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Found 187 results

  1. Some of you may know the comic book "Wanted" from Image Comics about a fraternity of Super Villains who watch out for one another. They're making (well, MADE) a movie about it and it stars Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman and some young schlub who gets to mack on Jolie the whole time......bastard.
  2. Hey everyone I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to the site. My name is Michael Lopez. Socom: _unit001_ Ps3:Killafrisco Add me if you want.
  3. Hey Guys im Doing a project in school and i wanted to know if anyone knew any good perferably "free" movie/video editing software that you would be able to add backround music and clips and stuff too?...........anyone can help out?
  4. Me and a buddy have been playing empire earth 1 a bit latley...wondered if anyone else wanted in on the historic event Its a classic I bought it for $20 at gamestop online...downloaded it. Empire Earth gold...its the best.
  5. We are out of Black and just wanted to say thank you to all the clans and admins for their efforts. We wish all of you good luck and thanks for allowing us to be a part of the tourney.
  6. Hey a buddy of mine just got me into this game called Starcraft and I wanted to know if anyone played so we can maybe play sometime or so they can help me out...... ;D ;D ;D
  7. we have a X clan member making a new name with -Wu-Wreakhavok he is spelling -Wu-Wreakhav0k with a zero not an o. i know some of the clans have played with him, and he is not playing with the respect we expect from wu or other clans. his other names are MIDKNIGHT and -wu-Eh. I wanted to say sorry for his conduct and let you know we do not approve of this kind of thing. I do know he had an account with this site as -wu-Eh but he may have deleted it. anyway sorry for the issues going on. thanks -wu-Dragon
  8. Guest

    Hey [JyK]Skipper!!

    Hey bud just wanted to let you and EVERYBODY know that you are a great Co-Leader and that I never wanna lose you (no homo) hope I hear from ya soon and lets get ready to tear it up again in Confrontation!!
  9. oK so ive tried to make my own sig but for some reason it just wouldnt work for me .. what i meen by that is i cant figure it out.. so if someone wouldnt mind could they make me one if i posted what i wanted on here plz and thanks if not its fine im good without one ill just keep tryin ;D
  10. I saw this kid do this the other night and I wanted to see if anyone knew exactly how to do it. It's an actual move and it came up on the screen. You use the thumb controls in a combination. I just noticed on the kill screen and it had the instructions but it was too quick for me to memorize. And I didn't see the kid do it I just noticed him killing guys that way lots of times. It was called Whip Lash...
  11. Just wanted to extend a quick hello from the Usual $uspects. We have been around for 19 months and have recently heard about this league and were broken to see that it was already filled up. We will def be interested in a spot in the next open league so please keep us under consideration. Until then we will be competing in the Elite Socom Tournament and the American Socom League. Thank you Shadowboxin7
  12. Just wanted to say Conrads on the promotion ;D
  13. I just wanted to tell Tow and Sniper they got a bunch of really cool people involved in this community,keep up the hard work.I mean it
  14. I wanted you guys to see this Comedian talk about Water some funny stuff.
  15. Ok, I finally got it all set up and played with it a bit. Dont judge "what I do" cause I couldnt see all that great. I just wanted practice with the edit part of making videos. Still, something fun to watch..... I plan on making more later.
  16. I wanted to let all of you know about revscotts new COD topsites you can have your site rated and promoted just like the socom top sites check it out Dark Asylum and a many other clans have already signed up,and I figured with UF going COD it would be a good place to advertise for your tournament and other clans sites. Well hope to see you all there. Later -Twisted
  17. Whatever happen to these. I've waited weeks for ours to be posted up. I mean it's not that big of a deal i just wanted it to post on our website.
  18. Thanks for the props in this week's podcast! It was awesome hearing my name over the airwaves, put a huge smile on my face! Also.. the POW advertisement was sick as hell.. I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time. You sick bastards "hands, feet, fingers.. and even the right cheek.." it was just wrong man, LOL PLAIN WRONG!
  19. Guest


    I wanted to try out this new downloadable game, but I'm having trouble with uploading funds to the wallet on the psn. Anyone else having this problem? Or maybe have a solution to mine?
  20. I just finished this template and wanted to see what you guys think. CnC please.
  21. Guest


    i wanted to try something new and so street is my lab rat...waddya think?
  22. Just wanted to drop bye to say hi to everyone its been a long time its good to see everything is still going strong.
  23. ok just wanted to give everyone a heads up their is a probem with the demo portion of the pack it tends to freeze if you plant the bomb after you have won the round so dont do it. the game will start the next round at 30 secs and the bomb will blow up but no one wins and the game is stuck at 0:00
  24. Disciple74

    Spoof Ads

    Whatever happen to these. I know everyone is busy and what not. I just wanted to show someone at work our ads and let him listen to it but it's still not up yet. :'(
  25. How bout it guys....Give a little more thought in your poem when you accept your invites. I was looking forward to reading them.....Untill I saw some of them! These Guys spend countless hours doing graphics and forums and all the pain in the ass stuff so we have a great experience while were here and some of us crap out on a simple two line poem. Lets put a tiny bit of effort into it so it looks like ya care. for real....I wanted to read some good shit lol (damn that sounds gay that I am all about this poem stuff lol)