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  1. hi shane 

    srry to bother you . i understand tyhis might not be the proper place to find out this info i need. but in reguards to the americas army upcoming tourny. i am a register participant or we are i should say.  many of the clan leaders are having some trouble with the correct info on this event.

    1 the start date we have seen both the nov 9th posted as start but thats a friday not sunday or tuesday 

    2  we have seen the 6th posted and thats a tuesday however the registration doesnt close untill the 7th 

    3  we are hoping this is an 8v8 tourny but others are saying its only going to be a 5v5

    any help would be greatly appreciated thank you shane 


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    2. shane


      As long as the actual PSN Ids are right we are good.

    3. Ducati


      no they are 100 percent  double and triple checked lol i read the rules 

      im going to work on the gnr clan and some others ont getting them involved they have large rosters in aa


    4. shane


      That is good to hear, we will happily expand roster sizes as the community grows as well.