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  1. I need good and brave players to help me with the Zombies. That's COD for the Socm players. My PSN is MarauderHD Come help I scared!
  2. Its true, I have a hell of an addiction. Its called Street Fighter 4. Ever since I picked this game up, I just can't seem to put it down to play another game... I actually slightly care about rank.. Tho I don't know why.. Its like this constant desire to see if ill kick the next persons ass. Im hoping I can pull away from it soon, so I can get back to cod, or w@w... Lol.. Ugh... anyone wanna fight? Lmao
  3. Guest

    need cell phone help

    i dont have any cell phone signal at my house i live just over the crest of a hill, and at the top of the hill i get a signal, but i lose it just as i brek over the hill. i get it back just a few hundred feet down the hill from my house, so im wondering if anybody knows of a booster that will increase the signal here at the house?
  4. Anyone have or know where I can get a working copy of Photoshop CS3 Extended? I currently have the Lite version and it doesnt allow me to use skins or plug-ins. So any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. Looking for a Temp Xtreme Legends is the clan name and im looking for the help to make a sig xXLx is our tags Please help email me at xxlx_xravenreaperx@yahoo.com or tmtgov@aol.com
  6. If anyone could help me creat a sig that would be awesome. I know Uncle-Sid does some really good work. Something along the lines of tactical gamer. I do a lot with the M4 or a sniper if that helps. Preferrably black and grey colors with [TOG] written in. i.e. TOG F.O.G. CO along the bottom? I appreciate it guys. Email me or post it if your willing. V/R, USCG_sierra179
  7. What is the best virus protection to use? Does it help? Also I got a report from my church site that someone keeps registering under my ipaddress when I log into the site. Anyone hear of anything like this before? I am on hundreds of forums never had this problem. What do you think?
  8. It's a ground floor opportunity I tell ya. I have all kinds of positions open. Well all of them. Or if anyone has a sucky website and want something that looks better and has way more functionality. I am open to all games as well except Killzone it's on eBay as we speak.
  9. when i say morning glory, whats the first thing that comes to mind? Please do not google, i need any answer, anything, whatever comes to mind. thank you.
  10. Anyone elses pc getting stuck trying to access the TacMap for Chain Reaction? I get stuck on the screen that says accessing database. The access bar only goes 1 quarter of the way then freezes. I cant get in with Explorer or Safari. Help please. Thanks in advance.
  11. So, I know this is long gone and all...LOL...but a friend sent me this video today as a joke and as I watched it, I couldn't HELP but think to myself....."I know where Havoc disappeared to." After watching the video, you may agree with me...for specific reasons. LOL *Not safe for work* Well.....depends on how close you have people looking at your screen, I guess. Ok, bye now. - TOW
  12. OK I think I got a skunk in my garage... Well I am pretty sure.. My garage has sensor so no one gets stuck under the door. I dropped my girl off at work opened my garage put the car in and as it was closing it went back up. I didn't think much of it since it has happened before. I smell it now in my garage and I hear the garbage ripping... What should I do? I left the door open right now its 3 AM. Hopefully it will leave.
  13. I know there are a lot of you stoners on here, so i thought i would try to help my buddy sell his piece. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/for/1113165400.html
  14. Ok guys I'm in the market for a new Router since the one i have is obviously crapping out. Anyways I need help looking for an affordable wireless router that will work with any wireless adapter. I have 4 computers at home 3 desktop 1 laptop, and a PS3. Also my budget is $60.00 no more than that. SO PLEASE HELP!!! me? lol
  15. alright so here's the deal, my little brother has been on my ass to help him build a really kick ass audio system for his car he just got. It's a 1993 Ford Tempo and so I was like wtf? lol well the thing is I have the slightest clue of what to do for the kid, so here's what he wants. He wants something that kicks out alot of bass that he can control the equalization with, that gets really loud, (like on the brink of getting pulled over by the cops loud), that utilizes 1000+ watts, with subwoofers, tweeters, speakers, and amp, and something that will go with the reciever/cd player he already has that is made by panasonic, but at the same time wont eat up any of his passneger space. I sed to be an electrician for my step dad so I know how to wire the stuff, so I wont need any guides or anything like that. Also, he has about $400-$700 he wants to spend on this, and considering the size of his car I really dont know what to do for the kid. So for you guys out there that do this kind of stuff for a living and know alot about this stuff, can you help me out? Perhaps compile a list of things that would build an audio system to his desires? If you list the stuff, I know a guy that can get me the stuff for cheap, or at least considereably cheaper than what most audio places would sell the stuff for. So please help!!! thank you all in advance! D75
  16. Hey does anyone have microsoft acces 2007 on their computer and a key code for it? If you have a key code for microsoft office or acces, can i please get it? I dont know why but when i try to use it keeps asking me for my key code, which is weird because i have access to the other programs in it such as powerpoint and word but not acces. If anyone has a key code please PM me, i would really appreciate it. thanks.
  17. just like a week ago i was able to get in here without need to log in, cause i had it as log in forever t, so i would just click on my shortcut and i was directly on the forum. now all of a sudden every time i get in here and in almost every other forum, it gets me to the login page ??? what happened to the forever? LOL i deleted the cookies but it ain't working. thank you very much in advance ;D
  18. Looking for a nice socom sig... If any one can help me out let me know...
  19. Hope you guys hear it. My friend from school whom we decided to make him rap just to like hear him. And well this came out. Let me know what you guys think, if you like it please spread the word around, he has 3 other songs i will upload them soon, or if you want contact me on AIM and i will let you have them. http://www.supload.com/listen?s=nY2rJn
  20. Hey guys, There is a kid named Branden that lives in my town here in Oregon. He was currently on a reality tv show. Make Me a Supermodel. The show air's on bravo tv every wednesday night. Anyways, i need you guys to go here and vote for Branden. Help him win some money. http://www.bravotv.com/make-me-a-supermodel/vote
  21. Well imma go get a game today what should I get. Killzone Hawx Street Fighter IV Fear 2
  22. is this game any good? is it comparable to the ace combat games? does it pwn or is it gay? 1-10, please help if you have it. ;D
  23. My brother-in-law is gonna be taking his SAT's soon and I was wondering if there are websites that help you prepare. Sites that have practice exams or study guides.
  24. Hey guys, so i was finally able to get a copy of Photoshop CS4. It worked for a day, and now it says lisence is expired on this product. What happened and how can i get it back?
  25. I have been trying to get Flash Player V10 on my computer. But I get an error message claiming I have insufficient disk space. And that I need 5000 kb. Well I have checked everything on my computer and I can't delete enough shit off this POS. Any help would be appreciated. THanks

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