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Found 82 results

  1. SO.....we'd like to find out what you all think about the online aspects of GTA4 online. There's different map modes. There's different reactions to potential online lag issues. There's a different "clan" feel to it. We'd like to hear your specific thoughts on your experiences, good and bad, about playing this online title. Looking forward to a good strong batch of responses. Thank you. - TOW
  2. Dv8 Experienced our most heart pumping match last night. Good luck on your next match LPK. It was an honor participating in Crucible 2 & I love how the competition got stiffer as we progressed through the playoffs.
  3. I have been reading a few post catching up on the "what's now" in the UF community and I have been wondering to myself when Tow's cell phone rings what does he hear? I have come up with 3 guesses myself my first is the Secret Agent Man song. anyone else got a guess?
  4. We are playing iLL for our next game, and as much as I hear and see from this tourney they never lost a match and this is our first time in UF tournaments,,,, so I got to ask any advices I should take ??? WiZ, maybe you should give us a hint
  5. If you fly a chopper and jump out before you crash into the Statue of Liberty, you can go inside and there is a beating heart inside. You can also get on top of the Empire State Building with a chopper. check it out its pretty crazy!
  6. Ok, i put my disc in and everything works fine. As soon as i get online, i join a party and i can't talk. I can hear though. As soon as i try to join a match to play, it says ethernet cord is unplugged and it boots me off. I can log into socom just fine though and play with out a problem. Any idea why it would be like that?
  7. At least, thats what i hear.
  8. anybody else in jersey hear about this? my friend goes there, and fowarded it to me. pretty sick people today..
  9. Need a playstation headset? I saw a good deal and thought I would post it hear just incase it helps someone.
  10. Please come hope to hear from ya soon
  11. The beta test for this game was released on 03/25/08. I was wondering if any of you XBOX'ers got the beta. I have a PS3, but I would love to hear if you did and what you think so far. The game looks sick as hell!!!! Might give COD4 and run for its money... (Cause I don't think R6V2 did).
  12. This looks like a pretty heart-wrenching war movie.
  13. Guest

    Hey [JyK]Skipper!!

    Hey bud just wanted to let you and EVERYBODY know that you are a great Co-Leader and that I never wanna lose you (no homo) hope I hear from ya soon and lets get ready to tear it up again in Confrontation!!
  14. If so, let's hear what you gave up. I'll start it off. I gave up fast food :-X.
  15. I here these guys are pretty cool and have a new website and forum up . You should swing by and checkem out for a practice or what not ;D Thanks, US25

