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  1. After discussions with the development team at the studio, we were advised to put the Boot Camp Season 2 tournament on temporary hold until we have been assured the game patches have been stabilized. It’s unfortunate that we have to do this, however, it is in the best interest of the teams and players, that we do not attempt competitive matches with the current widespread connection, ping, and disconnect behaviors within the game. Please check back regularly as we will be watching closely for the soonest we can resume the event. Thanks from UF Command
  2. During GDC this week, Epic showcased what all was coming to the new Epic store, of course remember if you use TeamCrit at checkout that supports our players for Team Critical! Available Now Roller Coaster Tycoon Adventures Design the theme park of your dreams with the latest game in this massively popular simulation series. Satisfactory Explore an alien world while building a mysterious machine in this new game from the creators of ‘Goat Simulator’. Available For Pre-Purchase Dangerous Driving Drive like nobody’s watching in this new racing game by Three Fields Entertainment. It’s all about aggression, instant retaliation and sweet, sweet revenge. The Sinking City Inspired by the world of H.P Lovecraft, discover the cause of mysterious flooding in Oakmont, Massachusetts while you fight the corruption taking over your mind. Coming Soon To The Store Afterparty Out-party Satan and escape Hell in the new game by the makers of ‘Oxenfree’. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Survive your evolution in Neogene Africa starting 10 million years ago. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is a third-person open world survival game where you Explore, Expand, and Evolve to advance your clan to the next generation of human evolution in the exciting new adventure from Panache Digital Games and Private Division. Beyond: Two Souls Jodie Holmes shares an inexplicable paranormal link with an unknown entity and grapples with the power it grants in this award-winning interactive drama by Quantic Dream. Control When a secretive agency is taken over by a supernatural force, newly appointed Director Jesse Faden must find the answers to what’s happening in this new game by Remedy Entertainment. More details coming soon! The Cycle Play as a contractor exploring the world of Fortuna III in this first person shooter that blends competitive and cooperative gameplay with open world exploration. Detroit: Become Human Find out what it really means to be human in the latest hit from Quantic Dream. Heavy Rain Uncover the truth behind the mysterious origami killings as you control the actions of four different characters. Choose your next move carefully, though. Your decisions may determine who lives and dies in this interactive crime drama. Industries of Titan Create a massive metropolis, create battleships and take down your enemies in this strategy game set on the moon of Titan. From the team behind Crypt of the Necrodancer. Kine Help three whimsical machines form a band and catch their big break in this 3D puzzle game. Journey To The Savage Planet Head to an uncharted planet and discover if it’s habitable in this humorous debut title from Typhoon Studios. The Outer Worlds Explore a colony on the edge of collapse located in the furthest reaches of space in The Outer Worlds. In this new single-player sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division, the character you decide to become will determine how this player-driven story unfolds. Trover Saves the Universe Fight your way through bunches of bad guys in a quest to save your kidnapped dog from the zany minds over at Squanch Games and Justin Roiland.
  3. Attention Community this is not a drill, as many of you know this weeks patch did not go so great. They are reverting everyone to the previous patch, but to do this, you must delete the game and re-download it. So lets get er done, delete the game then go to and download the game again... or find it in your library and re-download. Season 2 matches will resume on Sunday!
  4. Time to have some fun everyone, as the forums are now powered by GIPHY. Insert your favorite Gifs right from the editor GIF button: You can search for your favorite Gifs and simply drop them right in to your posts!!!
  5. Want to win a new Console? Head over to and enter to win a PS4, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch or one of 30 $10 gift cards from Rogue Energy
  6. This weekend we installed a new awards system everyone that is a member received a Welcome reward. We also rolled out the 1, 5 and 10 year award for our long time members. We will be adding a 20 year award next Can you believe we have over 3000 members with the 10 year award... we have come a long way. We will also be rolling out rewards for completing your profiles, subbing to the Twitch channel and even opting into the Ad free option to support the site. Our limited edition series will include being part of a team that wins a tournament or league, attending a live event and more. Stay tuned for more as we continue to offer more here at Urgent Fury!!!!
  7. Boot Camp Season 2 registrations closed on the 20th, we have already started. We will open up registration for Season 3 once we get close to the end of Season 2.
  8. As we continue to build on to the tools for our community, we have added additional enhancements to User Created Communities. Our biggest edition today is to create a custom home page for your community. Features: Add ability to create a custom HOME page for your Community Allow members to choose which features will be automatically created when creating a community. Add members to the community. Change owner of the community. Change type of the community. Display club icons on users posts Display club icons on user profile (hover card)
  9. We do not and never will tolerate "ringers" we define a ringer as a player that is playing on more than one team in the same event, or leaves a clan and joins another clan under a different name to play in another clan. At one point we required every clan member to register to prevent this and if we have to go that route we will. We have protections in place to prevent users from creating multiple accounts if we need to. If you suspect one of your clan members is doing this take care of it right away. If we find out that both clans are aware and continue using the member both clans will be removed from Urgent Fury for a minimum of 90 days up to a permanent ban. The member is be banned from UF as well. This is a zero tolerance policy!!! Do not test us on this.
  10. So remember when I said we need alternate clans @Vendela_Marie well we have had a clan drop out and now we have an open spot... so if you follow the steps to registering your clan reps, you can be the clan to fill in this spot Or check the FAQ on Discord:
  11. All for making a league if we have enough people.
  12. We do not actually have a ladder system @PaulDPearl I did see the game being played at PAX South in Jan. The Army eSports guys were loving it. My only problem with it being VR only is the barrier to entry and how big the community really is. It would be pretty kool to have a league for it though.
  13. You can find the season 2 schedule by going to
  14. On Jan 7th, we posted the clan registration requirements It was also posted in the rules section on the Toornament listing: In addition to the several communications that were sent out. I don't know how else to explain this requirement. As for alternates, generally we will have alternates on stand by to come in the place of other clans if they drop out in the first week or two. While the dev team has done their best to prevent the usage of such controllers, we live in a day and age where Scuf controllers are a part of competitive gaming and cannot be prevented or governed in online events. But a blanket statement of half of the players on 24 different rosters are using modded controllers does seem a bit far fetched to be honest. We are truly sorry you did not respond to any of our communications before the deadlines. I am not sure what else we could have done outside of the contact information that was provided in your registration.
  15. So here is what happened, we sent out around 7 emails, a psn message and numerous messages on discord for clans to complete their clan rep registration. We currently have 24 spots with 31 clans entering. We set the deadline to the 15th and extended to yesterday. Once we hit 24 clans yesterday with no response we closed registration. We however still need 2 alternates for the season. As for any disrespect, please let me know who is doing this as it is not acceptable.