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Found 147 results

  1. I can't stand the guy, but he's got talent (squandered by his last movies, but still) I just found out that Tarrantino had a long movie script that was split into two movies....he sold the script for the lowest amount of money you were allowed, $50k. This money went to fund Reservoir Dogs. This cheaply bought script became two of my favorite movies: True Romance Natural Born Killers kinda interesting ya?
  2. Composure

    Howdy guys

    A good buddy of mine (KingJunk) told me about the site. I decided to join up. So far I am loving it, seems like a great community here for gamers and I am a respectful gamer. So, no trash talking or anything along these lines from me.
  3. Last night we went to an Alice Cooper concert here in Casper. I must say I didn't think it would be too great, since he's 100 years old an all. What a dumb shit I am!!! The guy STILL throws down one hell of a show. He played for 2 hours, did alot of his cool gimmicky stuff and did not disappoint at all. His voice has only suffered slightly, for the most part he sounds just like he always did. I highly reccommend going to see the show if the concert rolls through your area.
  4. Hey I have the subscription of Qore. Where do I go to download the new episodes? Do I have to delete the first one or is there some where I got to access it? Thanks guys
  5. He was not happy, apparently because the 'The Works'...doesn't come with Mayo and Mustard! How 'dare' they! lmao: Here's the Audio, of the 911 call ('we have a situation', here!):
  6. this is really cool, wish i had one pls watch the second vid, truly amazing, i doubt anyone else can do that and well that guy should try playing a real guitar.
  7. Some punk thinks he's tough. Tells man to get out of the car. Man get out of car and pwns punk.
  8. For you fans of Family Guy.
  9. Sorry, if this has been posted before. I've never seen it. Is it me, or did it take forever to kill that guy?! Also, is it common in the SOCOM games to have a "dance" option?!
  10. Hey guys, We are looking for someone who is good with sigs to do all of our clans sigs. We would need a template done to. If this is something you think you can do. Please pm me. We will need a lot done once confrontation starts. Thanks.
  11. Hopefully the dollar sign caught some attention. Ya.....I am willing to pay for up to twenty, (20) SIG.'s for a bunch of my members. I will need one full week to round up all who wants one. Who ever answers this call, I hope several of you do, I would like one guy to do ALL the work. I would also expect to include in the deal "ALTERATIONS" to the finished product. I would also need them to be of GOOD to HIGH quality.....since dinero will be involved. So......answer the call in this post, and I will PM you through U.F. by the end of the deadline I set forth for my TDH members. Thanks to all who inquire for the job.
  12. Anyone watch Greatest American Dog? I used to live in Bend, OR and rode with JD at Mt. Bachelor. I'm wishing him and his pooch the best, and it's looking good so far.
  13. I thought this guy was a comical genius. This is sad.
  14. Regular price like $150. Amazon's got it on sale for $60. Not a bad steal.
  15. Any one interested in making a SIG. for me with TDH, Clan Leader of TEAM DOUBLE HELIX, and our web address on it. And STATE urgent fury on it also. Maybe a guy sneeking up behind some one with a knife? Or what ever you may think would be good to go with my name. Maybe some catchy phrase on it. I dont know, beggers cant be choosers. Maybe this...."You're dead before you know it" or "Death is silently upon you" Thanks, I will greatly appreciate it.
  16. They can be used to cover anything
  17. I was just trying to find out who all was the Past UF tournament Winners, and could not find any. I'm sure that I'm just over looking the Web page, if not you guy's may think about putting one up, just a suggestion.
  18. ok, last night Hollow\H/Ground was playing together on GTA4. It was quite fun. gjbmx and I found out how to really own. I was driving and he was shooting. One of his kills was when I hit a guy(during team death match) and as the guy was flying over the windshield, gjbmx shot him to kill him. That, I thought, was the coolest, until later. My coolest was when I was driving and a guy was hiding behind a vertical beam(at the construction zone) and gangreene was shooting the guy. I started driving toward him, the problem was, the guy was behind the beam. I tried angling the car to hit him. As I was doing that, I hit a dirt mound. The guy peeked his head out and while I was airbourne, I hit him in the head with my front left tire. Now, what made this so cool was this. When I hit that dirt mound, my front left tire hit the mound and I did a PERFECT barrell roll. By perfect barrell roll, I mean I hit the ramp, hit the guy in the head w/ my tire and then landed perfect on my 4 tires. I thought it was amazing. What is the coolest kills you guys have had on GTA4 Multiplayer? Dub
  19. usmc-bravo

    hey guys

    is there going to be any up coming tourments for socom combined assautl because we are a tactical clan and we are getting involved with the socom community ladder and would also like to get involved with yours. Please post back a.s.a.p
  20. Guest

    Any1 no where Rainwolf is?

    guy on the forums he use 2 be on alot..if any1 can get ahold of him for me plz tell him 2 get on UF forums
  21. Guest

    Attention PLEASE!!

    I thought I would come down here and start some trouble, but just to let you guy's know...... X-BOX BLOWS Ok, have a nice day now ;D P.S. Chili You still my Dawg!!
  22. I want a sig. incorporate my name and what i stand for. I would preger that guy with the red and yellow HAT in tows old sig. pref. a pop out sig not contained in the borders. Thanks.
  23. This guy, will do almost 'anything' you ask him to, just by 'typing it in!' Funny as heck!' Try him out for yourself:
  24. This is genius.. LMAO
  25. I was curious if any other clans put up ridiculous numbers in individual kill amounts. We had 1 guy get 103 kills on the first map and the same guy had 101 kills the second.