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    What up Shane.. Thought I would stop on in and show some support for what all you do in the Community. The site is kick ass by the way, have a lot going on here.. Check you later. Stop on in and say hello to the Socom fellas.
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    Going to add your forum to my nav bar so more of the SOCOM Fans can find this place..
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    If you are going to be in San Antonio, TX next weekend: January 18 - 20, 2019 come by and visit us at PAX South. We will be with America's Army in booth 11688 showing off the game and having a good time. See you there, tickets are still available at
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    Congrats man! Looking forward to seeing the Booth! Excited to see what UF and AA can do together this year!
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    Thanks for the info. I will try and get back to you as soon as i can get some numbers
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    You are already getting started off right. There are some areas where you can introduce your clan, you can join our discord and you can jump in the conversation.
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    I saw your post about Boot Camp and replied, how else can we help?
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    Boot camp is for clans, season 2 is 7 v 7 with a roster size of 32. Do you have a clan?
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    Whats up everyone! We relaunched Divine Knights Again. Mainly using Discord and Twitter. Sites still up! Currently on Mobile Games, PC, XBOX One and PS4. Discord : Twitter : @DKGaming Website :
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    Remember with Season 2 registrations open we are moving the clan rep communication back to the forums for better organization. This will especially help with Roster updates and keeping questions handy. If you have registered for the Tournament, have your 2 clan reps register here at Urgent Fury as soon as possible.
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