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  1. Hey Guys, the reason why i am posting this thread is to hopefully find a really good clan that will be competing in the Competitive side of Black Ops 2. I am looking for a clan that is based in the uk and is aiming to progress far in the competitions. I have alot of experience with CoD Especially black ops competition mode as thats all i use to play as well as watching every MLG match. Reading up on new tacts call outs and different ways to get an edge on your opponent. Communication is key so only clans with headsets. I consider my self a pretty skilled player and extremley dedicated. I play everyday from 6pm to 11pm-12pm except wednesdays where i only get home at 8pm. So in a nutshell i would like to join a core team that practices most days with the intention of winning comps and is prepared to put the time and effort in to do so. Please only message me if you are a hardcore team aiming high !! Look forward to hearing from you guys and GL in the upcoming tournaments to everyone
  2. Hey UF. I made this awhile back when Divine Knights was interested in doing a tournament here but I don't think we ever played. Just getting in my formal introduction over here.
  3. Commander Fury Signs Off. Leaving Urgent Fury. I've been staring at the screen for almost thirty minutes now, just trying to assemble the words & phrases necessary to make this post. And while it's been said that I have the "gift of gab", for some reason, I can't properly express how difficult it is to find the words at this moment. When I came to Urgent Fury during it's very first tournament event "Urgent Fury: State Of The Union", I was just like one of you. I was just a gamer. Just the leader of a SOCOM clan, intrigued by the entire concept of a "Scenario Based TACMAP tournament". At the time, this community was all about exclusivity. You didn't get in, unless you were invited. And even then, the community furiously policed itself. Holding each clan, and ultimately, each person accountable for his or her actions. As a clan leader, I realized that I wasn't really the "leader" of anything. I was just some guy who played video games. I had never served in the military, and honestly had never even been in an "upper management" position in my life. But, because I was typically older than most of the people I played with, I realized that I had been presented with a unique opportunity. And eventually, my goal was to act as a mentor. To lead by setting an example for others to follow. And maybe, to dispense any wisdom I may have had to those "serving" within our ranks. When I think back on it now, it actually makes me chuckle a bit. They thought I was teaching them how to play a video game. In reality, I was trying to give them something that they could take with them for the rest of their lives. I was trying to teach them the importance of being a part of something that is much bigger than just one person. Much like life itself. But, more to the point of this post. As most of you know, I have been part of the Urgent Fury staff long before there was actually a staff here. I was privy to the behind the scenes goings on that most of you have never seen, or heard about. And due to the generosity of Urgent Fury co-creators Jay Donovan & Joseph Mesa, I eventually became part of the creative element of this community. By now, most of you know that I am Commander Fury. And for 99 episodes of Urgent Frequency, I have tried to produce a sonic representation of what Urgent Fury is all about. At first, I kept my identity secret. Mainly because I didn't want people to focus on me. But rather, on the podcast, and the community that I so eagerly wanted to make a respected name within the gaming industry. After selling Urgent Fury a few years back, Jay Donovan "outed" me as he tried to show me the gratitude that I assume he thought I deserved. Honestly, I was worried that folks wouldn't embrace me as much as they seemed to embrace "Commander Fury". But, I was wrong. Instead, the community seemed to be relieved that "Fury" wasn't just some detached "voice", that had nothing invested in Urgent Fury. They seemed comforted by the fact that "he" was actually one of their own. I have been a radio professional for most of my adult life. 20+ years in the industry. I have interviewed and met celebrities. I have held the top ratings spot within my market 3 times in my career. If I never worked within the industry again, I could hold my head high, with the feeling that I have had a good career to this point. But, I have to say that the things that I have accomplished here with, and for Urgent Fury, will always hold a special place in my heart. It has been a true labor of love. And until recently, it has never seemed like work. And honestly, for reasons I don't care to go into here, the passion has left me. And the fire that once burned bright. Is now, just a dim and tired flicker. Don't get me wrong. If most of you knew how much time, effort, and energy went into the production of just a single episode of the podcast, I assure you, you'd be stunned. I write almost every word you hear, and I am typically responsible for the guests that have appeared over the years, and the research I must do on each of those guests, in order to conduct a professional interview. Then, it typically takes me up to 3 days to actually edit, and mix the existing production elements needed for each episode. Some people have asked,"why worry so much about it dude?". Saying, "Just turn the mic on and talk". Without question, I guess that would have been easier. But, when I first set out to do Urgent