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  1. Yup you knew I would do it... Flew to Alabama and drove 100 miles to get some L&L Hawaiian Barbecue at L&L Hawaiian Grill Nashville

  2. Waiting for John to get to the gate for his new seat assignment

  3. On my way to meet with America's Army: The Official U.S. Army Game team... Let the journey begin.

  4. Super excited about our trip this week to the America's Army: The Official U.S. Army Game Studio. John, David and I will be there Friday.

  5. Raising money for Veterens Day go to to donate!!!!

  6. T Minus 3 Hours to the Stack Up marathon stream of America's Army: The Official U.S. Army Game on Urgent Fury's Twitch Channel Donate to the event by visiting #VeteransDay #ProudVet #VeteranOwnedBusiness #fundraising #PS4Live

  7. Ohh HEB how dare you challenge me to a 47oz 3in thick tomahawk challenge?

  8. Ohh no Tim Mike

  9. Kevin Sievert

  10. I'm not admitting my addiction to L&L Hawaiian Barbecue but I am going to be in Alabama next week and the Tennessee Location is only about 1.5 hours from my hotel...

    Hmmmmm I just might have to make a side trip John. Have you been Tony? Eat your heart out Patrick hahaha!

  11. Reminder about our event this weekend

  12. Aww the good old days

  13. Miss you every day