb stuff, in all honesty......guess college students arent allowed selling their own property for tattoos, who knew? I sure didnt :)