Frequency, I wasn't even sure what a podcast was. All I knew was that it wasn't going to be like every other podcast. I wasn't going to be that guy in his basement, behind a cheap mic, just talking to his friends about games. I was determined to create a podcast that sounded like a radio show. Something that each member of this community could be proud of, and that would make other people want to be part of Urgent Fury. In the end, I am proud of how much Urgent Fury has grown over the years. And I am humbled that I was in some small way responsible for that growth. I will never forget the friends that I have made here, or within the industry. And most of all, I am proud of the fact that what was once just a cool idea among a few friends, is now a legitimate entity within the gaming industry. I could have never have done this without the interest and support of this unique "family". A group of like minded gamers, that I have grown to love so much over the years. I will never be able to properly thank those of you who have lifted me up when I was discouraged. Or that simply gave me a kind word in the midst of indifference. Your emails, and private messages have meant so much to me over the years. And I want you to know that I read each one with a smile on my face. So, in closing, I want to thank Jay Donovan & Joseph Mesa, A.K.A. Undertow & Sniper. Jay you are without question, one of the most powerfully creative people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And while we don't keep in touch as much as we used to. You have had an undeniable effect on me as a person. You taught me to be fearlessly creative. To go outside the box, and dig deeper. And for that, I thank you. I wish you nothing but happiness and joy in your life. Joseph, I can never thank you enough for your guidance and support for this "perpetually novice" graphic artist. Your quiet confidence, speaks louder than words mi amigo. Thank you. I also want to thank the new owners of Urgent Fury. The fact is, they didn't have to keep Commander Fury on the team. But they did. And you have no idea what that meant to me. More specifically, I want to thank Shane. He endures more criticism than he's ever deserved. His vision is one of growth, and relevance for Urgent Fury. And sadly, most of you can't see the "trees for the forest" in that regard. But I have, and I do. Whether it was our presence at E3 & PAX. Or our relationships with industry giants like Sony & Bradygames. You have held fast to the original plan that you guys had when you bought Urgent Fury. No one reading this can fathom the endless hours that you & I have put into this. Most of all, I want to thank the community. I am you. And you, are me. I'm not sure what the future holds for me at this point. But, please keep in mind that you are Urgent Fury. And without you, and your support...Urgent Fury is just a good idea. This is not good bye. It is see you later. There are things I want to accomplish. And hopefully, I will have your continued support as I move forward with my new project. I love this community. And I will never forget my time here. Until next time...Keep your feet wet...and your powder dry. Hooyah! ~V~
  4. It is unfortunate when clans will go to any means to win a tournament and we have always done our best to keep those kinds of clans out of this community. Over the last week we have been dealing with two clans that have pushed the envelope when it comes to ringing. It started with stacking clans with members from other clans for the championship followed by members who were suspended from the tournament playing under other usernames to avoid detection. Well after tonight that all came to light thanks to the tools provided to us. While viewing warm up rooms we have recorded the members of *^TERROR $QUAD^* trading log in information for the purposes of bringing in members who are not on their roster to play and in the same room confirming that not only was the other team ^ARM3D^ASSASSINS^ aware of it they confirmed that their banned player was also going to be playing. Well this is not only ringing but also collusion. Collusion is an agreement between two or more persons, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage. Urgent Fury has a very high standard against any cheating, teams were eliminated from the tournament by clans that used an unfair advantage to win. Though we do not have money on the line, we do have values on the line and no matter how much these clans may think it is going to hurt Urgent Fury by eliminating clans, we put that value ahead of any other number. So it is with regret that we are permanently banning the ^ARM3D^ASSASSINS^ and *^TERROR $QUAD^* from all future events at Urgent Fury. We rarely do a permanent ban like this, but after numerous warnings both of these clans proceeded to move forward anyway. To the innocent member of these clans, all we can do is apologize that you have been caught up in this. We cannot tell you what to do at this point but we want you to realize that Urgent Fury did not do this to you, your clan leadership did. We did not make the decisions for your clan to cheat like this. The recordings will be passed on to the proper channels to deal with these issues, we will not be posting them as they contain users personal info including PSN Log in information. Good luck in your future ventures, Urgent Fury Administration
  5. I am curious if there are any clans that would be interested in a Socom Confrontation comeback tour. I know there are still many clans that still have active members playing SC. It would be nice to play Socom on a competitive platform again.
