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  1. R!s v MWHS , darthnick is ill , i am handling the mwhs team for our cb in 1h 30m , send me a message with the server PW when you are ready

  2. Hey sgt! a lot of my KI guys and gals are out of town due to the holiday falling during the week... many of them went out of town for the weekend. I too will be gone until tomorrow afternoon. RIS guys... I don't want to stand you up. I've sent out emails to all of them asking them to be on if they can. Our member truffleShuffel is going to be on and coordinating how many we have etc... he will be your contact for tonight. Good luck to all the Teams in your battles tonight. I'll see ya tomorrow! REM aka remlapala

  3. Hey sgtskinz.. remlapala remmy from KI... we are suppose to play you guys tonight. I've had a death in the family and will not be on tonight... I've got to go to the funeral home... wanted to let you know that username LEGALEYZT will be handling everything tonight. I KNOW we will be short handed... but they understand that how ever many of them show up will be the number that we will have. I hate not to be here.. this will be the first game I've missed but family comes first. Just drop me a note back when you get a chance bro. BTW congrats on Phase 3 man!! Remlapala... REM [KI]

  4. We are a clan for starhawk. Our clan ias looking for pilots only, we have plenty ground beasts already so our main focus is getting more beast pilots. Our clan has probably the best pilot in the game-MogyD .MogyD will try you out and if your good enough you will traion with him to try to get as good as him. If you are good in the air and like to fly contact me or other leaders on PSN Sgtskinz, redstar-00, red-Moses