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  1. lol eViL, what if i got banned because when he spectated, he heard you talking shwit about him, and thought it was me? I wish i did talk shwit to random people

  2. you would love to have a real nigga in you're clan jmb , :D

  3. If I donate to this site can I get another infraction?

    I need 3 more infractions so I can get a 100 point grade on my Urgent Fury Test.

  4. What does an infraction do?

    Does it mean I can't post on the forums?

    I don't post on the forums anyway cause ima forum noobie


    I thought I was banned? isn't an infraction a downgrade from a ban?

  5. He lying... i dnt wanna get banned. I love this bullshit

  6. I'm banned leave me alone Shane

    ur a bully

  7. you suck at getting banned

  8. I got an infraction for "Disrespecting of Staff or Directors" when i didn't say anything directly or indirectly to any of them. <____________________>


    I just said the site hates us.


    Why you no ban eViL, have you not noticed he's the only one talking sht about you, yet you refuse to acknowledge him. Did you know he wants to get banned too? I'm sensing some reverse psychology sht goin on, cause i think you secretly don't wanna ban him because he wants to get banned.

  9. Wow............................................................

  10. leemco stop acting like you hang out with MWHS, you only hang out with us niqqa, you wanna be in our clan so bad that you are a real niqqa

    niqqas for life

  11. i think it was because you are fake ass niqqas,lol where i am a real niqqa

  12. Shane might be a cool guy but UF site is racist because UF banned our white people from our roster cause they were supposedly ringing on their main accounts with some fuk logic.

  13. but shane is a cool guy , why are you being butt hurt ?