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  1. For the last few months I have been absent from the UF community because it was crunch time for my wedding. We had to make some sacrifices and internet was one of them.... hahahahaha. The wedding was August 13th and I now have my internet back. Here are some previews of the wedding that the photographer has posted on FB:
  2. It's videos like this that make youtube a gold mine. The creativity of some people is nothing short of amazing. This video some of the funniest stuff I have seen in a while.
  3. Pathogen-


    So I can't believe we don't have a thread about this here....I"m so jacked to see this. The original was why I painted my room black in high school and put blue neon everywhere! Except my parents wouldn't let me paint it black so I rebelled and painted it "peacock blue" which is a dark, hideous version of Teal. Still, everything glowed and chicks really dug it. That and the treehouse out back, but I digress. This movie looks visually cool as iced balls, the tracks are composed by Daft Punk and at least in the trailer, make everything seem bad ass. I can't wait!
  4. RNG187


    The best way to describe Inception is this: Inception is a mindfuck, but it's the BEST sex you could ever DREAM of.. no pun intended. Inception was suspenseful, action filled, and seriously worth the 16.50 for imax. The plotline was the least bit predictable, for me at least(I'm the type who usually figures out the ending before the plot takes off). The acting was PHENOMENAL, the chemistry that group had was just amazing. I can't recommend this movie enough. If you can see it in imax, DO IT.
  5. Does anyone belong to one that has the Raiders still available? I would like to join one this season.
  6. Where can I add my clan tag? I don't see the "Forum Action" button anywhere. Why is it that I click "new posts" and it still gives me every old post? And can someone please explain to me how exactly to get to the place where I can see "Show New Replies to your Posts" (subscriptions...? Or whatever they are called now)? Thank you please.
  7. A surprising number of my gunners are Twilight fans. I mean, there is actually like 5 of them....I find that very odd. I've SEEN the first one with my 14 yr old daughter on Bluray. I hated it. I refuse to watch the second one, and I also refuse to watch The View, Oprah, and Young & the Restless. These simply aren't MAN shows. Now my biggest problem isn't with the fact it's a chick flick...its cause the vamps sparkle. There is nothing gayer on the entire planet, and it officially RUINS the Vampire image we all have grown up accepting. It makes me sick, and I want it to stop. What side of the line do you tout?
  8. It is missing some of the better sluggers of this year for various reasons (mostly injuries). I would have liked to see Vlad, Hamilton, Bautista/Konerko, Votto, and Pujols be in there opposed to some of the selections. Looking at this class, it looks clear that Miggy Cabrera is the favorite and that's who I am picking. I think it will be he and Holliday in the final.
  9. So I was at that damn evil store Walmart trying to not buy more then what I went for (impossible but yea). I got a 320gb portable HD for $59.99....yes I couldn't help it. I'm just curious how can I use it for my ps3 too along with my computer.
  10. Is socom messed up for anyone else? I keep getting network initialization failed message and when I try to go to on my computer that won't load either just takes me to a search engine...Reset my router modem ps3 multiple times.
  11. So currently I have the Garmin Nuvi 200w, an older model that has finally crapped out on me. I've done a hard reset and updated all the firmware, and it still won't locate satellites. If I sent it back, they'd replace it for me with a refurbished for $69. Eff that. So I want to buy a new one. I want to stick with either Magellan or Garmin...but I don't know what are the best bang for buck models out there now....I'd prefer to stick under like $180 bucks...any ideas?
  12. So my last sig was made by Wrath when he used to go by neoblackhound. I love it, but i need something new, something from my favorite anime Naruto Shippuden. Here is an ideal pic that i found in Google images. Anything with Naruto in sage mode would be badass. Anyways thanks in advance. If no one can make it then it is ok. Also i prefer the sig to be a dark color.
  13. I usually use yahoo to skim news stories. The last two days a message box pops up whenever I click a story that is showing me all the code for the page. Anyone else have this issue? Is it something on my end? No other websites do it, so I figured it was yahoo.
  14. I want to buy cod waw on ps3. I can get it for around $20-$25 on e-bay but if anyone has one here that wants to get rid of it...just let me know what you want for it.
  15. I am hoping to create a sig template for each of the members in my clan who wish to be active on the UF forums here. As you can see in my sig, this was something I threw together in a few minutes... er hours (I'm not that efficient is PS). What I am hoping to do is change the image on the right side of the sig for each of the members. The left image is sort of our "mascot" if you will. I am looking for any suggestions to my current sig that would make it look even better! Thanks guys!
  16. The Divine Knights are currently under going forum renovation. Our forum team has been working very hard over the past few weeks to overhaul the entire site. The new site is scheduled to become active at 7pm EST - 6pm CENTRAL. So come on over around that time and check it out! RandoHero DK PS3 Clan Leader
  17. I love this! Glad that these guys who risks their lives daily can find time to have fun. You can read about it here:
  18. Well I'm sure you're going to see the replays. The final batter of the game Galarraga gets a ground ball to first, he goes to cover the bag, throw and step on the bag beats the runner by two steps. Jim Joyce (Ump) calls him safe. Galarraga retires the next batter for the "28th" out of his perfect game. If this is not appealed and granted as a perfect game this is a travesty to the sport. How do you miss a call like that? Galarraga may have snowconed it a bit, but even a snowcone counts. Unreal call. I'm livid for the Tigers, Galarraga, and their fans. Just simply unbelievable on what should have been the final out of a PERFECT GAME. How in the name of God do you even call safe if it was close, much less being beat by 2 steps?! That's utter classless by the ump. At least he stuck around and took his lashings from Leyland and the Tiger players. Galarraga didn't say a word, just a look of disbelief.
  19. Remember the paper .1911 that a member of our clan made? This demo gives a much better vision of just how impressive this thing is. BTW! The silencer is also home made.
  20. I have several friends/relatives on here that wear a uniform, to you I say this, Thank You! To all the men and women that wear a uniform that I don't know, Thank You! And most importantly, to all those who have given all that they have, Cheers, you will forever be in our memories.
  21. Your clan tags are causing a fault guys. The SMF forums do not recognize them, and when you try to PM someone WITH that tag, it won't allow it. I deleted YMBF from my boards today because of might wanna re-think those.
  22. so i know its a good game and all, but im wondering if there is any way we can get a few more red dead redemption sigs on here? holy cow. its like a big advertisment. im just glad that dance dance revolution never took off. ;D
  23. Anyone still playing MAG? I play just about every night and usually have a group playing but lots of times could use a few more players. Good players that want to play as a team. I only play as Valor because Raven and SVER are the enemies. So send me an invite and I'll get you playing. PSN DK_Marauder
  24. hannibal


    Damn I didn't get to see the whole episode because of a storm. Does anyone know where I can find this weeks episode that I can play on my TV through my computer or whatever?
  25. just noticed how many threads xxNAME HERExx has started on the forums. im thinkin he needs a hobby. for the sake of a fellow member of the community, please people, post your suggestions here. ;D