  6. Looking for a clan to play with in the BF3 Tournament. Also would like to get into playing the matches or wars. My stats are below.
  7. Urgent Fury Presents: Battlefield Aftershock General Details: Sign ups: June 11th through July 2nd, 2012 Start Date: July 9th, 2012 Team sizes: 8 v 8 with an option to play 12 v 12 matches. Default team size will be 8 v 8. Should both clans agree to playing with team size up to 12 v 12, they are free to do so. You must make these arrangements in ADVANCE. Use the Clan Rep section for scheduling. UF: Battlefield will use a rotation of all current maps available for Battlefield 3. You should have your clan prepared to play these maps well before this tournament begins. Maps to be used in this tourney will be announced to the participating clans before the tourney begins by the UF Staff. Map modes will consist of: Conquest, Conquest Assault, and Rush. Team Deathmatch will not be utilized. Game settings will be customized to mimic hardcore settings. See the rule set below that addresses room set-up. You can view the complete rules here:
  8. Willykyjo

    Free Agent

    Hey everybody, New guy here and I'm looking to join a Starhawk clan for the upcoming Dust tourney. Good way to get to me is by email at [email protected] Thanks in advance!
  9. Revealed this morning on the Starhawk Facebook Page It's no surprise that Urgent Fury rocks. Thanks to the many, many $$$ we have given Urgent Fury we have been "awarded" this INCREDIBLE prize. Urgent Fury has bestowed Starhawk their "Best Tourney Game" ribbon!!! UF has seen (secretly) our Tourney System and has chosen to give us this blessing. Whilst the tourney system is still "under construction" and will be a "really #%%# soon and it's free so stop asking as it'll be released so close to the May 8th release event and (its free as an update - so there) you'll never remember that it wasn't a feature at release feature they still gave it to Starhawk anyway. UF has had long, hard look at it and has decided its so GREAT that it deserves recognition. So 'Thank You" Urgent Fury...and keep sending the t-shirts and $$$!!! .... And curtain...
  10. I was looking over this MW3 announcement and was just wondering when does UF plan on doing another tournament "Tac-Map: Online Map Based Scenario Tournament Patent Pending © Copyright 2007 - 2012 All rights reserved" or otherwise for MW3? I mean I did read the whole part about the community needing to be more active and in-order to show that we are we need to partake in the "MW3: Clan Battles" here at UF. But it's always seemed to me that when UF has done "Tac-Maps: Online Map Based Scenario Tournament Patent Pending © Copyright 2007 - 2012 All rights reserved" no matter how many clans have signed up for other tournaments they all seem to come out the woodwork in order to play on a "Tac-Map: Online Map Based Scenario Tournament Patent Pending © Copyright 2007 - 2012 All rights reserved". If UF isn't going to hold any tournaments for MW3 then what shooter will UF be waiting for to actually run a tournament? Just seems like a never ending circle. UF wants teams to be active for them to put on tournaments but clans aren't active because there are no tournaments, so around and around we go.
  11. It is with true regret all offerings outside of the regular ladder for MW3 will be cancelled due to lack of participation. We were putting the finishing touches on a Tacmap for MW3, but with the lack of MW3 participation we simply can not dedicate any more time and effort (which can be considerable) into developing these until the community feels they are capable and able to support it. "How do we support it?" Well as of now if you would like us to provide events for MW3, your clan needs to sign up for the MW3: Clan Battles and participate actively. We will always be ready to consider launching a new tournament but we can not do so until we see that the community truly wants to get MW3 back on the radar.In all honesty, it just isnt fair to those who dedicate volunteer hours creating events, and not fair to those clans who do get their teams signed up and looking forward to an event and then find it has to be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.
