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Found 165 results

  1. when i say morning glory, whats the first thing that comes to mind? Please do not google, i need any answer, anything, whatever comes to mind. thank you.
  2. I can't use the right click on my mouse for websites. It works on the main desktop, I can bring the menu with arrange, refresh, properties, etc. But I cannot bring up the options to copy, paste, etc., when I'm on a website. I hope I'm explaining this right. Any idea's?
  3. OK I think I got a skunk in my garage... Well I am pretty sure.. My garage has sensor so no one gets stuck under the door. I dropped my girl off at work opened my garage put the car in and as it was closing it went back up. I didn't think much of it since it has happened before. I smell it now in my garage and I hear the garbage ripping... What should I do? I left the door open right now its 3 AM. Hopefully it will leave.
  4. i started this on cBF and RVNs website i and just think i should start it on here to. someone asks any type of sports question and the person who answers the question correctly has the floor to ask a question. ill start... which football and baseball team did bo jackson play for?
  5. How do you get the flying Bot and or which class get to use that? How do you do the Ammo crate and which class gets to do that? Tactitioner- Whats his rank up perk? Medic- To Heal Do you use the revive gun or do you have to hit him with a med kit? can't acces
  6. Will a better graphic card speed up downloading videos? Basically, cut back on the buffering time.
  7. I made this thread a long as time ago, and got some really good discussions on it, figured id bring it back, and see what the new faces have to say. So the question is How do you balance your gaming time, and your time with your lovely lady?!
  8. I am writing my script for the Podcast and NO I am not stuck, but I thought it would be a good idea to have some of you ask me any type of question and I will put it in my script. Just PM me any type of question and I will pick the best 1 or 2 and them to my script. Thanks to all who PM me!
  9. Has anyone successfully backed up the hard disk to an external HDD? I have a Seagate joint I use for PC...was wondering if it were the same... I am planning on traveling with the PS3...anyway to park the Hard Disk to avoid damage during transport? Let me know! Thanks!
  10. My dell dimension 4600 desktop calls for this: Pc2700 or pc3200 DDR SDRAM non ECC Currently it has: Dimm1: 256mb ddr pc2700 Dimm3: 512mb pc2700 Dimm2: 256mb pc2700 Dimm4: Empty My Question: My computer only reads 256mb ram when I go to check the properties of "my computer". I think the reason is because I didnt pair my ram like I should have. Not sure though. I am going to get some more ram. What should I put in it. Should I replace it all and just drop in (2) gig chips? Or should I keep the (2) stock 256 chips and ADD (2) GiG chips?
  11. Why is there clans that have applied to hellweek ,without any replies back saying acceptance or denied they are just the original post? did they just drop out or did something happen i was just a little curious to find out I'm sure its probably not any of my business but i just thought i would ask
  12. i gotta know, did he at least inhale?
  13. I watched the trailer they put out on the psn. It looks amazing. My question is what did it mean at the end by in production for playstation 3? Does it mean playstation 3 only, or are they just saying they are working on it?
  14. so, with the very first horsemen tourney done, and the prizes yet to be sent it leaves a few questions in mind. a. will the prize remain the same? b. will there still be a prize? c. will there still be an entry fee? d. what if the same team wins again?
  15. What is the difference between a hard and a soft inquiry into your credit report?
  16. Does Hef have sex with the Girlfriends? If so what's the arrangement? All once or what? I Gotta know...
  17. Are the roster going to be posted for everyone to see in the info center? How can we check rosters if they are not available to us?
  18. NO CHEATING!! Don't be researching the internet for the answer. I really want to know if anyone really knows the answer to the following question. DON'T RUIN IT BY LOOKING IT UP!!! Question: In the context of money, where did the term "buck" come from? Example: "You owe me 100 bucks dude, pay up!!" Let the guessing begin!
  19. I bought it and I want to play Zombie mode, so I have to beat the single player campaign? I cant beat the campain in coop to get it? also when you get it can you play wih friends on the same PS3? or does it have ot be online? Thanks
  20. hannibal


    When you hear someone say "Sell out" in reference to effort what does that mean to you?
  21. I got resistance 2 and MK vs DC cuz I couldn't decide which of the 2 I wanted most. My question is which do I play first. I also got the playstation eye anything fun with this?
  22. i got kinda lazy and i dont want to go find that thread about it, but inst the sign up supposed to be out one of these days, correct me if i am wrong?
  23. I keep having problems with my profile being too large. I delete all the pics, and costumes. It seems that I can only have 2 levels at a time that I create. Does anyone else have this problem?
  24. Hey all, Question for you techs. I have a laptop that the hard dirve shit the bed. I have a new harddrive for it now. But my question is about getting windows on to it. I have a windows key that is for the laptop but dont need to get the software onto it. I can get the recovery cd...will that work? I have a windows xp cd...but its for another pc...does it matter, or can I just use that cd and my old KEY that was for this laptop?
  25. So we heard this on tv. And we were wondering if it was true or not. They say, every time you sneeze. It is 1/8th of an orgasm. Some people around my work and stuff said they have also heard that. has anyone else heard of this before?