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  1. Has any players in URGENT FURY here, considered "SOCOM in Fortnite" as a game for UF to use for UF competitions? Many of are old SOCOM Clan members from the past, have been checking out "SOCOM in Fortnite" for several weeks now and are very impressed by what we've found. We've all played SOCOM games since SOCOM 1... and never found any other game that could replace it! But "SOCOM in Fortnite" looks real good! Once you see Desert Glory or the other well known large SOCOM maps... the game will hook you! Here is the Game Media News release about "SOCOM in Fortnite: Here are some of the SOCOM maps in Fortnite to view the map quality. These are some map examples in flyover mode from the 2 major map builders. These SOCOM maps are created exactly as the old SONY SOCOM maps were, or as closely accurate as possible. They are surprisingly very accurate. There are more than 20+ different old SOCOM maps from all the old SOCOM games, with different game modes for each map and more maps being built all the time: All Weapons, gun sounds, grenades and all the tools from the old SOCOM games are there to engage. Day, Night, Day that turns into night in the same match, Snow, Desert, Fog and much more are there. Yeah... the graphics don't look like SOCOM4, CoD or the Battlefield games do... but you will overlook that once the match starts and you're running for your life. THERE ARE IN GAME.... - Mic Communications are perfect for great Teamwork! - Rooms are 8 vs 8 or anything smaller like 2 vs 2 and up. - 3rd Person view gameplay like our old SOCOM games. - You can enter a room by yourself to check it out first. - Matches are 5 minutes long. Some longer. - If you die in a match... you become a spectator and watch the match finish like the old SOCOM. - Before each match, there is a game lobby for talking with friends before you GREEN up to play. - There is score keeping for the match history - You can completely build your own personal custom SOCOM new maps from the ground up. This is HUGE to keep the game fresh. Have your friends play a SOCOM map never seen before! If you publish your SOCOM map... everyone can play on it from around the world. - SOCOM in Fortnite is FREE TO PLAY. For PS4 you need Playstation Plus to play multiplayer online. You can buy soldier skins, or any other items you want in your inventory for real money. - There's no noticeable LAG or fps drop from what we've seen so far. Bullets hit what you shoot at. Fortnite is HUGE with servers all round the world. - Most important! "SOCOM in Fortnite" is completely CROSS PLAY COMPATIBLE. PCs, PS4's, xBox's, Smart Phones, iPads and other Pads can all play together in the game same match! We've tried it and it works perfectly for chatting and gameplay! Or you can set a match for only one platform to play with your own rules of play. - You can Kick or Ban any trouble making players from your game rooms. If a PC player is caught CHEATING in your game room.... BAN them! - The SOCOM in Fortnite community is large and growing fast with players from all round the world. - "SOCOM in Fortnite" IS NOT A PAY TO WIN GAME! Here is a "SOCOM in Fortnite" competition video: Here is their intel for "Socom in Fortnight" DISCORD website: I hope this would be a SOCOM game to use in UF's Tournaments. The game is good and growing fast. Playing the game in the old SOCOM style, without all the Fortnite kiddie skins and stuff as like the old SOCOM days. These SOCOM in Fortnite Maps have no kiddie mechanics or crap in them. I would suggest any old SOCOM players check this out! You will be very surprised by what's been done to bring SOCOM back! "SOCOM in Fortnite" has Clan Support and they are setting up Clan Wars and Tournaments of their own now. My SOCOM Clan has competed in many Urgent Fury SOCOM events in the past. They were Good times! And can be again! There's been rumors that SONY is building a new SOCOM game to release with the new PS5. But I'll believe it when I see it!! Thanks for reading!! Ooyah!
  2. I was part of an old SOCOM Clan and we were part of the Urgent Fury competitions in years past. We now have a new Battlefield and H-Hour Clan. Is Urgent Fury still active and hosting PS4 Clan Tournaments or Competition Ladders? Thanks.