  12. i was checking out a lot of the things on these forums i never look at, and i looked at the "whose" online link at the bottom. there were 9 members and 71 guests online. when i clicked on it it showed me what each one was doing, which is a function im familiar with on my own forums, but never tried here. but one of the guests was looking at a thread started by uncle-sid25 of the +30 clan in 2009. it was a thread about the release of hawx. after looking at a few others, i found a lot of the guests looking at threads 18 months to 3 years old. are these guests simulated? are they bots or spiders or something? if they are, what exactly do they do? is there some kind of tracking that requires this site to have a certain number of hits a day that requires these "guests" to cruise old threads each day? also, it got me wondering, is that why clans have to have every member that wants to play in a tournament register here? does the site need to have a certain number of registered members for some reason? ive had a forum for a little over four years, but im very unfamiliar with a lot of the little functions so any kind of ex[lanation swould be greatly appreciated.
  13. Sup UF,i'm CarlosStylez14 but u can call me Carlos.Just stopping by to introduce myself since i haven't really gotten a chance to do so.We are always looking forward to tournaments and scrims look us up on our website at in touch
  14. Guest

    March Madness Tournament

    Just Finished my bracket on ESPN Elite 8 My Picks kentucky vs duke MSU vs Marquette Cuse vs OSU UNC vs Kansas Final Four Kentucky vs MSU OSU vs UNC Championship Game Kentucky vs UNC National Champ UNC
  15. What's up UF! FocusFactor here representing Alis Grave Nil [AGn], we are a Playstation 3 clan, playing Modern Warfare 3. We are looking for recruits to join the clan! Are you a gunner?! Have mad call out skills?! Do you think you have what it takes to compete against the best clans out on Modern Warfare 3 through hosting tournaments websites?! Then come check us out at! I posted our Application Process on here but it is must preferred that you check out our website at! We are always talking applications, apply today! Playstation Network ID: Real Name [First Name Only]: Age: Hometown: Past Clans: How Did You Hear About Alis Grave Nil? How Many Hours Do You Game Each Week? What time of day do you typically play? What days of the week do you play most? Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Do You Own A Headset/Microphone? Yes No Average Kill to Death Ratio: 4.00 and Above 3.00 and Above 2.00 and Above 1.00 and Above Below 1.00 What Is Your Current Kill To Death Ratio On MW3? Favorite Game Mode? What Can You Bring To Alis Grave Nil?
  16. You heard correctly, we tested this several times this morning and this evening. Private matches will now properly hold up to 18 members, regardless of elite/non-elite. Does this now mean that Unrest is the next MW3 tournament, instead of another Wetwork? Would be awesome to get into some full-size clan battles!
  17. Havent been on this website in years. I used to be in [iMr]Immortals socom and cod. Just wanted to see whats up. Im in a tournament from this website. Clan im rolling woth now is The Uprising. My psn is OCHO-- Im on that MW3 and GT5
  18. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see any of the Community Clans signing up for any of the MW3 Tournaments. I understand about the inability to run more than a 4 v 4 but this only reminds me of when we would have smaller Tournaments running in between the large ones (ex: Summer Blowout, even Horsemen but without the prizes and etc.). The idea is that we support our Community in ways that we can. So if I'm missing anything can someone enlighten me as to why we can't create Tournament-play with a Tournament-Hosting Community? The reason this baffles me is because I see many of us playing on this game, daily...
