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Found 140 results

  1. I saw the email. Im just wondering how many clans are going to pursue this tournament? Ill strongly consider bringing my guys for it if theres the right amount.
  2. Our staff have come up with a great contest for all of the clans here at Urgent Fury. As many of you have seen there are some amazing artwork tied to each clan and what better way to showcase your clan that as an image tied to the month of a calendar. First the template: The template is very simple Do not make any changes to the settings and save it as clanname.png with the default settings and send it to media @ or provide a download link. Next the rules: Your image cannot contain any copy written text, other tournament site logos or trademarked images with the exception of Urgent Fury Images which can be downloaded here: Any submissions that include any violation of this will be notified to resolve, you will receive two additional submissions to correct any issues. Now the contest: Once we have closed the submission window, we will post all of the submissions along with a poll. The top 12 submissions will be allowed to choose their month in the calendar Starting with the highest vote and working to the least... so if you want to get top choice you will need to get the most votes for your clan's design. One vote per registered user. We will publish the calendar as long as there are at least 2 submissions. If we have more than 12 submissions, we will create a collage of the remaining submissions to be placed on the back cover of the calendar. What about the Calendars after the contest is complete? We will place the Final Calendar Design in the Zazzle store for any and everyone to purchase for $23.50 (base price) we will post any sales that will give you discounts. We will also donate a 50% of all of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization near and dear to many of us here at Urgent Fury. So what are you waiting for, you have an open canvas with a few limitations... get your submissions in.
  3. Current Organization changes for the tournament team... As announced earlier today we have made some adjustments to the tournament team to help with organization, and we want to provide you a clear understanding of who is on this team. Staff Members SniperCity Puddy Rooster (Very Limited Availablity currently) Team Members (Non Staff) QCNB RACINGB0Y18 IRISH BULL darth_cedaus The purpose of the Tournament Team is to design and manage the tournaments... Team members assist with administration of tournaments as well, for each tournament we will advise which members are assigned to that paticular tournament. We are looking to expand this team with additional members so please fill out the UF Position Application if you are interested in helping with the tournament team
  4. Hello All! After settling into our roles earlier this year as the new leadership of Ravenfall, we have re-evaluated our structure, participation, and addressed many issues that we felt have helped to improve RVN from within. We have now come to the point we can make this announcement public. In an effort to remain competitive and active in the gaming community. Ravenfall is excited to announce that it will be joining the Call of Duty Community by adding Modern Warefare 3, to its list of supported games beginning 11/8/2011 and becoming a "Hybrid clan" supporting as always: Socom 4. It is with great pleasure to reaffirm that Ravenfall will continue to support and participate exclusively in Urgent Fury sponsored tournaments with Socom 4 and Modern Warefare 3. We look forward to meeting you on the battlefield! -Paramedic
  5. Our team is SEAL Team 5 Elite Operations. We have been around for 3 years but have stayed hidden when it comes to Online tournaments. Its time for us to come out of hiding and fight. One of our games we are currently playing is Socom Confrontation. We look forward to meeting yall on the battlefield. Good Luck all.
  6. In the recent weeks my life has been getting extremely busy. I work my main job 45-50 hours a week, ref 8-10 football games a week, go to night school, and be a parent of 3. It has caught up with me and I feel I can no longer put into UF what needs to be put in as the Tournament Coordinator. As of now I'm stepping down from Staff at UF so I can focus on my future. I wish everyone the best, and I thank the Directors for their support, and TOW for giving me the chance to work here.