    Speaker Mic

    Im looking to make a speaker for the PS2, instead of having to wear the mic, I want everone in the room to be able to hear what is being said. But I still need to use the mic to talk. I know UF is filled with some smart people. Can we get some plans thrown up of something that would work with minimal work LOL Help the Diggler out PLEASE
  17. When I'm on Cod my mic is lit up and I think people can hear me but I can't hear anyone. Then if I unplug my mic I can hear everyone on my tv. Does this mean I need a new one?? If anyone knows please tell me. And if I do need a new one should I stick with the usb corded headset or should i go to bluetooth?? If bluetooth do they have ones with a mute?? With my kids and old lady so loud all the time I need to have a mute button. Any info would be great. Thanks ahead of time!!!!
  18. Keep it up Michigan!!!! These guys are layin lumber on Tebow. So much for all the talk about Florida is gonna walk all over Michigan. Now.........The Rose Bowl. GO ILLINI!!!!!!!
  19. Well guys i got the call that we are all scared for..(not being told shes preg) this past Sat my GF and my sister went out. I went to bed early do to the fact i had work at 430am. I get up at 330 to hear the phone ring and its my sister saying Mandy(My GF) was in a car accident. Man to have that feeling on anyone i wouldnt wish that on my worse enemy. I get tothe hospital to have her tell me they took her blood so they can take X-Rays. Her lower back bruised so bad and with in hours it was sticking out atleast 5-6 inchs. So the doc comes back in and its me and my sister in the room the Doc says " can i talk to mandy alone" I'm not stupid to see that she is prob preg. So the doc comes into the lobby says to me "Are you brian" i said yes, " he said mandy would like to see you. Right there i new she was 100% preg so i go into the room and she says shes preg. But what scares me is she was 2 weeks preg and we go out every weekend and on wed to clubs and bars then she gets into this accident. Its a wake up call man So I have a baby on the way!!!! and im excited!!!
  20. I might be castrated for this but... There are a wide variety of wines from an even wider variety of wine producing companies/families in this world and I happen to be a big fan of fact you can probably call me a Wine-O. So hit me with it my fine I sit here and savor my fine Grenache, it would make me happy to hear what you have to say...
  21. as most people my age (24)and older grew up watching wrestling wwf and wcw at the time. well any way i was reading the maxim while in the bathroom and came across the cris benoit story.and at the end it had all the dead wreslers their has been 64 deaths of people under 50 a short list of people i watched that i had know fucking clue and it blows my mind EDDIE GUERRO---HEART FAILURE -ACHOHOL/PAIN KILLERS/STERIODS(2005) OWEN HEART --FELL TO HIS DEATH (KNEW ABOUT THIS ONE)(99) BRIAN PILL MAN----BAD HEART --PAIN KILLERS FOUND AT THE SCENE EMPTY AND OPEN(1997) RICHARD ROOD(RAVISHING RICK ROOD)--USED ANIBOLIC STEROIDS-O.Ded on valium and steriod gamma(1999) BIG BOSS MAN-HEART ATTACK?? DAVEY BOY SMITH-(BRITISH BULLDOG)-HEART ENLARGEMENT --DUE TO YEARS OF STERIOD ABUSE BRIAN ADAMS--OVERDOSE BUNCH OF PILLS BAMM BAMM BIGELOW-HEART ATTACK--2007 YOKOZUMA--34 YEARS OF AGE -HEART ATTACK(2000) MR.PERFECT---COCAINE--(2003) EARTHQUAKE THOSE WERE JUST SOME OF THEM I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT THESE GUYS EVER AND SOME OF THEM I WATCHED WITH MY POPS ALMOST EVRYNIGHT WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I DONT WATCH WRESTLIN ANY MORE CUZ I AM OLDER AND GOT SHIT TO DO AND O YEAH IT IS STUPID AS HELL NOW.... just thought this was interestin
  22. Ok, let's hear everyone's first round predictions. Keep in mind the Divisional Series is best of 5. ALDS: Indians vs Yankees - Indians in 5 Red Sox vs Angels - Red Sox in 4 NLDS: Phillies vs Rockies - Rockies in 5 DBacks vs Cubs - Cubbies in 4
  23. Guest


    BeastlyT from Jyk: I noticed on Thursday Jyk has 3 wars. Stormwatch attcking us @ 9:00 Jyk attacking 101 @ 9:00 and LTU attacking Jyk @ 10:00, play 2 wars at the same 9:00 time? Is this a posting mistake or what happened? Let's get this fixed before another cheap victory is given to a clan over Jyk due to some time mistake. I am posting this now so that it can be taken care of before the war day. I don't want to hear anything about people not being notified without the proper amount of time to fix it. If it isn't a mistake then my bad, but please fix/explain if them times are all right etc.....
  24. Guest


    i love this game, but i got a small problem. do you have to have a blue tooth headset to talk, or am i missing something simple. i can hear, but cant talk and cant figure out why. can anyone help me please.
  25. MedicSgt


    Is there a way to delete your current PS3 online name and have a different one? Any help would be appreciated. On the PS3 I can't hear anyone when I plug the headset in, only when it is unplugged. When I do plug it in those playing can hear me. I have set the mic area to usb headset for both options, is there anything else that I can do?