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  1. Good afternoon gamers, We are now accepting applications for Franchise Owners for the America's Army Pro League. You can submit your application by going to Please fill out the form completely and honestly. As the Franchise owner, you will be responsible for building your team, maintaining the integrity of your team in the league and you will be the primary contact for the league. We are looking for a minimum of 6 teams to fill Division 1 and then will add a 2nd division once we have 6 more teams for a ma
  2. Urgent Fury is proud to announce the America’s Army Pro League. This 7 v 7 league will feature up to 12 franchises in 2 divisions. Rosters will require 10 players per franchise. All matches for Division I will be held on Saturdays and Division II will be held on Sundays with the first match starting at 6pm central. All matches will be streamed live on the Urgent Fury Twitch Channel. We will offer a Double Round Robin Format with each Franchise Hosting the Best of 5 Matches when they are the home team. Applications to claim a franchise will be posted soon and as we mentioned we
  3. With the upcoming announcement we want to know what you think the team size should be we are going to give you a few options.
  4. The videos do look pretty good, I have requested to join their facebook group
  5. We have officially signed our contract for development of our new eSports Platform. It will be integrated with the site for the most part and will offer some pretty nice features. We will release more info soon. Estimated development time is 8 to 12 weeks. This decision to go with our own system has not been taken lightly and is one of the largest investments we have made for Urgent Fury. We are not purchasing an out of the box system like we have tried in the past and believe us when we say we are investing in a long term partnership with the development firm. Our initial term 16 months
  6. Well ladies and gents, I will say that the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 has by far been the roughest as you can imagine for many of us... Personally I have lost my mother unexpectedly right after Christmas, I got a promotion at work that has changed my job duties like crazy and now we have this whole COVID-19 mess going on. COVID-19 First off as a Red Cross Instructor, please follow these recommendations to help keep you safe from COVID-19 We of course want to
  7. Good to see you still strong, we hear this from many of the clans from the good 'ol days
  8. Here at Urgent Fury we take our Motto very seriously. Even more so we take honesty and integrity very seriously. Season 3 of Boot Camp has been riddled with controversy and accusations of Pro Tribe using players from outside of North America. Several participating clans brought this information to us but were not able to provide more than circumstantial evidence of conversations and basically people trolling. With that being said we were not able to act on the issue at the time. After the completion of the season we made our move to finalize the investigation with having the two final tea
  9. We have been silent for the last few weeks as we have been bombarded by speculation about ineligible players in Season 3... The problem is we cannot prove anything at this point and by proof I don't mean someone saying they are somebody in a discord just to troll everyone... the integrity of Urgent Fury has now been threatened to the point that we have Season 4 on hold. We are currently working to get API access with PlayStation so that all and I mean ALL players will have to authenticate their account with their PSN on the UF website. While we wait for this process, moving forward and le
  10. Welcome I love the Name Pwncakes thats awesome, welcome to UF
  11. Happy 4th of July everyone we are proud to announce a beta feature for your enjoyment, you have been asking for this and its not the greatest but its a start. Go to and start putting your teams together for the America's Army Proving Grounds Beta Ladder for PS4. There is still a bit of work to do on this but first step is to get teams registering... we are going to model the rules after boot camp and we would love to get your feedback on more details. Please reply to this topic with feedback!
  12. John and I are currently in discussions about this, but banned is probably not the right term... our tournaments are by invite. As it stands we have not 100% decided if you will be invited to future events after your clan rep felt the need to publicly say that we are showing favoritism, accusing us of being crooked bastards, etc. While we have had several emails with your rep, we have not made a decision yet. As we said in the responses on the public social media post, holding us responsible for issues with the actual development with the game and calling us crooked based on issues with
  13. The Season 2 Championship for UF Boot Camp on America's Army is this Sunday May 5th, 2019 at 9pm streamed live on Twitch Who do you think is going to win?
  14. We have slowly implemented upgrades to the Communities App to give you more flexibility to make them your own... This week we added the ability to add custom pages... here is a full list of features available to create your own free community for your clan, gaming community or organization. Features included with your community: Customized community home page Create custom pages Create Tutorials Create Video Directory Create Blog Create Forums Manage membership Community Types Public Everyone can see the communi