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  1. we need to use our last 2 player changes and i cant find out where to do that shane can i get some help the link was sent to me last time but i cant find it ????
  2. we have a twitter lol but we would love to start up our own website e just dont know how to really so if you know of a link or how to that could get us started it would be really helpful
  3. Xv Clan's Clan Introduction Form Enter Clan Name Xv Clan Enter Clan Tag XVC Clan Contact: arrowking56 or krazy_ass_kicker Clan Contact Email HIDDEN Clan Web Address Has anyone in your clan ever participated in Urgent Fury? so far just 4 of us for the battle bowl and so far its been alotof fun cant wait for more tourneys If yes, please tell us what percentage of your players have played here. 100% Has the leader of your clan ever led a clan here at Urgent Fury and if yes, what clan and what was their name in that clan? no To your knowledge, have you or any member of your clan been suspended from Urgent Fury for any reason? Please make sure you use due diligence in making sure this answer is accurate. Answering yes will not automatically bar you from playing at Urgent Fury. No If you answered yes to above, please explain What Games does your Clan want to compete in? Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 3, Other If you checked other, please add here... black ops 1 Where did you hear or learn about Urgent Fury? through a friend who signed up with another team for the battle bowl