  7. Posted: Sunday, August 28, 2011 8:07 pm | Updated: 8:52 pm, Sun Aug 28, 2011. E-football tournament draws gamersJames Cannon Midland Reporter-TelegramMidland Reporter-Telegram | 0 comments Buttons were being furiously being pressed as the all too familiar sounds of click, click, click filled the gaming trailer Saturday night. Kids, teens and young adults shouted in support of their favorite football teams as others visibly and audibly showed signs of frustration. Only one progressed, before the entire melodrama began again. Ultimately, one champion was left overlooking his vanquished, digital foes as the winner of the first Madden NFL 12 tournament in Midland. But this was just the start, the real tournament begins at Best Buy's midnight release party tonight. Rolling Video Games, Urgent Fury and Best Buy have teamed together to make this fall's midnight release parties for new console games a sight to see and experience. For every major release this fall like Madden NF 12, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Assassin's Creed Revelations, the trio will be hosting tournaments during the midnight release party at Best Buy located on North Loop 250. "I'm excited for this partnership ... it's only going to get bigger," said Marc Dimmig, owner and found of Rolling Video Games, a mobile video game theater company. He and his wife, Deborah, began this journey in February 2010. Initially he said he wanted to open a gaming store, like GameStop or Best Buy, but soon realized the companies were too entrenched. So he began looking for innovative ways to satisfy his love for games and children, while establishing a profitable company. A mobile gaming theater was his answer. Since last year's launch, he has expanded his operation and hired a staff. He recently added a second, state-of-the-art trailer that seats 16 and has multiple flat screen televisions connected to Playstations and Xboxs. The gaming theater is dimly lighted to maximize the picture on the new-model flat screen televisions. There is little more than three feet from the massive screens and the gamer's couches. It all adds to the environment - immersing the player into the digital world of their choice. Dimmig's company is booming. The gaming theater travels around all of West Texas, hosting between 35-40 events a month, mostly for children's birthdays, but also being booked for corporate parties, weddings and bachelor parties. It might have just been the gaming experience or the highly-sought after new addition to EA Sports award winning line of products, but after playing Madden NFL 12 for only a few minutes, 11-year-old Cole Hayes emphatically expressed his desire to own the game. Hayes was challenging Dimmig's son, Dylan, to a football match. Before kick-off, Dylan said he was definitely good at Madden NFL 11 but hadn't really got the feel for the new game yet. It isn't uncommon for subtle or major changes to drastically alter style of play between generations. Regardless, the pair played a match, shared laughs and enjoyed their experience. "Respecting players, not trash talking and fair game play are at the heart of what we do," said Shane Bell, chief information officer for the Urgent Fury gaming community. Bell partnered with Dimmig and Best Buy to host the upcoming tournaments. His group specializes in new and different ways to play gaming tournaments. Their main project is modeled after the Risk board game. Instead of rolling dice to conquer a nearby territory, players would fight each other in their game of choice. The tournaments lasts 13 weeks, with four turns per week. The cost is free for anyone to participate. Bell said the company's main source of revenue is through advertisements and sponsorships with gaming companies and other groups trying to reach gamers. Of the several dozen in attendance at the Hollywood movie theater Saturday night, all had smiles on their faces and chatted about the latest games after their battle in the tournament. Like Saturday, the winner of the main event tonight at the game's release party at Best Buy, will receive a free copy. Best Buy will also be giving out gift cards to other top finishers in the bracketed styled-tournament. The party will begin tonight around 9:30 p.m. at the Best Buy on Loop 250. There is no charge to enter the tournament. Read more: E-football tournament draws gamers - Top Stories Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
  8. Head over to where you can check out this article about our upcoming Resistance 3 tournament:
  9. For those who haven't thrown Black Ops in the trash or traded it in for cold hard cash or if you are patiently waiting for the big hits in the fall, Urgent Fury is hosting Weekend Tournament which will take place on Saturday, August 13th, on Call of Duty: Black Ops. Matches will start promptly at 9pm CST. Teams will be placed into a bracket and will play 4v4 single elimination with rounds starting on the hour every hour. Rosters are allowed to be a maximum of 6 for this event. This third installment of Weekend Warrior will feature a twist on a classic Call of Duty game mode, titled "SQUAD DOMINATION". Each team will be given four types of guns that each player of them team must use. There is a sniper, a demoltions expert, a rifleman, and a run n gunner. Teams must not only rely on their gun skill, but also their team work to achieve victory. All you need to participate in WEW#3 is 4-6 friends on your roster and a team name. That's it! Apply Now! Click Here This ain't your ordinary Call of Duty tournament... THIS IS WEEKEND WARRIOR. Be sure to keep your eye out for future Weekend Tournaments only at Urgent Fury where new and challenging twists will be thrown straight at your face!
  10. Capcom's fighting-game renaissance surges forward like an EX Hadoken. This August sees the long-awaited PSN release of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, followed by <a href="">Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3</a> in November and <a href="">Street Fighter X Tekken</a> in 2012. I caught up with Capcom's Strategic Director of Online & Community Seth Killian at <a href="">EVO</a>, the world’s biggest fighting game tournament, to get the latest updates on all three games. Killian did me one better, discussing Capcom's evolving view of community engagement and sharing his analysis of Noah "<a href="">The Prodigy</a>," the eight-year old Marvel vs Capcom 3 competitor who captured the imagination of <a href="">EVO</a> attendees when he outmatched much older players to place among the competition's top 64 finalists. More...
