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Found 22 results

  1. The miami heat r the 2013 nba champs
  2. RACINGB0Y18

    Nba champs

    Who do u think will be the 2013 nba champs
  3. Stright From Dallas. 31 years to get and our boys get it done!
  4. Who plays sports games on PS3.? What games do you play & how often.? NCAA, Madden, Tiger, NHL, MLB (The Show or 2K), NBA FIFA, etc, etc.. Do you play the newest version like Madden 10/11 or do you play older ones like 09 or older.? Thanks for the input.
  5. c zambrano suspended indefinitely from the cubs 2 weeks ago, and lebron james is now property of the miami heat. not a single thread on either, and i SWEAR we at least have baseball fans here. in fact i believe there is a guy on the forums with a similar name to one of the above, lol. is this place dead, or did all the nba and mlb fans stop showing up?
  6. not sure how many nba fans here but damn that was one hell of a trade deadline. so many deals with so much implication for the rest of this season as well as next. gonna be a fun stretch run here as well as a potentially explosive off season. man im excited GO BLAZERS!!
  7. Anybody else excited for this? gonna be a fun season, GO BLAZERS!!!
  8. OK this is how it's going to work. In the 4 major sports (i.e NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL) you will pick one person and only one person for each sport on who you think is the best player ever for that sport. No object to this. This is just to debate who is the all time great for that sport. I'll start. MLB - Ted Williams NBA - Micheal Jordan NFL - Jerry Rice (Football is hard to pick from man) NHL - Wayne Gretzky
  9. I got a kick out of this!,118393
  11. That's right! Allen Iverson, is to be traded to the Detroit Pissed-ONs for Chauncey Billups and 'maybe' Antonio McDyess! McDyess is in question, but the trades are in full effect. Can't see the logic in this one, but it struck my attention.
  13. First time I ever seen a team suspend someone for that many games for breaching a contract lol
  14. Yea BabY!
  15. Any NBA fans still left out there LOL??? With the NBA Draft tomorrow night I wanna see your thoughts on the all-time NBA draft bust I have a few but ill name just 2 1. Danny Ferry - If you all recall he didnt want to play for Clippers (nothing new LOL) so he played a season over sea's until his rights were traded a year later to the cavs for you guess Ron Harper. and my number 2! 2. Michael Olowokandi - The Kandi Man was taken before future Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce Even the final pick of the first round, Nazr Mohammed had a better semi career the the kandi man lol ( I stole this one off of a sports site, but its so true)
  16. I thought this was funny
  17. WOW...The Fakers had the largest first quarter lead in NBA Finals history, 21 points....only to lose the game.... Question is, is this the worst loss in NBA Finals history?
  19. There is a real good chance that OKC is going to be getting the Super Sonics. I was wanting to know if there are any small businesses that you guys know of in the other NBA towns that do fairly well. I know restaurants and maybe ticket scalping stuff like that but is there something small that people are doing that you guys know of so I can maybe get ready for and maybe do.
  20. Just curious to see what everyone else has in there collection . My Games: MLB 08 The Show, Call Of Duty 4, NBA Live 08, Nascar 08, Motor Storm, Madden 08 (tomorrow)
  21. DAMN SMOKEY I LOOKED FOR THE THREAD BUT COULDNT FIND IT ....U THINK KOBE COMING OR WHAT AND HOW BOUT THEM CELTICS THEY GOT A GAME TONIGHT 7:30 I THINK....bulls 0-4 ohhh nooo just thought i would get this nba shit jumping off go celtics,,.. ;D
  22. Alright, the Finals start in a matter of hours lets see what people think.