  19. We would like to welcome you to Urgent Fury as this will be the first time you have visited Urgent Fury or even heard of us. First let me do a little house cleaning and give you a brief guided tour... First visit First time visiting post to give you some simple guidelines on what to do and not do around here. You can also introduce yourself in the New To Urgent Fury section, it's always nice to welcome new members. In the forums you will find a pretty straight forward layout: The Welcome Section is pretty straight forward, you will find Announcements, Contests, Suggestion area, New Clan Registration area and the Recruitment and Free Agent Center. The General Quarters is the discussion area, it is broken down in to some pretty straight forward sections The Media and Graphics Section is where you can find Blog posts, episodes of UFreqTV, hit up Commander Fury and call on some graphics help The WarZone is where you will find Tournament info and Sign ups. This is primarily for Shooters The SportsZone, like WarZone is where you will find sport related Tournaments Now at the top you will find links to the Podcast, Blog and UFreqTV head on over when you get a chance and check them out. You can also listen to Episode 93 with Harvard Bonin, Sr Producer for StarHawk. If you are in a clan be sure to register your clan so that other clans can get to know you, there are several members that like to visit other clans site's, set up scrimmages, etc. Well that about wraps up the Tour... We will be announcing more about what Urgent Fury will be doing with StarHawk soon, but you are more than welcome to post questions here as well. And once again welcome to Urgent Fury.
  20. A few clans have suggested that we do a Socom Confrontation tournament, please tell us if you would participate.
  21. xTRUx1x

    Free Agent

    Looking for a GROWN FOLKS 2 play with NO KIDS PSN id is JSmokkie Been around gaming longtime a daily player since i am not working on software for other gamers anymore NO KIDS i do not play with under 21 players anymore i wanna start getting in to tourney play and more group play
  22. To bring the HOLIDAYS closer to us,,, URGENT FURY brings to you,, YULE TIDE TERROR! The Holiday Extravaganza! Bring your Clan and split them up into groups of 6. Three teams max per clan. Check out the HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT here sign up here >>>>APPLICATION<<<<
  23. We know this has been a very tough tournament for everyone as Socom has been quite a challenge, we will be posting up the video shortly of the match. Great job to all of the clans that endured through the trial and tribulations that Socom brought your clans. The title of this tournament could not be anymore fitting.
  24. Once again we have had to tell a clan they are not welcome here... Now many have wondered what lead up to this and why has this punishment been so harsh. Well let's take a look at the history of this clan that is infamous for lying and cheating at Urgent Fury. Back up 2 years ago as we were well underway in a Modern Warfare 2 tournament when it is brought to light that many members of this clan are reported as using glitches to increase their custom loadout count giving them an small but unfair advantage against other clans in the tournament. After denying this several times, proof is provided of not only how they are doing it but gloating about how they got away with it in UF. Initially they were removed from the tournament and given a stiff suspension. Later down the road after much discussion, we allowed the clan to return but with a suspension of the leader. All seemed to be running smooth when we discovered the leader was playing under another name as well as acting as the clan rep under another name as well. At this point we told the leader enough is enough, you obviously do not respect the community enough to follow rules and your clan's time at Urgent Fury is done. Now the rest of the story... since our last Black Ops tournament, we received several PMs from the "New" leader of this clan and that the former leader had been removed from the clan asking for acceptance back in to UF. Funny thing is, this clan was competing at another site where not only was the player still on the roster and the clan rep, he also was listed as the leader of the clan. And then recently, knowing that our new Tournament Admin may not catch on, he created yet another account on the forums and weaseled his way into UF Unrest... of course that did not last long as the directors quickly squashed that attempt. On top of that as many of the community members pointed out, they tried to fill out the New Clan Submission with false information. Acts like this will not be tolerated by any clans, if you don't have Honor or Dignity, then you will find yourself without a place to play. And if you are a member of one of these types of clans, we highly encourage you to find a new clan.
  25. We will place the Final Calendar Design in the Zazzle store for any and everyone to purchase for $23.50 (base price) we will post any sales that will give you discounts. We will also donate a 50% of all of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization near and dear to many of us here at Urgent Fury. Based on the Community's vote each clan will get to choose one of 4 months... February, May, August or November. Highest votes get to choose first followed by the next one, etc and of course the lowest votes will get the left over month Here are the entries in alphabetical order: Clan Killas Ravenfall Uprising Xtreme Renegades Remember there is only one vote per registered user... votes will close on November 18th at 09:06pm cst, so tell your clan mates to help you get to the top!!! Good luck to the clans. Since we only had 4 entries, the remaining Calendar graphics will be a selection of tournament images, spoof images and other artwork designed by the UF Media Team!!! Remember this will go to support a worth cause and kinda fun too!!!