  11. While the world’s greatest fighters were trading blows during <a href="">EVO</a>, I was scrambling to trade words with top fighting game developers who attended the tournament. In recent years, Capcom Producer <a href="!/Yoshi_OnoChin">Yoshinori Ono</a> has become the face of the legendary Street Fighter series and he was on-site showing off the upcoming crossover <a href="">Street Fighter X Tekken</a>. I wanted to pick his brain concerning his friendly rivalry with Tekken director <a href="">Katsuhiro Harada</a>, his thoughts on <a href="">PS Vita</a> development, and why he chose inFAMOUS frontman Cole as an exclusive special guest for the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken. More...
  12. I spent the weekend at the <a href="">EVO Championship Series</a>, a mecca for fighting-game competitors and home to the biggest Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat tournaments in the world . This year, I’m told, EVO attendance spiked sharply to nearly 8,000 attendees -- enough to strain the confines of the biggest ballroom in one of Las Vegas’s larger resort hotels. With EVO’s popularity soaring in recent years, it’s become common to see legendary figures in fighting game design prowling the demo stations, studying player reactions and answering questions. At EVO I caught up with <a href="!/harada_tekken">Katsuhiro Harada</a>, the outgoing game director for Tekken since its inception on the PSone. I particularly wanted to discuss this November’s <a href="">PS3-exclusive Tekken Hybrid</a>, the upcoming Blu-ray compilation that will include CG film <a href="">Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D</a>, an enhanced version of the seminal PS2 fighter Tekken Tag Tournament, and an appetizer in the form of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue. More...
  13. This weekend, I'm on site at the "World Series of Fighting Games," the <a href="">EVO Championship Series</a>, located in fabulous (chaotic, disorienting) Las Vegas! Top fighting game champions from around the world have gathered to duke it out in <a href="">Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition</a>, <a href="">Tekken 6</a>, <a href="">Marvel vs. Capcom 3</a>, <a href="">Mortal Kombat</a>, plus a host of other niche fighting games, culminating in a nail-biting series of finals Sunday night. Luckily, <a href="">PlayStation Home</a> users can <a href="">watch the battles live</a> for free. Not a bad way to spend the weekend! In addition to the competition, <a href="">Capcom</a> and <a href="">Namco Bandai</a> are showing off upcoming fighters such as <a href="">Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3</a>, <a href="">Street Fighter X Tekken</a>, and <a href=" ">Tekken Tag Tournament 2</a> to the throngs of hungry fighting-game fans. I'm hoping to score some interviews with Street Fighter producer <a href="!/Yoshi_OnoChin">Yoshinori Ono</a> and Tekken creator <a href="!/Harada_TEKKEN">Katsuhiro Harada</a>, among others. Keep your eyes peeled for the results this week on the PlayStation.Blog! More...
  14. What say ye?
  15. I am not really new to UF, but I haven't been around in a while. I am super pumped about Socom 4 and hopefully I will get to participate in a league or tournament in the near future. What's up Solja?
  16. Shadow Ops is the UF: In Country champion! They beat out Enemy Lines in the Championship best of 5, 3 matches to 0. It was a great tournament played by all.
  17. I was hoping to get in a beta tourny if we could figure out how to get the clans in the same room. what do you guys think?
  18. Wish us luck, I have two four man teams going down to Dallas for the PS3 Black Ops tournament!!!
  19. Anyways It is sunday:) so tell us what you guys thought of S4? Who won the tournament:)?
  20. Just wondering what the time frame was for putting it back up. With the up coming Call of Duty: in country tournament up I know it would be nice to get some ladder matches in to keep clans warmed up and show guys what UF battles are all about before just throwing them in to the tac-map. That and I think we'd all like to see the surprise.
  21. Have you guys heard about this? You talk about fun. The D-Day one is always huge. But the Red Dawn one should be pretty fun. This is what we should be doing for a clan get together.
  22. I want to be the first to congratulate Aiel on their first UF title. They went through the 5 week tournament, always proving to be a tough opponent, and came out victorious last night. They capped off what was a very entertaining tournament, and I would like to thank them as well as the other clans who participated....and I would also like to thank everyone for being patient with me and Nacku when some issues arised. Congratulations Aiel!
  23. Well after looking at some posts and everything, knowing how you did alot of talking with Travis, and the boys from Zipper, along with spending alot of time in the socom booth. I have some a question. Did you mention anything about UF to zipper? Perhaps any type of sponsership or tournament focus for Socom 4?